Do You Want Him To Commit And Stop Running Away...?

How To Make Him Love You - 
In ONE Easy Step...

The Secret To Committed Love Is
This Strange "Love Law"
That Every Man Obeys
— But Most Women Don't Know About...

Hi, my name is Carlos... And right here, right now, I'm going to reveal a command hidden in every man's DNA that he must obey.

It's a LOVE LAW that he cannot break. This command will let you walk right past all his logical defenses and reluctance...

It's called The Cupid Effect and it makes him do crazy, impulsive things.

The kind of stuff that romantic poets and authors have written about for thousands of years.

It's the reason that men throw caution to the wind -- and become spontaneously romantic.

 The Cupid Effect Is The Secret To Getting Him To Connect And Love You On A Deep And Intimate Level...

It's the trigger for complete commitment to you and your relationship.

If you're a woman over the age of 30, this could be the most important article you see this year...


Before I show you how the Cupid Effect works -- and before I tell you the real-life story of how women like you use this same effect every day to create the most romantic and deeply committed relationships of their lives.

Tell me if this situation sounds familiar to you:

  • You go out with a guy, and he seems really interested...
  • You focus on being very careful with him...
  • You're thoughtful about what you say, trying to be deliberate and cautious...
  • Trying to say the right thing at the right time to avoid freaking him out or scaring him away... without raising any alarms
  • He starts out calling you, texting you all the time
  • He's romantic and eagerly focused on winning your heart
  • Then you get intimate with each other...
  • And that's when things start to change...

He grows distant, stops calling you as much.

He responds to your texts hours later -- with just one-word responses...

The Fun Romantic Gestures He Once Gave You Have Disappeared

You feel that he's losing interest in your relationship...

You're wondering if your relationship is going in the right direction.

And then - when you reach your limit - you have a small "freak out" that you immediately regret, wishing you could take back the texts or the voicemails you left in an emotional moment...

Why Do So Many Relationships Seem To Follow This Pattern?

I'm going to reveal the REAL reason men pull this "ghost" routine on you... And how to avoid it happening ever again --

And how to turn it around into devoted, passionate, and committed connection.

Stay with me, because almost every woman will run into this roadblock with her man at some point in their relationship.

Now I'm going to show you how to keep his heart open to you forever...

The secret is a subconscious "program" that men are imprinted with at birth. It's literally coded into his DNA - and he isn't even aware that it lies dormant awaiting "activation" by you!

The Secret Is In His Head:
It's Called
"The Cupid Effect"

I'll show you what the Cupid Effect is and how to use it to get the unfair advantage

AND how you can turn the tide - make him adore you and love you the way you want. He will feel this in his brain, in his emotions...

And even in his body. Deep in his chest like a warm wave, flooding his heart with desire for you.

You'll be able to take a relationship that might only be "friends with benefits" and turn it into a deeper love and committed relationship.

  • Without having "The Talk" with him...
  • Without having to play head games...
  • Without having to pressure him...

  • Even if you think you might have slept with him too soon
  • Even if you've given up on getting him to commit to you
  • Even if he's completely ignoring your calls and texts
  • Even if you know you're more than friends, but less than a couple
  • Even if it might seem hopeless right at this very moment!

When he feels the Cupid Effect take effect on his mind, body, and soul -- you will be his highest priority. Nothing will mean more than you...

The Cupid Effect Lies
Completely Beneath His Awareness,

Hiding In His
Subconscious Mind...

"I don't worry about our love anymore - and we always feel connected..."

"When I first heard about the Cupid Effect, I thought it might be more of the same lame advice I always see out there on the Internet --

until I used it on my guy...

I was shocked when he started getting deeply emotional with me, and has opened his heart up completely to our relationship."

Laura - Madison, WI

"No more distance, no more pulling away from me..."

"It's like awakening the hopeless romantic in him -- no more distance, no more pulling away from me... I'm a believer!"

Maggie -  Nova Scotia

You see, this Cupid Effect is etched into his DNA at the deepest level.


And men are pre-programmed to obey it - since he's a slave to it's power.

That may sound harsh, but it's why men are powerless once the Cupid Effect is triggered.

The Cupid Effect is how countless women have saved their relationships from catastrophe, separation, and even divorce...

At some point, you may have asked yourself:

  • "Why does it start out so wonderful, and then he inevitably pulls away and grows cold?"
  • "Why do men withdraw just when you're starting to create something special?"

It's because of this thing called The Cupid Effect...

