How to Make a Relationship With a Busy Man Work

Are you dating a guy who’s juggling a million things at any given time? Do you feel like his “second best” priority and have to compete with his work schedule?

It’s challenging to be involved with a super-focused, career-driven guy…

happy+couple 300x190 How to Make a Relationship With a Busy Man Work

But you can still make things work as long as you know how to deal with the ups and downs of a busy relationship. Here’s an article that can help you get you started with that.

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Title: How to Make a Relationship With a Busy Man Work

Busy work and school schedules can make focusing on romance nearly impossible. Two individuals dedicated to maintaining a relationship on a tight schedule can stay committed and connected with continual effort and communication.

Making time for the relationship on a regular, consistent basis is key. While planning dates several days a week may not be possible, maximize the time you do have together. Make a point of focusing on each other during relationship time and developing strong communication techniques.

Step 1…

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