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    The short version,for 11 years I have been close to someone on a friendship and church level.There came a point in time that out of the blue he began calling me during the day and we would talk for hours completely comfortable with one another.
    It turned to something else,it was at that point he became completely different,secretive and guarded didn’t want anyone to see us in public because we were both involved in ministry.He was in financial crisis and I did whatever I could to ease his burden.
    Long story short I found myself walking around like a rubber band that stretched so tight you just wish it break just to get some relief.I’ve been following your study programs,and have to admit I see so many mistakes that have been made by both of us.I stayed away and threw myself into my job and stayed out of church because that’s where we would risk running into one another.He had broken up with me right before a holiday,after my gut was telling me that there was someone else being an honest person I asked him if we were alright he had said oh yeah. A week later the bomb was dropped.I’ve stayed away like I said,and when I had gotten back to a place where I was starting to be ok,he started the pursuit all over again.I reciprocated because I honestly care.But now it’s as though he’s using the Faith card to place a barrier between us and force me to feel rejection,yet he still sends the faithful how’s work going text everyday.Carlos after applying what you’re teaching I can say now I’m gaining a better understand of what we do to one another as people and am applying these skills to myself.I actually blew the whole setup thing yesterday because I just came right out and asked him, that if what he was displaying was in fact true there is absolutely no hope for us then just say it and save me a whole lot of money that I’ve spent setting up a weekend get away for us. Not in an effort seduce him but to get on a level field without the stress or pressure of expectations I told him I was doing my best to reconnect with him.and if he truly had no interest it was totally fine I was still going.He expressed that yes he did want to go. I’m stuck

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