"I'm really enjoying the Irresistible Desire training. You've done an awesome job and it's by far the best training I've seen to date when it comes to relationships and understanding how men think..."

- A. M. Benning - Wichita
"Hi Carlos, I've been using your program and killing it...

I'm a single mom and have been dating a man 10 yrs older than me for over 3 yrs who has never had a serious relationship.

I'm the only girl (outside of his mom) he's ever said I love you to.

Your program gave me so much insight into how a man thinks and works and I can't believe the difference in him..."

- Marlina M. - Marigold, NH
"I needed to understand the male mind and not make the same mistakes.

I liked all of [Irresistible Desire]. The way you explained and wrote this book as if you were talking to me.

Honestly I think you have covered it all.

You do not leave anything out, to the point."

- Betty G - Melbourne, Australia
"I have read a couple of other relationship programs and each time I ask myself why this one would be different, when I know the basics... I ended up buying this one

I've been able to give advice to other girlfriends

I initially got this program to re-attract one guy, but I have instead re-attracted new ones AND almost all of my other exes. (!)

Really good advice on how to be attractive and interesting without being tasteless or overbearing.

Now that I have listened to [Irresistible Desire], I see where they are going wrong..."

- Meredith M - New York City
"I feel as though I have gained already from the knowledge on male psychology. I also learned that I'm already doing quite a lot right!

I loved the information about the polarity of male and female energy - and how to choose men with the correct polarity to yourself.

I feel this is very important information - especially regarding the differences in how men perceive female behaviour, the misinterpretations and misunderstandings."

- Jennifer G. - UK
"I knew I had to try something new and I stumbled onto your video. Something clicked and I knew I had to get the program.

My results are feeling more confident in myself. Realizing I was driving myself insane. Getting an inside look to the male psyche helped realize the numerous errors I was making over and over again.

I went from 0 guys in my life to three awesome potential guys who are interested. I really do have the ability to pick!

I am the prize. It's awesome.

It's liberating and empowering..."

- Emma O - Norristown, PA

I liked how much information you give and how you explain everything with a visual outline. I've tried other programs and for lack of a better word, they're crap.

I realized how great your program is and truly how much you care. You put a lot of effort into giving the information you give. Thank you. There are women like me that need this!"

- Marcella C - Orlando FL

So I took a bet, to try this program ... helped me go through my bad times for the past 1 month.

It teaches me to love myself more, and how to love my loved one in a way they want and desire..."

- Jessy A - Geneva, Switzerland

this program is very interesting! I liked the fact that you outline each topic and break it down into small subtopics to go Into more detail and fully explain how you come to your conclusions

Easy to comprehend, capture my attention and it's working!

I would recommend this program to a friend because this is the most detailed program I have come into contact with yet!"
"I was anxious to know how to get a man. I was hurting and wanting more but being unable to get it

My results are I am more confident in my ability to attract men. I am more in tune with my actions and reaction and I am not so desperate..."
"I am impressed with the sensible and realistic application of man the hunter woman the hunted tactics + the way my sensitivity to the male outlook is being heightened.

I like the structure and the audio -visual blend of training materials + the fact that you are not treated like an idiot and the 'do-able' tips.

Three other benefits are: a) Greater understanding of the male psyche and relationship needs b) Achievable and realistic strategies c) Well-paced material"

- Kathryn P - UK
"Easy to digest information offered with concrete believable examples.

When I complete the program I might offer this to my daughters..."

- Sandi G - BC, Canada
"I feel that my thinking regarding men is clearer now

Specifically, I liked the psychological underpinnings that Carlos explains.

Gives a woman a better understanding of how men think (even my sons)

Has helped me resolve certain issues in my own life

Knowledge is power. It can't hurt to know how the other half thinks.

I would recommend this program to a friend because it clarifies what men are looking for in a relationship and lets a woman decide if she can provide those things. Relationships are heavy investments of time and emotions, and every woman should know how they may work..."

- Susan C. - Chicago IL

I understand a lot more about men than I did before. I feel much more prepared for my next relationship and understand how I might have made the last one work better.

It can save you and your man from a lot of misunderstanding and heartache..."

- Kathy G - Sacramento CA
"I said something innocent--obviously not--and watched him shut down. He always comes out of it, but I'd rather minimize the damage now

Well, the audio was "life-saving." I liked how in depth you went into things. And I really liked the intrigue bonus.

It's accurate, well laid out, and well explained."

- Liz F.
"Thank you for the insight and will try to get another program forever yours.

