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Are You "Crazy"?

A friend of mine sent over a link to an article someone had written recently. It wasn't really meant to be offensive, but the title just made me cringe: "B*tch, Are You Crazy?" It was all about how women are creating situations that don't exist in their heads, based on clues they are over-interpreting. The […]

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Don't Let The Baggage Out?

Imagine you're at the airport.. You just got off your flight and now you're headed to pick up your luggage. The bags start piling out, one by one. You even see other people from your flight getting their bags, which is always reassuring. But after about 15 minutes, they're all done, and no more bags […]

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What Do You Do If He's Jealous?

QUESTION FROM READER: Carlos, I've been dating this guy for about three weeks now. Last week he asked me if I was seeing anyone else. I told him not really, even though I felt like it was a mistake. Well, he called me up later that night and accused me of seeing other guys. After […]

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