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    So I posted a couple of days ago about how to cope with a guy I really liked who didn’t seem to be open to giving me a chance even though he was attracted to me, at lest enough to hook up with me a number of times, anyways, part of why I find HIM hard to let go of is amongst other things, is how compatible we seemed to be in the bedroom in terms of hygiene and excuse the crudeness tastes…my partner before him tried so hard in bed and appreciated that but he wanted to kiss me in me mornings and I was a little bit repulsed by his breath…so I would
    Make excuses not to kiss him in the morning. I always excuse myself to the bathroom first thing in the morning and brush my teeth, my bad breath partner would say I was nuts and he never got then hint that I was avoiding bad breath. I understand that men feel rejected when you don’t swallow but I really really hated the way he tasted DSL I felt like for his benefit I had to endure…when I tried to bring it up to him, specially that I didn’t like slubber all over my chin and mouth (he was a very sloppy kisser) he would say I was really Squeemish and that those were natural/normal tastes and smells (including the breath) I tried to suck it up as much as possible cuz I never intended to hurt his feelings but eventually this led to me trying to avoid physical contact..and then with my most recent partner I was so pleasantly amazed when we ran into eachother in the hallway at 5:00 am holding toothbrushes, he was a great kisser, no salva al over my face, never any breath issues and even more surprisingly absolutely no taste elsewhere…I really really enjoyed oral sex and swallowing cuz he had no taste whatsoever! So I wanted to do it probably more than he did! I know that if and when I find someone new we may not be as compatible when it comes to hygiene and breath and sloppy kissss, I know this is probably something that can be worked on but how do you do that? Without hurting your partner’s feelings? Thoughts?

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