I gained a lot of insight I realized where I needed to work on

I liked your honesty and humor and how you really demonstrate how it really is in relationships"

- Leslie A., PhD - Westbury, NY
"Specifically, I liked the content, Carlos' wit and intelligence.

it helped me gain a sense of peace about the differences between men and women..."

- Nora S - CA
"Forever Yours is very informative and sheds new light to men that I never thought about.

It will help me with men in the future. I am a single mother, I've had one endless quick relationship after another....now that there is some clarity..."

- Krista W - Vevay, IN
"I liked how Carlos isn't out to teach us to play dirty games which can go either way. It can lead us to success or failure. Which will add to more resentment. His advice is more practical for real life situations.

I feel more encouraged to not only focus on this relationship but to actually start dating and venturing out. It's so easy to listen to the program anywhere at anytime.

I like that Carlos is like a 'girly guy' but not too much... he's conscious of my feelings as a woman..."

- Romina R - Calgary, CA
"I'm really enjoying it. It's fascinating and keeping me interested.

Specifically, I liked the way that it's presented.

it's easy to understand

It just makes sense everything that you are saying about men...many lightbulb moments go on. It just makes me want to learn more and understand men more.

it's fun and interesting, enlightening and will completely help you understand men a lot more..."

- Kammy S - Rochester, NY
"I'm really happy with your program. I have bought many programs from other people but I think your program is complete and awesome.

You cover all aspects. You do not need to buy any other programs from other people. You will save money and time. You will learn a lot from this program...

I think all women need to listen to this program and learn how men think and work.

It's a complete and awesome program about men. "

- Leila K - Stockholm, Sweden
"I gave it a try, cause I was too curious!

I find it very informative and helpful for my own attitude towards men.

I think it's very informative and might solve many problems in advance.

I would recommend this program to a friend because I think it could help her get rid of the wrong concept about men..."

- Susanne W - Athens Greece
"Helpful in understanding more about how a man thinks and how to bring my true self forward without turning a man off...learning how to see things from his perspective.

I liked the communication tools in Irresistible Desire and how to read the mind of a man.

Provides insight into how a man thinks and why he acts the way he does; helps a woman understand how to relate better

It has helped me to learn from my mistakes so that I don't repeat them. It provides practical information on how to communicate, listen, and express my needs..."

- Cora P - Columbia SC
"My results are that my boyfriend and I had a great weekend together and he told me he "Loved me" with great passion, even though I knew he did, that made a great impression on me to have him say it the way he did.

I can listen to it on my MP3 player which works great. I listen to it on my way to and from work. It has taught me some things about men that I never knew but that make a lot of sense now that I do.

I actually was thinking about sharing it with my daughter

I would recommend this program to a friend because it works..."

- Kelly E
"I asked my intuition if I would learn something new and the answer was yes!

Much more aware and understanding of how men think. It makes it easier to understand them and in turn to love them and to be able to communicate in a way that will reach them.

It helps women to understand what it is men want from them and how to be able to provide it..."

- Rebecca D - New Zealand
"I like your programs. Down to earth easy understanding etc...

You give sound advice. _____________________ "

- Kimberly R. - IN
"I have learned more from your program than any that I have tried.

I liked all of it really. It is a very good program with so much insight!"

- Liz D - TX
"I have already made big changes.

I liked learning not only HOW a man thinks but also what to do in response to a mans actions

- Having an edge over other women, finding a really compatible man

Very comprehensive, easy to understand

I would recommend this program to a friend because so many of my female friends are doing all the wrong things (as I was) to have a happy relationship with a man..."

- Suzanne N. - Mesa AZ
"This one is different from the others I have. I feel this one is a lot more informative when it comes to the way men think and respond and act. I am happy I purchased it

There is a lot to be learned from this program"

- Sandra B - MI
"I'm so glad to be able to get the information from a MAN, who is in a successful relationship. I'm convinced few women giving advice advice about men really have a clue; 2) Your advice is doable/applicable; 3) Your presentation style is easy to follow and holds my interest.

Your information is down-to-earth, and you include information that will apply to any type of "situation" a woman might encounter..."

- Mollie W.
"My biggest obstacle was having bought programs from other coaches that I felt were of poor quality. Either the coach provided very little content for the price

I was very impressed by Carlos's intelligence and psychologically-based coaching - I found myself trusting his advice

Carlos provides do-able examples of how to put theory into practice.

The sessions reveal men's thinking about relationships and women (not what other women think men think about relationships and women).

Carlos comes across as personable and easy to understand..."