"What is the Cupid Effect?" 

The Cupid Effect is simply this:

arrow and bow

In order for a man to fall in love with you, he has to feel STRUCK by love.

He literally has to feel the emotional impact PHYSICALLY. Like getting struck with an arrow...

SECRET: Men don't fall in love gradually -- they fall in love SUDDENLY.

Leaving them feeling like they were touched by an almost supernatural force. The only word he has for it is .... WOW.

And if he doesn't feel that "WOW", he will lose interest in you...

Or he might just "go along for the ride" in your relationship, waiting and watching for a woman who gives him that WOW feeling.

Think about the last time you fell HARD for a guy.

It didn't take weeks and weeks to feel it, did it? It happened fast... Maybe INSTANTLY.

Guys are the same way!

It's The Feeling Of Being
Head Over 
Heels In Love -
- Struck-By-Lightning DESIRE!


This feeling of being struck by love ...

This feeling IS the Cupid Effect!

And it's created with an Arrow that you didn't even know you had. This arrow fills him with love - as if it were dipped in a love potion.

And it's much more powerful than mere infatuation -- it's why we call it "lovestruck."

Who am I?

And How Do I Know About This Stuff?

Carlos CavalloHi, my name is Carlos Cavallo, and I'm a bestselling author, and a love coach and relationship healer of over 14 years.

You may have seen me on ABC, NBC or heard me on numerous radio talk shows... I've worked with women for over a decade.

But I have a secret to reveal: I actually started out as a dating coach for men...

You might think that guys only find a dating coach to help them "get laid" - that's what I thought at first, too.

And for some guys, that's true.

But over time, after working with thousands of men, I was shocked to discover that:

Most men over the age of 25 are looking for a committed relationship.

Most of them were actively looking for a woman they could marry and start a family with.

This is something men don't share with women, or talk about...

In fact, guys try to make most women think the opposite - that they're avoiding a relationship.

After all, this secret works best when he keeps it a secret.

I also discovered ?why men chase certain women over others.

Why they find some women sexually attractive, and not others...

I uncovered the deep emotional experience of men and what words awaken his love and desire. So that he says YES to you, and wants to commit his life to you.

I learned why guys stop calling women after one or two dates, even if they had a really great time...

I found out how a woman can stand out to him as "The One" above all others.

And I discovered how to use this "Cupid Effect" to transform a commitment-phobic guy into a man who will BEG you to marry him and spend the rest of your life with him.

Later, when I began my couples therapy practice, I worked mostly with women who were going through the pain of separation in one way or another.

Most often, it was a relationship where the man was growing cold and distant... Indifferent to her and the relationship.

Most women think a man pulls away because he is afraid of commitment or because she may have said or done something that pushed him away or scared him off...

But let me show you something shocking that flies in the face of "common sense."

Let Me Tell You About
My Close Friend Nicole -

Her Story Will Amaze You...

Nicole called me up to meet for coffee one afternoon. Her face was puffy, and it was obvious she'd been crying.

She told me that she was worried. She had been struggling to keep her relationship with Mark, her boyfriend, moving forward.

Just weeks ago he had been your textbook knight in shining armor.

Mark had been Mr. Perfect for Nicole, showing up at her work with coffee and lunch for her... Texting her every morning like clockwork with words that made her smile...

His dates were even textbook examples of romance, planned and thought-out adventures that were magical to her.

He even bought her a tiny stuffed animal of her zodiac sign... He got her a cute fish for Pisces. And she bought him a lion - for Leo.

For Weeks They Had Been Impossible To Separate...

Then, something happened...

Nicole first picked up on it in Mark's voice. He sounded distracted like he was somewhere else.

She asked him if anything was wrong, but he told her he was just busy and stressed with work.

Nicole tried to play it cool for a few days, but after she sent Mark a text -- one he had read -- but not answered. The silence got to her after a couple days.

"I was anxious and crying a lot," she confessed to me. "I just knew it was too good to be true," she sobbed.

And Then She Freaked Out...

Nicole left him 4 voicemails, each message trying to explain the previous one.

She also sent a bunch of texts that she wished she could go back in time and take back... 

"I couldn't help it," she told me. "I knew I was losing my cool, and acting needy... But I just couldn't stop myself."

A few days later Mark finally called her back. Nicole wanted to ignore his call, but she answered anyway -- desperate to hear his voice.

Mark said he'd been totally swamped with work and had some family issues come up, but he didn't go into details.

