For the Proactive Woman: 7 Ways to Capture His Heart

If you agree that you have to take some control in finding love and not just waiting for destiny to intervene… you might want to read this dating advice article I found.

%name For the Proactive Woman: 7 Ways to Capture His Heart

You have to be proactive, as the article below says.

It’s a pretty good read. Post your comments below – show me you’re alive – and let me know what you think.

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– Carlos Cavallo


Title: For the Proactive Woman: 7 Ways to Capture His Heart

Plenty of women agree that a husband-to-be should find you, instead of the other way around. Those ladies are happy to sit back and let a man assume control of her romantic destiny.

Totally fine, but also just one way of going about things. A “laissez-faire” approach, if you will. If this is you, stop now. You won’t enjoy what you’re about to read. Because of that, you won’t learn anything. You’re just wasting your time. And you really shouldn’t.

Time is too valuable. You’ve been warned.

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If you’re not totally sold on the laissez-faire approach, you’re likely a proactive woman., so keep reading. These tips are for ladies ready to take their  romantic destinies to the next level.

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