- Susan C
"I have never had a lot problem meeting men or even having them fall easily in love, but I didn't really understand why; it wasn't really something I was in control of.

I liked your sincerity to help, your honesty and the broad scope covered by your program. It seems all the basics are in one area..."

- Jill C - Vancouver BC
"I tried a lot of programs, but only keep the ones that I really like, yours is one of the few.

The program is GREAT and you are fun listening to.

Its so empowering and a real eye opener. I feel like I leveled up in the game of love :) Thanks!!"

- Daniela B. - Israel
"Wonderful explanations about male character and how to be closer to his mind.w

Wiseness about man's mind and my interference to make him to feel loved - and in power..."

- Tatiana G - Brockton MA
"I liked the layout of the information provided.

I am impressed by your ethics and the fact you invested so much work and time to bring women a complete picture of male perspective.

I have recommended this program to a friend because she is desperately seeking a relationship and I see that she is making repeated mistakes ... I think this program could really help shortcut her trial and error approach..."

- Melissa S. - WA
"I liked the short to-the-point information.

It gave me more information about a man's mind which I have always been so curious about.

It is great to know what is going on behind those eyes and how he is perceiving me...."

- Kathy G.
"I am back in contact with the man I love after 2.5 months of one sided e-mails from me and nothing from him.

Watching Carlos's program helped keep me sane and feeling less isolated..."

- Karen H - Rochester, NY
"If another lady was speaking with me about the same issues I have experienced and know that the program helped me.... I am sure it would help her as well.

I have more confidence in myself because I have armed myself with the most powerful tool on earth.. Knowledge..."

- Marie D. - Columbus, OH
"I feel more confident. I know that I can be the one to say if a man meets my criteria. I've learned how not to let a man "reverse me" into doing his job.

Carlos is very personable and pleasant so I wasn't "offended" by his advice.

Unlike other programs, you can follow along like an online course. The advice is presented in a logical way.

It makes sense..."

- Susan R - Malden MA
"Learning a lot. Excellent program.

The information is very helpful and presented in an excellent way..."

- Suzanne D
"This could have helped me in my marriage and with those men that I did date.

I would recommend this program to a friend because it was easy to follow and easy to understand -- had a lot of "aha" moments..."

- Shannon S - Drexel Hill
"I have learned a lot

I liked the language: open, honest communication, to-the-ground and easy to understand... Excellent video.

It is probably the best of all the 4 programs I went through ...

It is (one of ) the most useful material in learning about male psychology, on how to impress, attract, and connect with men. Good job, Carlos!"

- M.T. - TX
"I listened to Carlos's other videos and I liked his mature and realistic approach. He is common sense without a lot of drama, and his competitors are not like that.

I liked his wisdom and his professionalism. I also like his optimism and the fact he is a guy.

Carlos has a lot of common sense and he is realistic about dating and relationships. His advice is geared towards a professional and sophisticated woman.

It is a detailed program. No stone is left unturned. All questions are answered...."

- Justina M - Toronto
"I would like to tell you that your program Irresistible Desire is awesome.

I haven't seen anything else out there on the internet that comes close to this. THANK YOU!!!"

- Melanie M.
"Only when I had another failed relationship did I go looking for help and found your program.

It is all good. I wish I had found this 12 months ago.

It is an eye opener for women.

It is awesome!"

- Sue B - Australia
"My biggest obstacle was thinking it was just a bunch of nonsense

I liked that I was talked to like a real person not just someone on the other side of the camera lens.

...More confidence, more knowledge.

...information all women should know..."

- Carol B. - Saskatchewan
"My biggest obstacle was my own fear. I'm a divorced (almost 7 years) woman with a 9 year-old son.

I saw the video about your Forever Yours program and realized that this was one more tool in finding and succeeding at the right relationship.

In viewing these sections I felt relief in knowing that I will not repeat the mistakes of the past, will choose carefully,

...Every woman I know, whether single, dating, or married should review this program. At any stage of a relationship (or even if not yet in one)"

- Gail JS - Rochester NY
"I am getting a lot of new insights about how relations work,and not only between men an woman, but in general.

I liked that it is easier than I thought. People tend to over rationalize things and being too complex about things that really are less complicated

It applies to other areas of my life as well. I teaches you a lot about attraction between men and women, i think it is comforting too, because it shows you that you don't have to be "drop dead gorgeous" to attract a man."

- Clara R. - Netherlands
"[I'm] applying a LOT of the info received with my actual and ongoing dates!!!