He asked Nicole if he could make it up to her with a date at their favorite restaurant the following night.

Nicole didn't want to seem too eager, but inside -

She Felt Like A Weight Had Lifted Off Her Heart

She agreed to meet with Mark, and told him how much she missed him.

Nicole hung up and breathed a sigh of relief, overjoyed that their relationship seemed to be back on track again.

She was still  angry that Mark had let his job get in the way of their connection, but she was just so relieved that things were back to the way they were.

Right after their call, she went digging into her closet, pulling out the black dress for their dinner date, the one she knew Mark liked on her most...

That night, Nicole slept like a baby, thrilled at the thought of meeting up with him the following night.

The next evening, Nicole got to the restaurant on time and waited for Mark at their reserved table and sipped her wine while she waited for him.

Mark Walked In 45 minutes Later, And Walked Up To Her Table - His Expression Blank...

He wouldn't make eye contact...

"I'm sorry ... I can't do this," Mark said to her, shaking his head. He dropped the Zodiac lion Nicole got him on the table. Mark turned away and left the restaurant without a word...

"I just sat there in stunned silence," Nicole said, "looking down at that stupid lion on the table..."

"I felt confused, humiliated, and shattered..."

Nicole tried for days to get Mark to respond, but he disappeared completely. This time she feared it was for good.

Stay with me and I'll tell you how she got him crawling back to her...

I wish I could say that Nicole's story was rare, but -

This Pattern Happens
Frighteningly Often...!

When she told me about what happened, I'd already been phone coaching several women through this same situation, helping them with the same basic question:

  • "How do I keep him from pulling away right when things start getting serious?"
  • "Why does he run from me when I'm ready to fall in love?"
  • And the big one: "Why won't he commit to me? He won't talk to me about our relationship..."

But right at that moment - right after Nicole told me what had happened, something was nagging me from the back of my thoughts...

Something I couldn't quite remember that seemed REALLY important... 

Something my other coaching clients had said that rang a bell.

I suspected it could be the key to unlocking this puzzle...

After our coffee, I ran back to my office and started going through my client notes.

"And That's When I Found The Hidden Connection I'd Almost Missed Completely..."

Every one of the men I'd coached mentioned something... Something that most people would have thought innocent and probably ignored it...

But it turns out it was THE clue that uncovered the Cupid Effect. And how to use this "Arrow" to get him to fall hopelessly in love with you.

Cupid's Arrow is simply a way to make any guy feel that body-blast. That overpowering "WOW" of desire.

That intense tingle that tells him he's falling in love with you...

And the best part is that he will never suspect you shot him with the arrow!

When he's adoring you and pulling you into his arms...

When he's trying to figure out how to spend more and more time with you, and -

When He's Flooded With The Realization That YOU Are The One For Him...

He will believe it was all meant to be...

And he'll only know that YOU are the source of his happiness. He'll never think for a minute that it was something you unlocked from his heart.

I realized that I had the perfect way for any woman to get inside almost any man's head...

I had answers to all the questions women desperately need answered about men:

  • "How can I flirt with a guy I'm interested in without looking desperate, or scaring him off?"
  • "He seems interested in me, but he doesn't ask me out -- what should I do?"
  • "How can I keep our communication strong, so that he stays interested in me?"
  • "What does he really mean when he says, 'I need space'?"
  • "Where is our relationship is going?"
  • "How do I get a commitment from him?"
  • "When he pulls away - or disappears - how do I make him come back to me?"

And over the years, men had told me the exact phrases and words that resonate with them.

Women who knew this could magically get men to do whatever they want in almost any situation.

This Allows You To Bypass The "Rational" / Logical Part Of A Man's Brain

You can avoid the roadblocks that would normally derail any relationship -- or even end it...

guy giving rose

And knowing these "tricks", would allow you to walk straight into his heart.

You could steer him wherever you want the relationship to go...

Remember:  In order to get a man to fall for you, to commit to you, heart and soul, you have to get him to FEEL it -- in his body -- like getting hit with an arrow...

This is what I call The Adrenaline Arrow.

You might already know this, but Cupid's name comes from the Latin word: Cupido, which means DESIRE.

You can use this Adrenaline Arrow to create desire in any man you hit with it.

Let me explain how to make him feel that Cupid Effect for YOU using the Adrenaline Arrow.

Here's How The Cupid Effect Actually Works In A Man's Mind...

Have you ever been pulled over by the police?


