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    Hello DAG community, I have recently been on a second date with a man, we’ll call him “Dan.” We are both 33 years old. Dan seems to completely lack manners and class. Or maybe he’s just not invested in me at all. The question I’m having is, should I give him another chance or just leave him in the dust? See history below:

    First date: meet up at local dive bar, he buys drinks, we play shuffleboard and have a really good casual fun time. Ends with good night kiss, talks of future plans, and all around good vibes. He texts me later that evening, the next day, and the following week.

    Second date:
    After our first date, he disappeared for about a week, despite saying he wanted to get together again, and texting me a bunch. But he never actually asked for a second date. And then the texts just stopped altogether. After a week of nothing, I decided to send him ONE friendly text, just to see how he would react. He reacted by saying he had been thinking of me and wanted to get together again, specifically to see a concert (we have the exact same taste in music and its a big connection point for us).

    He asks me out MORNING OF (strike 1) to see an artist that I was already going to go see. So because I was already going, I said yes. He did not offer to pick me up and take me to the show, but just to meet there (strike 2). So we met at the venue. I was about 20 minutes later than him and it was raining, so he did not wait for me to arrive before he went in – he texted me to tell me this (does this count as a strike if its raining outside, and I’m 20 minutes behind? Not sure).

    The concert and the date itself went totally fine – great music, good conversation, he bought me a drink, complimented my appearance – although mentioned that he had put no effort into HIS appearance for the evening: I wore a nice dress because the act was a very highly regarded musician (classical modern style) and I knew it would be a ‘classy’ crowd. So I said “I dressed up for her” (the artist) and he responded saying “well..I didn’t dress up for you.” Yeah, clearly not and now you are reminding me of that? (Strike 3).

    I parked in the valet parking structure, and he had parked on the street. He offered to walk me to the structure. When we got there, there was a long line for valet to get the car, so clearly I would be waiting for a long time. I said “Oh wow, look at this line, you don’t have to stay if you don’t want.” I said this just to see how he would react. He stayed with me for a few minutes, mentioned there was another concert coming up, and asked if I would like to go with him and have dinner as well – but he didn’t remember which day it was, so he said he’d get back to me. And then, he said “yeah this line looks really long, so I think I’m gonna head home.” And he left me there to wait the rest of the 10 minutes by myself (Strike 4).

    To me, nothing says more than the fact that he was not interested/willing to wait the rest of the time for me to get my car. I feel like there is no way this guy could be seriously interested in me, even if he is suggesting a 3rd date. And do I WANT to go on a 3rd date with him after that?

    Curious about everyone’s thoughts!!

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