I liked that you are very present, at home, any time... like my personal "dating coach", but available when I need to go back and review ...

an excellent source to learn why our past behavior with "guys" was not conducting us to a successful dating process!"

- Yanet S. - DC
"[I have] THE ABILITY TO LET GO AND MOVE ON. This program opened my eyes to the truth ... it is opening my eyes

I liked Carlos's amount of expertise in this field. I feel that I received a TREMENDOUS amount of value. These are not just Carlos's opinions, they are factual teachings. It was as if I had a very knowledgeable guy friend who spent hours of time coaching me.

Carlos knows what he is talking about, and he speaks about every variation of romantic relationships."

- Tina - Montreal, Canada
"it gives women hope to turn a bad relationship into a good relationship that can be saved ...


A good guide to help save a relationship that is in a crisis"

- Suzanne F. - Omaha, NE
"My results are omg!! The connection now is amazing its like you said in the program when you're plugged into the socket Lol!! Understanding him!! Being able to talk to him..amazing!!

Specifically, I liked the section before the code..and the psychology part

You are absolutely right!! You're advice gives actual results in a matter of days!"

- Mary G - Nebraska
"I got a lot of detailed information, and it really helped me to see exactly where he was at, to help me to better know where I needed to take my relationship

I loved how detailed it was and broken down it was. I loved how it was in audio and video format so I can see and listen.

I am recommending it to many many women..."

- Shellie B - Utah
"I liked the video presentation. I can sit and listen at my own pace. I can go back and review. I also appreciate your professional approach to things yet you are not stuffy and clinical and you say it like it is.

It has been very helpful in boosting my self confidence in the area of personal relationships..."

- Shannon S - Edmonton, AB
"Got [Forever Yours] because it talked about passwords to getting to the next level and the guy I was seeing had pulled back, saying he was afraid to go to the next level with the intensity of feelings he was having and wanted to be friends for now.

My results are impressive. I wanted to make this my own, and was amused later when I thought something was my idea and realized I had gotten it from you.

it is relaxing to have better strategies in different situations and then make them my own."

- Lorrie B - San Francisco, CA
"My results are that I learned how to communicate my feelings in a way that he will understand them instead of just blurting out the first thing that comes to mind...filtering.

Huge confidence re-direction

...Other benefits are what men find irresistible in a way a woman uses her words

It is excellent advice but more so it's advice from a real man - NOT advice from your typical girlfriends who simply cannot ever get what your saying Carlos. :)"
"My results are excellent... It boosts my self confidence because I'm already doing so many things right and it helps me zero in on the message I want to send him. I feel more relaxed, knowing that I am on target. He is responding well and we are getting much closer

Very clear, straightforward..."
"My results are that I am learning more about relationships and understanding how men work and think. I assumed too much how they used their mind and put them in a bad place in my mind but now I understand how differently we are.

I liked the examples Carlos gave and breaking it down to understand better. Plus the real life stories about his own situations helped!

Three other benefits are to make me a better person, A smarter woman, give me tools..."
"I've been listening to Irresistible Desire. To be honest, it's got to be the best advice product on relationships I've come across..."

- M - New York City, NY
"My results are AWESOME!!! I just started but I already feel this shift and I just want to say YOU'RE AWESOME! Seriously, this is such a great program and I feel totally grateful, I'm going to recommend your program to all my girlfriends!

I have been actually searching for Cleopatra's secrets... this is FANTASTIC!!! I actually got your Forever Yours program and was already loving it..."
"In just 4 lessons...I have learned soooo much! I get why my boyfriend was so angry at me. the 3 reasons men pull away that you gave... and I consider myself a "semi" smart woman when it comes to dealing with men.

I can't believe how on POINT you are with how many behave...how they react, the things that women do that will push them away, even if that is not our intention. thank you so much Carlos

(btw..JEN is a lucky girl : _____________________ "

- Caroline C. - Hanfield, CT
"I was thinking it would be no different than the others. I was reluctant but the guarantee made me feel more comfortable.

My results are that I noticed an immediate difference in the way I interacted with my guy. Just understanding a few basic principles helped me to relax, and to better communicate..."
"I am learning more about myself and my "dating" style. I am an older divorced woman getting back into dating.

I liked getting a man's perspective on dating and falling "in love"... "

- Pam J - Scottsdale, AZ
"I understand guys more and I can read them better. I'm still not having results yet...

Specifically, I liked: The Code that was an eye opening for me..."

- Alehi M. - Holladay, UT
"My biggest obstacle was being absolutely lost as to how to be with and move forward in my relationships with men.