Even if you haven't been, you probably know the startling feeling when you see the flashing lights of a police car or emergency vehicle behind you.

It hits you in your core, and makes you sit up and pay attention.

All of a sudden, your focus is redirected to what is going on around you.

Adrenaline surges into your bloodstream:

- Your mouth goes dry...

- Your heart beats faster...

- You break into a sweat...

- You're on alert

Now the EXACT same thing happens in a man's mind and body when a woman hits him with the Adrenaline Arrow of love.

In fact scientists have established that...

This Is The One Thing That Men Crave Most Of All...

Men become completely obsessed when they get hit by the Adrenaline Arrow.

When your man is struck by it, he will feel real physical symptoms like: 

- euphoria

- loss of concentration

- lack of appetite

- difficulty sleeping

- physical distress

- obsessive-compulsive behaviors

- preoccupation with you to the point of distraction... 

He becomes completely committed because of this Adrenaline Arrow of desire. It gives him the same thrill of being truly alive, and the same feelings as being in love.

You might have even heard of men calling this feeling an "adrenaline rush."

A lot of guys seek out this "Adrenaline Arrow" outside of relationships.

In our hobbies for example: hunting & fishing, martial arts, shooting range, rock climbing, paintball, sports, video games, fast cars, and so on.

All of these intense activities give him the same effect as an Adrenaline Arrow.

You see what he's doing? He's looking for love without even knowing it!

This Arrow Releases A Blast Of Love-Inspiring Adrenaline Into His Bloodstream...

And that's why men are so feverishly devoted to their hobbies and distractions.

Now you understand -- if you want him to feel the Cupid Effect of overpowering desire,

You Gotta Hit Him With The "Adrenaline Arrow" To Fall For You

By now, you probably want to know how to shoot this "arrow" into the heart of the man you desire...

I'm going to tell you how to do this, but first...

Remember Nicole?

The woman who thought she'd lost her chance with Mark?

I explained to her how this Adrenaline Arrow works with men. I told her that:

There Are Simple, Innocent Things You Can Tell A Man That Will Instantly Reach His Heart

You can release emotions that even he was unaware of...

I explained to Nicole that the problem today is that most women are jumping to sex faster, ?

Most women make this mistake:  They think that getting him into bed will make him fall for you quicker and get him to commit.

Most women assume that a guy will fall in love if he's gotten sexually intimate.

But SEX alone doesn't create love - it doesn't create the Cupid Effect in him!

He has to FEEL in love with you -- in his gut -- FIRST.

The Adrenaline Arrow Makes Him FEEL Powerful Desire For You Everywhere In His Body...

It doesn't matter what your situation is right now -- whether you're dating someone, trying to find your soulmate, or you're in a relationship...

Or even if you think you might have lost him already...

WHY he's pulling away isn't as important right now as how to make him STOP pulling away, make him turn around right now, and come back to you.

AND awaken his appreciation and desire for you all over again.

The Adrenaline Arrow is THE commitment trigger that all men obey.

It overrides his logical brain, and activates his genetic program that makes him want to settle down. All his logical defenses crumble.

FINALLY He Will See You As The Answer To His Heart's Desire - 

The Woman He's Always Dreamed Of

When Nicole used the Adrenaline Arrow on Mark - he transformed nearly OVERNIGHT.

Two days after that date at the restaurant -- where he basically walked out on her -- Nicole sent him a simple set of 3 text messages (that I will give to you word for word).

Mark called her up an hour later, falling all over himself and apologizing.

Nicole came home to find a bouquet of flowers on her porch that same night. The note said:

"I love you, I'm sorry... Can I ever make it up to you?"

Picture the man YOU want most of all right now...

This could be:

  • a man you're in a relationship with
  • a man who just won't commit
  • a man who's pulling away from you and your love...
  • a man who's already walked away from you and you desperately want him back...
  • or even a man who isn't (yet) in love with you, but you want him in your life

Picture his eyes, his face, his smile. Feel the warmth of his arms around you.

openning heart

Imagine his heart opening up to you, vulnerable to your love.

Imagine his words as he opens up to you and expresses the love you need to hear:

  • "I see you now as I saw you in that moment - when we realized we were going to take life on together..."
  • "I see you as I saw you on our first date, our wedding day, and every moment..."
  • "I see everything you were, are, and will be to me..."
  • "I'm going to look at you with the same quiet wonder until the end of time..."

It will be as if he's seeing you in a completely new light. As if he woke up and realized what you mean to him...

