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    Scenario: a gf (Refer as Woman here) have had on and off casual relationship with a man for many years. The first half the man was infatuated with her and open everything to her and actively/desperately approached her. The woman thought the man was not serious so that did not consider him seriously. It ended up the man stalking her and did not dear to express emotion in front of her. But after the woman realized the man sparked commitment moments, she started actively approached him. In fact she likes him. But the man became distance and even does not let the woman know where he lives and what he does though he still behaves the same and approaches the woman causally/unexpectedly. The man hardly talk any serious things to the woman and does not listen too. But both men and woman guess the other party could be with someone else and feel hurt because they have too much time of their owns. If the woman wants to keep and move the relationship to a new level, what she should do? Stalking him by finding out where he is? What could be the consequence? Any better way to resolve the situation?

    BTW, I know a woman in a similar/worse situation when the man disappeared. The woman then found out the man’s location. Then they resume at the time. But eventually they were not together for different reasons. This type of story is fairly common. If the woman does not take the man seriously, the man chase. Otherwise, the man behave funny. But how to change and improve the situation, its not easy. What the woman can do to make them on the same page?


    Carlos Cavallo

    Well, I see a lot of rather obscure discussion here (talking in third person, abstracted, no real specifics…)

    But if I’m reading between the lines correctly, it feels like a bit of a “missed opportunity.” In that you didn’t have any interest until he pulled away and did his own thing.

    Sorry, but there’s not a lot to go on here for details.

    One of the first things I’d suggest is to review my Complete Commitment program – CLICK HERE
    where I go over this aspect of getting a man’s “commitment interest” using the Cupid Effect.

    But in the meantime, I’m going to need more specifics to really help you at all with this challenge.

    One question I would have is why you didn’t take him seriously in the first place…(?)




    Yes, Carlos its a missed opportunity. The reason she ignored him in the first stage because she did not see him as a serious long term material. Also, she believed an empty promising in distance from someone else.

    Recently, she suddenly visited him. He was shocked but not angry at the beginning. But after intimacy, he became impatient and asked her to leave. So, now she does not know what to do the next…

    Yes, your link is good. Thanks.

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