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  • Are You Dating A Married Man? The 26 Rules - And How To NOT Get Hurt

    Most women never set out to date a married guy. But for some reason this guy was so appealing and so interesting, and now you find yourself dating a married man. He could be a guy you work with, a guy you met at a party, or really anywhere. Maybe you started talking and realized […]

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    Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Guys? 9 Reasons Your Mom Would Never Admit

    Have you ever fallen for a bad boy? Almost every woman has felt the attraction for a guy who's a little rough around the edges. And that might make you wonder why do good girls like bad guys? “So why do good girls like bad guys? I had this question for a real long time […]

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    When A Guy Ignores You After An Argument - What To Do!

    Have you ever had a guy stop talking to you after you get into a disagreement? What do you do when a guy ignores you after an argument? There's nothing more frustrating than getting the silent treatment.  You feel ignored, minimized, and very small. It also feels like you're abandoned. I'm pretty sure each of […]

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    Is He Hiding His Feelings Or Not Interested? 7 Clues

    There comes a point in almost every relationship where you might find yourself wondering - Is he hiding his feelings or not interested in me?  You might wonder if he's sending you mixed signals - and if he's really in love with you at all. There's a lot of confusion about this that I will […]

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    Signs A Man Is Attracted To You At Work

    So you're standing there talking (and making flirty eye contact) with that cute guy from marketing over a cup of coffee about the latest episode of "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia." It's right about now that you'd love to know what signs a man is attracted to you at work, right? Knowing if he's interested […]

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    What Is An Open Relationship?

    Nowadays, open relationships between a man and a woman are becoming more common. Being together, but not being addicted to each other – that's about what open relationships mean. Many people aren't sure whether to start this kind of a relationship because they do not have a complete idea of what it is. Women are […]

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    9 Mind Games Men Play - And How To Beat Him!

    A lot of women experience mind games men play when they're dating or in a relationship. I definitely do NOT condone game playing, please be clear. But you need to know when someone is manipulating you. I have a shocking truth for you about the mind games men play - but I'm going to reveal […]

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    How To Play Hard To Get - AND WIN: 5 Tips

    Knowing how to play hard to get is one of the most essential skills in dating and starting a relationship on the right foot. But playing hard to get has gotten a bad name in recent years. Almost everyone thinks that it's a horrible manipulative mind game. But it's not! The truth is that it's […]

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    7 Signs Of A Cheating Husband - And What To Do!

    If you find yourself suspicious and looking for signs of a cheating husband, it can devastate you. It leaves you obsessed with knowing the truth. And you should want to know the truth! Suspecting he might be cheating is not a pleasant thing to discover. But you also have to know that the truth is […]

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    "Where Is This Going?” 7 Tips For The Talk & Defining The Relationship

    If there's one conversation that you're going to freak out having - it's the Defining The Relationship (DTR) conversation - otherwise known as the "Where is this going?" relationship talk. And it should freak you a little. Guys aren't keen to have this "Where is this going" conversation. Do you know why?  It's not because […]

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