He sees the love you've been giving and now he's ready to share his innermost feelings and thoughts with you...

He'll Be Bound To You - And You Alone

And that's why you will have to be careful about who you use the Adrenaline Arrow on.

Scientific studies have revealed that

"Men are more vulnerable to long-term emotional distress from a breakup [than women]"

- Binghamton University.

So I urge you to be very careful with this new knowledge, with great power comes great responsibility.


It's as easy as snapping your fingers to let fly this arrow into his heart, but it can be very difficult to stop once it's in motion.

And now you can finally discover how to give him the Cupid Effect -- by hitting him with your own Arrow Of Love.

I pulled all these tips and tricks together into a complete program that you can use. I call it:

Complete Commitment
Get Him Devoted, Enchanted, And Ready To Marry You

Complete Commitment

Let me show you the secrets you're going to discover in this simple system:

LESSON 1: "How To Be His #1 Priority"

  • In this lesson, I'll show you a simple method to put you first in every part of his life...

    Sure, all men seem wonderful - in the beginning... But it usually fades away. 

    He doesn't seem to have the same interest in you. You don't feel like you're the most important thing in his world. Like you have to fight to be his priority.

    I'll reveal the surprising "priority trick" of men's thinking - something that most women completely overlook...

    You'll have his attention - and his time - whenever you want it.

    He'll gladly turn off the game -- or any distraction -- just to spend time alone with you. You'll be his sole focus and #1 priority.

LESSON 2: "The Committed Communication Method"

  • You may know that most relationships get into trouble based on communication problems...

    Many women wander hopelessly through relationship after relationship, trying to pin down what to say to men in order to stop him from running away.

    In this Lesson I'll show you the secret to talk him past his fears, and reach his lovestruck devotion.

    He'll go from quiet and withdrawn to openly affectionate and gushing about his feelings for you.

    It works on any man, and no matter if you're hundreds, or thousands, of miles apart.

    (This one simple technique was what got me to move halfway across the United States to be with a woman...)

LESSON 3: The SECRET TRUTH About "Commitment Phobia"

  • How his fear of commitment is created - and how to destroy it! I'll show you what a man does when he's "resisting" your relationship - and WHY, and how to snap him out of it...
  • You'll also discover the "commitment breakpoints" so you know exactly where and when a man might feel doubts -- so that you will know exactly how to keep him close, and reach his heart -- no matter how stubborn or reluctant he might be...
  • I'll reveal the 9 trouble spots where men are tempted to run, and how to avoid them.
  • You'll know the 4 stages of the "Come Closer / Go Away" cycle in relationships, as well as how to break this cycle for good -- so that you never feel the pain of his withdrawal again...
  • I'll show you the astonishing truth about why men seem to run away from commitment...
  • Why he resists your desire to connect at an intimate level - and how you can bypass his emotional defenses, and how to make him see you as the only choice to share his life with...

LESSON 4: "The Distance Destroyer"

  • When you feel him pulling away, the first instinct is to pull him back. I'll show you why this is not only the worst thing you can do, but I'll show you a complete plan so you know how to handle it (with NO PANIC or freak outs)

    He will return to you more loving, appreciative, and obsessed with you than ever before...

LESSON 5: "The Commitment Plan"

  • After years of working with clients and couples, I found 8 essential strategies any woman can use to create the powerful, connected, loving relationship you want...

LESSON 6: "The Capture Strategy"

  • So you'll know, step-by-step, exactly what he needs at every stage of your relationship. From the first time your eyes meet to when he gets down on one knee before you.

LESSON 7: "Conflict Into Connection" Method

  • I'll show you the simple trick to take any argument and turn it into opportunities to connect, and get him even more devoted to you than before...

LESSON 8: "Shutting Off His Logic"

  • Get him to hear what you're saying - and stop blocking you...
  • 10 different ways you can stop your disagreements from destroying the love...

    You may have noticed how men are easily triggered to anger, jealousy, silence, and fear of commitment... But what many women don't discover is how easily a man is triggered to devotion and loyalty to you. I’ll show you how here...

LESSON 9: The Secrets Of "Crazy Love"

When a man is passionate about a woman, it makes parts of his brain shut down, including the parts controlling fear and judgement. I'll show you how easily men are inspired to desperate acts of love for you...

