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    This may be a long one…lol. I have been a part of a theatre group for 2 years. From the moment I met this guy I have been interested in him, but at the same time was trying to get together with an ex who was part of the group. He may have shown interest in an awkward way in the beginning (not sure). I decided the ex and I weren’t well suited and moved on….cut forward to March this year. Our group had a trivia night and (thanks to a friend) I was added to his team. I was trying to apply moves from True Romance (thanks Carlos!). I was able to sit next to him and as the nature of the trivia was to huddle I was close to him all night long touching thighs and bumped right up against him if we were in the huddle. Since he’s been my friend it’s harder for me to tell if he’s interested as his behavior has changed a little…for instance that night I was telling about a show I had seen called It Shoulda Been You…he replies “it shoulda been me?” and I was so caught off guard I didn’t say what should have come straight to mind..I said that was the name of the show and he said “darn!” at the end of the night he was leaving but I was staying to hang out with other friends. In the past he’s sometimes hugged goodbye sometimes not. This time he hugged me and kissed me on the cheek! Then as he was leaving he said goodbye to the person I was talking to and said I’ll take another hug! (no kiss this time)
    The next time I saw him was about 2 weeks later as we were marching in a parade with our group. When he got there he greeted me first (hug and kiss on the cheek) the other girls he only hugged. We were taking a photo and he was next to me, the guy taking the photo asked me to lift my hat and he reached over and tugged the top to pull it up. After the parade we went to have lunch and he was sitting next to me at a large round table. We were sitting so close we could have almost been sitting with arms around each other. I was trying once again to touch thighs as much as possible. When I left he gave me a hug (no kiss).
    A couple weeks later we had an outing planned (some of our group) for a Hawaiian themed restaurant. It worked out that we sat next to each other again (no way to choose seats just worked out that way)We sat really close again. During the show they have you do a greeting where you touch foreheads and look into each others eyes(he chose me instead of the girl on the other side of him who was at the end). We did it once and then the MC said to do it again and breathe in. So we do it again and he ends it with 4-5 Eskimo style kisses (not part of the instructions!) I made certain to try whispering in his ear during the show and touching his upper arm. We all left at the same time and all hugged each other (no kiss) and then we got in our cars (took me a few min for the GPS since my phone was being stubborn) once I pulled away he did too. We haven’t seen each other since ( we will tonight as we have our monthly meeting). We have texted/emailed but it’s been play related as we are both on the board of directors but it’s been me initiating which I don’t like but have to due to my publicity position. I’m not sure where to go from here or how to be clearer in my signals. We won’t get much contact time tonight with the meeting and also there is a girl there who is chasing him and on him every minute she can (he hates it and has even told her he’s not interested yet she persists). Any thoughts??? Advice??

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