How To Watch And Use Your Program

If you've just purchased a program and want to know how to access and review it, please watch this video.
Frequently Asked Questions

Why Won't My Purchase Go Through?

If you've attempted a purchase of a program and been unable to complete the transaction:

  • Try another browser or computer
  • Try a different card if you have one
  • Finally, if none of that worked, simply use this link below to send us the money via Paypal: http://paypal.me/datingadviceguru/ 

Just click SEND and you'll be able to use Paypal to purchase your program instead of a credit card.

Be sure to email us with the payment details right after you send the funds, and we'll send you your access info.

I Don't Want a Subscription

Of course you can purchase this program without the subscription...!

The subscription is completely OPTIONAL...

All you have to do is "UN-check" the free 30 day trial checkbox on the page you come to after the video...

Listen, I think you'll LOVE the Insider's Club, however, I understand
some women just aren't into monthly charges.

So feel free to UNcheck the free month offer on the order page.

You still get your program and ALL the bonuses with NO monthly charges!
If you would like to cancel a monthly subscription, GO HERE

How Do I Reach Carlos With A Question?

Where Do I get my free ebook?

Where Do I Go To Download My Program?

How Do I Contact You For Customer Service Issues?

I have a question about a refund or billing...

Please use our help desk HERE

Didn't Get Your Email From Us?

Please check your spam folder for our emails. The most common problem is when our emails get put in .

Please follow these instructions to ensure you get our emails in the future 

Want To Change Your Email Subscription?

Please click the "manage subscriptions" link at the bottom of your email to change any of your email subscriptions with us

Problem with download or accessing your files?

Please check your spam folder for email confirmation of your order(s) and read the email on how to register the product and access from our membership site.

The membership site is located HERE  

Simply login there to access your program! If you have any problems, feel free to contact our help desk HERE

For Any Customer Service Issues - Please Click HERE...

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