I'll show you what makes men do crazy things to prove his love - like:

  • Stand under your window with a boom box to proclaim his feelings...
  • Fight for you...
  • Write songs for you...
  • The best part is that you can use this ability to get him to "prove" his love for you with ACTION.
  • He'll plan for time with you, get involved in your life, and demonstrate his commitment with his deeds as well as his words...
Complete Commitment - Bonus Group

Imagine what it will feel like when he openly appreciates you with surprise romantic gestures, and words of affection and love...

  • You'll find out how men communicate their needs to you on a "hidden" frequency.

    Not only will you be able to pick up on his signals, read his mind and know what he's thinking, but he'll instantly find himself anchored to you for reasons he can't explain...
  • I'll reveal the 10 fears of men in relationships - the most common landmines that destroy intimacy...
  • I'll show you how to "turn back time" if you make a mistake, or react from fear or panic.

    Yes, even those times you accidentally sent a text you shouldn't have, or that voicemail you regretted. And he will end up loving you even more for it!
  • How to make men shower you with attention, without you ever having to ask - or fear doing something embarrassing, or feeling dumb.

    I'll show you why it is that some women bring out the worst in men, and why men "misbehave" the way they do in relationships...

    HINT: It's something he's trying to tell you about his needs, if you know what to look for.

BONUS: Discover "The Commitment Formula" & The Commitment Breakpoints...

  • I'll show you how to wipe away any man's fears of a long-term committed relationship with you...

    I'll show you the 4 signs of him getting cold feet, when it will show up, and how to get past it every step of the way.

Especially if he's thinking about breaking up...

And I'll show you how to get him to change his mind immediately.

  • In fact, I'm going to show you every signal, hint, and behavior a man has that stops him from complete commitment, at every point of your relationship.
  • You'll also get the simple 8-step Complete Commitment strategy, and my easy No More Arguments method.

When you know this simple recipe, you'll not only stop the arguing and his withdrawal:

You'll Be Able To
Turn ANY Conversation
Into DEEPER Connection
With Him...

Plus I'll give you my:

BONUS: How To Listen To Men To Make Him Yours program included for free...

Along with the Dos and Don'ts With Men and

BONUS: How To Handle Commitment Phobic Men -

... and much much MUCH more.

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  • How much is this?
  • Can I access it right now?
  • How do I know it will work for me?

Before I tell you more about that, let me ask you a question:

If I told you I could guarantee that the Complete Commitment program would work for you, make the man you want completely ready for a committed relationship with you, obsessed with winning you over and making you happy...

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You Want Him To See You And Accept You, To Have Him Sense Your Feelings And Needs

You want his raw desire to enfold you and surround you.

You want to be appreciated for what you can do for him...

Instead of feeling taken for granted, you want the romantic gestures that come unasked.

You want his unconditional acceptance.

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Keeping Him Interested, Knowing He Is Committed To You And The Relationship... 

What is a fair price for having his loyalty and love for as long as you want?

Seminars and group workshops cost upward of several hundred dollars, as do my own. Some charge THOUSANDS of dollars because a celebrity name is attached but that gives you nothing of value.

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A fair price for the Complete Commitment system would be easily $597.

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I'm guaranteeing the program for a full 90 DAYS (that's three whole months).

If you're not totally satisfied with the Complete Commitment program -- and the results it will bring you over the weeks, months, and years ahead -- I will issue you a full refund - no questions asked.

And you'll even be able to keep the bonuses I'm including...!

Remember that I need to remove this early bird promotion when we begin to advertise the program formally. Which means this price is limited to just the first 250 women I mentioned earlier.

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Complete Commitment

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You see, I know what the Complete Commitment program will do for your relationship, and how happy it will make you for many years to come.

If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your results, I don't want any of your money. Just send me an email and you will receive an immediate 100% no questions asked refund of every penny.

You can keep all the bonuses I'm about to show you for free...

It's just my way of saying thanks for trying it out.

I want you to be 100% secure and comfortable about joining this exclusive program now while this slot is available to you.

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I'll even give you my personal email address so you can send me your questions and let me know how it's going for you - you can email me at:

carlos (at)

I check my email frequently, so email me with questions or comments you might have, or just to say hello and connect.

Are you ready to finally receive his love, loyalty, respect, and time?

Are You Ready For Him To Make You Feel Sexy, Beautiful, And Desired?

Listen to what Kristina says about the program:

I used to have problems keeping a relationship with a quality man...

"Before starting Carlos' Complete Commitment program, I had problems keeping a relationship with a quality man.

"In the beginning stages of dating I would be confused as to why a man ran hot & cold - why he pulled away and lost interest in me..."

