"Carlos! How could you!" (A short rant...)

“Carlos! How could you!” (A short rant…)

I got an interesting email this morning… and it’s a comment I hear every once in a while –

It goes like this:


You know, it’s bad enough my partner is on every sex site there is, and now you want money from me to save my marriage.

How screwed up is that…

  • Anita



Hope you’re ready for some “tough love,” Anita…

I’m very sorry to hear that your situation has digressed to this place.
I feel your pain… but I’m more concerned about your tone of defeat.
However, that’s why I’m here – and I’m assuming that’s also why you subscribed to my newsletters in the first place.
Yes, I take money for my services – like ALL BUSINESSES do. The difference between me and the others, however, is in the value of what I give you:
  • Power in your relationships – to heal and overcome situations like these…
  • Education – to avoid these situations from ever happening again…
  • Understanding – of men and why they do what they do… (HINT: It’s not a campaign to hurt you… he’s trying to meet a need you might not know about.
I have no problem asking for money to keep the lights on and feed my family – as I’m sure you don’t either.
I give away a ton of advice for FREE every week in my articles, podcasts, and videos. And I hate to break this news to you, but MFTs – (marriage/family therapists) – don’t give away their services either!
It’s not really me charging for my advice that’s causing your pain, though. It’s that you haven’t been able to resolve your situation on your own.
Look, your situation can be overcome, Anita. But I’ll admit to you that I’ve got no interest in helping anyone who isn’t willing to pony up a few dollars to show their commitment. No one values what’s free.
I’m hoping you’ve got what it takes to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and either get to work on either fixing your situation or walk away from it with your dignity.
When you’re ready, my advanced strategies are waiting for you…
And for every woman that wants to finally take charge of her love life instead of it running her life!
– With Love
– Carlos

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