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  • I warned her about this...
    I warned her about this...

    Something I've seen lately is the disturbing trend of "it's okay to be a jerk because everyone's anonymous online..." Where I didn't expect to see it so much is in my female clients. Sure, I think I expect it *a little* from my guys. Well, my customer care director, Maria forwarded an email from a customer who […]

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    10 Things Women Do That Drives Men Crazy

    Yes, you love your man. You want to keep him with you…forever. But, you might be doing things that irritate him, or push him away. You can avoid that, by knowing these 10 things that drive him kinda crazy. Crazy things women do #1: Always asking him what he’s thinking It is always a surprise […]

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    How To NOT Scare Off Men If You Are A Successful Woman

    You're an accomplished woman, powerful, a leader at your work place. You're financially independent, used to taking control at all times, and always manage to do things your way. You have it all ...except love. You're like Julia Roberts in the movie Notting Hill where she said these lines to Hugh Grant: “I’m also just […]

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    Are you failing to plan? Or planning to fail?

    Today's question hits on a couple areas... most importantly: What influence does a man's family have on him? Read on: QUESTION FROM A READER: Hi Carlos, I have been going through your e-mail and this is the first time I am writing to anyone for relationship advice. There is a guy whom I really love a […]

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    Long Distance Bull****

    Today's question is only for the gutsy ladies out there to read... Do you think I went too far? QUESTION FROM A READER: Carlos, I'm fairly certain there's something with me, other than being unemployed. I am a degreed, professional, who has been successful enough to have raised my now 21 year-old son (who is living […]

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    How To Completely Win At Online Dating

    Some people just complain about everything and anything, never really willing to reach in and get their hands dirty. This woman shows how - with a little creativity and some effort - she completely OWNED online dating and got her man:

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    Is he.... GAY?

    Today I've got an interesting situation - a guy who seems like he's into her, but... maybe there's more to it. What do you think? Read on... LOVE QUESTION FROM A READER: Hey, Carlos - It's been amazing working with your Forever Yours program - I'm learning so much, and getting the courage to change […]

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    Friends with benefits, WTF?

    Today we've got a question from a good woman who's experiencing the pain of not knowing what to do about the man in her life. But does she really want a "friends with benefits" situation? Read on and find out: ______________________ LETTER FROM A READER: Carlos - I'm in a FWB (friends with benefit) situation. […]

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    What is his body language telling you?

    Today's question from a reader asks about body language... And I have an interesting twist on this for you: QUESTION FROM A READER: Carlos, I could spend all night reading the forum and I love the emails! As stated, there is someone I work with and when I am in his office on work related […]

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    Is he... MARRIED??

    Q&A from a reader: Is she doing the right thing? Hey, I've got an interesting letter for you today. It's a situation you might run into... ______________________ Hi Carlos! I just downloaded your 'Forever Yours' program today, and I know it'll be really beneficial in creating stronger relationships.  I've done 'a bit' of work on […]

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