"Being a single mom with a professional career, I didn't have time to play games or chase men. [I would] try harder on the next relationship only to have the same negative outcome.

"I would cry myself to sleep with the thought that my teenage daughter would beat me to the altar. Then I discovered Carlos' program...

"Because of Carlos' coaching I have found a man that far exceeds all my expectations...

"He speaks his heart, tells me all his hopes and dreams and simply adores me."

"Thank you Carlos!'

"PS: If anyone wants to contact me about the program, just email: [email protected]

Kristina Graham A student and client

Now, as I mentioned the initial offering of the program is for 250 seats.

Right now, in addition to getting instant access to Complete Commitment,  I will include 5 incredible bonus programs as another way to help you get the relationship you desire.

These programs are available here for the first time -- and NOWHERE ELSE:

BONUS 1: Unlock His Heart

Unlock His Heart
  • In this special book, I'll reveal 5 secrets to reach the romantic side of any man.
  • You'll learn about the 4 shocking ways men see relationships (and I guarantee you that you'll be astonished by #3 - because women don't realize men feel this deeply about love).
  • You'll discover my controversial "Infidelity Equation" that will predict whether or not he will be faithful and loyal to you, and avoid any chance of heartbreak.
  • You'll find out the 5 love styles that every man (and woman!) has, and how to use these to cement your love.
  • I'll show you the 2 personality traits you need for a loving relationship, and much more.
  • This book is valued at 27.95 - yours free with the Complete Commitment program.

BONUS 2: Communication Secrets - How To Talk To Men

ebook cover
  • I'll show you 3 things you never want to say to him, and there's a good chance you may have slipped and said one of these without meaning to...
  • How to create instant chemistry with a simple tip that makes him feel connection with you, using a few simple words...
  • You'll learn the #1 secret to awaken a man to your love, and I'll give you my word-for-word "7 Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend Or Husband To Get Him To Open Up To You", and much more...
  • This special report is valued at 24.97 - today it's free with the Complete Commitment program...

BONUS 3: Soulmate Secrets

Commitment Triggers
  • I'll also share my list of 5 things he wants in a soulmate. #2 is so important that I've outlined 3 ways to "scratch this itch" with him...
  • I'll show you 7 signals that he's flirting -- so you don't misinterpret if he's just being nice...
  • You'll find out what the most important facial expression is that gives away his interest...
  • This bonus is normally priced at 19.97 - yours free TODAY

BONUS 4: The Commitment Triggers - EXPOSED

Commitment Triggers
  • I'll explain the 3 reasons men won't commit to you, as well as the 4 myths about commitment phobia that many women fall for.

    Sometimes women walk away from a relationship just DAYS before he would have proposed!
  • There's a simple pattern for how men fall in love, and I'll show you what guys are looking for before we feel safe giving you our hearts...
  • This report is normally priced at 37.97 -- and again it's included in this package for you today - FREE.

BONUS 5: What Men Say About You

What Men Say
  • In His Words, What Guys Say In Secret About Women & Relationships.
  • Warning: This bonus includes frank and mature discussion of relationships and what men think about women, Sex, Commitment, Love, The First Move, What he's thinking...
  • These men dig deep into their hearts and share their secret feelings and unspoken thoughts about relationships here for the first time.
  • This bonus is valued at 27.97 - included today free with your order

Every moment that goes by... there is another woman out there with the same goals and aspirations you do.

Another woman who will use this information and take another man off the market.

If you've ever felt like good men are becoming scarce...

If you've ever had a relationship that ended, and then years, months -- or even weeks -- later he was already engaged to a new girl...

If You've Ever Felt Like Time Is Short, And You Need To Seize The Moment - 

That's Yet Another Reason To Take Me Up On this Offer
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I don't believe in coincidence, I believe there's a reason you were given the opportunity to access this page.

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Just the opposite, in fact. You'll be able to FINALLY achieve the results you desire.

  100% Guarantee

I'm guaranteeing the program for a full 90 DAYS (that's three whole months).

If you're not totally satisfied with the Complete Commitment program -- and the results it will bring you over the weeks, months, and years ahead -- I will issue you a full refund - no questions asked.

And you'll even be able to keep the bonuses I'm including as my way of saying thanks for trying it...

Plus, you're getting an enormous discount off the retail price.

You can get risk-free access to "Complete Commitment - Get Him Devoted, Enchanted, And Ready To Marry You" right now.

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If you're still reading, that must mean you have some questions...

