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    What is the Cupid Effect? It was advertised as being part of the Complete Commitment program, but it appears nowhere in the text or the videos. Can you describe what this is, and why it does not appear in the program in which you said it was supposed to appear?


    Carlos Cavallo

    Hey, Sharon…

    Actually, the entire program IS the Cupid effect. All the strategies, tips and tactics within the program give you this almost magical ability.

    Also – the advice I show you in the program reveals the way to use this “Adrenaline Arrow” to pierce his heart and reach him.

    Make sure you start by focusing on these first sections:

    Be His Priority #1

    In this tutorial, I’ll show you a simple method to put you first in every part of his life…

    Sure, all men seem wonderful – in the beginning… But it usually fades away – where he doesn’t seem to have the same interest in you. You don’t feel like you’re the most important thing in his world. Like you have to fight to make him put you at the top of his priorities.

    I’ll reveal the surprising “priority trick” of men’s thinking – something that most women completely overlook.

    You’ll have his attention – and his time – whenever you want it.

    He’ll gladly turn off the game — or any distraction — just to spend time alone with you. You’ll be his sole focus and #1 priority.

    The Committed Communication Method

    You probably know that most relationships get into trouble based on communication problems.

    Many women wander hopelessly through relationship after relationship, trying to pin down what to say to men in order to stop them from running away.

    The secret is simple when you know how to talk him past his fears, and reach his lovestruck devotion.

    He’ll go from quiet and withdrawn to openly affectionate and gushing about his feelings for you. It works on any man, and no matter if you’re hundreds, or thousands, of miles apart.

    (This one simple technique was what got me to relocate halfway across the United States to be with a woman).

    From there you’ll find that the concepts work almost too easily to open his heart to you.

    If you want to download your own copy of the program, just go here:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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