No problem. I'll give you the answers to the most frequently ?asked? questions that I get about my "Complete Commitment" program:?

"When will I receive my 'Complete Commitment' program?"


You'll get instant access to the entire program, including all of your bonuses. Just enter your payment information on the following secure page -

And then I'll take you to your private members-only page where you'll have full access to your e-books, your videos, and audiobook downloads - and bonus reports.

"Are DVDs available?"

I've made this program available to you as online books and videos because I wanted it to be a quick reference whenever you need it.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, you can easily look up the answer instantly in the table of contents, and go straight to the section to get what you need right away.

No scanning through discs or fast forwarding trying to find the right part. This ensures that you'll be ready to respond to his texts and emails in real time, and you'll be able to prepare for a date or a big conversation in mere minutes.

It couldn't be easier or more convenient.

"Is my credit card information secure?"

Your order is absolutely secure. I've carefully selected leading 128-bit encrypted SSL technology to protect all your payment information. All you have to do is click the button below and you'll be taken to the secure order form.

"How fast will I see results?"

Immediately! That's the amazing thing about "Complete Commitment" that makes it unlike any other program of its kind.

You don't need to read it cover to cover or even in order -- you can flip straight to the section that has the answer that you need right now.

Use it, and see instant results.

"Complete Commitment" meets you exactly where you are, and gives you the answers you need so that you can enjoy the results you want right away.

"What if it doesn't work for me?"

I'm so confident that "Complete Commitment" will work for you, because these tips have worked for so many women I've coached throughout the years.

But if it doesn't work for you for any reason, you don't pay. It's as simple as that. Just send an email to Maria, my head of customer care, at support (at) within 90 days of your purchase - and we'll quickly give you a 100% refund, no questions and no hassle.

"What if I have questions about my order?"

I've assigned Maria personally to take care of my clients on this program so that if you need anything at all, just contact her and she'll help you right away.

Maria's email address again is:
support (at)

But I promise, if you can use Facebook or email, you'll have no problems using this program.

"If I only want Complete Commitment, do I need to subscribe to a monthly charge?"

The easy answer is NO -- there is NO subscription required -- or monthly charges!

And I'm also giving you a bonus free trial to my fast track program for a reason, which is this:

"Complete Commitment" gives you what you need to communicate in every situation with men, and the bonus programs give you all of the tools you need to take your relationship to the deepest level.

Think of it this way, when you want to reach your exercise or diet goals -- there's nothing better than having regular coaching and motivation to keep you going. You'll easily multiply your chances for success by 20 times or more.

I'm sure you see the value - so I want you to at least try it, free of charge. When you actually see what's in the free month, you're going to understand exactly why you want to have both.

You can cancel at any time during your 30-day trial of the Fast Track and you won't be ?charged a penny for it.

And there's no commitment at any time, so you can cancel at any point and never be charged again, but I'm certain when you see the results you get from using both programs together, you'll want to unlock the entire Fast Track program.

If you don't want this free bonus, NO PROBLEM!

Simply uncheck the option on the next page and there will be NO additional charges of any kind. It's that simple...

Well, I've answered a lot of questions, and I'm so pleased that you've stayed with me until the end of this page. It shows me just how important this content is to you.

So if you're still on the fence about The Complete Commitment system - what are you waiting for?

Go ahead - Give it a try

There's no risk - and you are guaranteed to come out ahead no matter what.

If it isn't everything I've promised, just email me and I'll give you every penny of your money back.

I can make that guarantee because I know this program works.

I've spent years developing this material and witnessing women get the lasting love you deserve by using it.

Order Now, And I'll Throw In Another Bonus...

-- the icing on the cake for you --

BONUS: Friends To Lovers - How To Escape the Friend Zone ebook.

In this ebook, I'll reveal a complete path to avoid falling into the dreaded "friend zone" with a guy -- how to turn his attitude around so that he sees your love and wants nothing more than to be with you.

This ebook is valued at 27.97, but it's yours free when you complete your order now.

"I Believe This Program Has The Power To Change Your life..."

And I can't wait to hear from you about your success.

I've shown you how this program can change your life...

The choice is all yours. Don't leave this page without making a decision one way or the other.

It's tempting to think: "It sounds so good, but I'll just think about it and come back later." Chances are, you'll get distracted, and then the drama of everyday life will take over.

Don't let that happen...

Please - don't let this chance slip through your fingers. Especially when the love you seek is so near to you...

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Complete Commitment

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