Absolutely I would recommend [this program] to ALL women. Should be a primer in Jr High, followed by a review in High School and again in college."

- Pam M - Santa Monica, CA
"I can tune into him more and see that the way I interact with him changes his reactions to me.

He's more willing to talk to me and I feel more relaxed. And if he doesn't want it to work I've learned plenty to carry Into another relationship if need be

I can see where I may have pushed him away and where I can rectify that and how to let go and if he wants to reconnect

I would recommend this program to a friend because it works plain and simple "

- Tracey S. - Sheffield, England
"I feel like I've now got a very smart younger brother who knows how to give really good advice!

What single woman WOULDN'T want this kind of inside information? I'm 55 and feel like I've been beating my head against a wall for most of it

I would recommend this program to a friend because I want my friend to have the same "leg up" that I now have."

- Elisabeth S. - Middletown, NY
"So far he is treating me like a queen. I can honestly say I KNOW he's not seeing anyone else.

Most women are really clueless as to how men think and this program helps to understand the male psyche.

I'd recommend this program to a friend because it might offer some insight to help if someone is struggling with their relationships..."

- Anita A. - PA
"I liked your personal video's and I learned a lot about relationships and how they really work that I never knew. I was totally messed up in my ways of thinking and how I interacted in all my relationship.

I've been very immature and I just learned so much. I wish I would have known this info in the start of my last relationship. I would have done so much differently.

I won't make the same mistakes next time around. I understand men and women both better and how they think.

Now I can be better prepared for the next one and not make the same damaging mistakes.

Helped me to really grow up and grow emotionally too."
"I have to admit that I found your program the best and most captivating from many other that I have listen through in past few weeks. I am thankful to you for helping me understand many aspects and that understanding gave me security, hope and calm me down.

I just went through a hard break up and your program helped me to analyze the situation..."

- Maaha M.
"I was at a loss, completely distraught over losing the man that I was in love with. I didn't know what else to try anymore and was desperate to understand what had happened/went wrong

My results are that I quickly began to have hope and a sense of control again. We are dating again and he has told me that he loves me.

I would recommend this program to a friend because it helped me understand men better "
"I feel much more secure in what I am doing. My friend is definitely in the connecting phase. We are going on a month-long cruise to the Mediterranean beginning mid-Nov.

Specifically, I liked your caring attitude and knowledge and your willingness to share the things we need to know to catch or great men."
"I could not move my relationship forward and was forlorn. I feel empowered now because I understand how "the chase" works and that I misunderstood some of the things my man was doing.

My results are my man is back chasing me again.

1) I realize that it is me that really has the power in the relationship 2) I can look back and find evidence in my relationship to support what Carlos says 3) I am more confident

This program changed me, my views about men and my relationship which was about to go into the toilet!"

- Chandy L - WA
"I would recommend this to other women, especially younger women. There is no way women would get this information just growing up talking to other girlfriends and besides, you don't want other women to know your secrets in case they want to try them on your man."

- Sheila W.- Sebastopol, MS
"My biggest obstacle was cynicism!

My results are that I have a more in-depth understanding of how men work and can avoid some of the dumb rules you read about on the web

It strips down everything to 'this is just the way it is' with men.

[Forever Yours] gives you the honest truth about men and how to be in a relationship to get success..."
"My biggest obstacle was that I didn't know I needed it until I met someone I really really wanted to be with and was as confused about men as I've always been, only before I really didn't care

My results are that I now understand why he does some of the things he does

I am now more relaxed around the man in question. I know how to deal with his behaviours and I've learned not to be afraid or needy when he withdraws.

I would recommend this program to a friend because I already have. Her thinking was so backwards."

- Pam Lloyd - Calgary, CA
"I was married for 40 years before being asked for a divorce and had to start learning how relationships work.

My results are I am more patient and understanding of the opposite sex ... Wish this could be taught in high schools..."

- Ginger Smith - Pensacola, FL
"My results are wonderful! My man is crazy for me!

Three other benefits are helping my friends with all this info (yes, I shared what I learned & bragged on you), understanding my man from his point of view & using your insight

I am able to 'self talk' myself into the place I need to be emotionally & mentally when my female thoughts tell me something else.

And if I may add an extra one, I can now filter my girlfriends advice & know what is good advice & what isn't! Sweet!"

- Mel B. - Onatuk, OH
"My biggest obstacle was fear; his pulling away and understanding that work increase can be legitimate reason... Helped me to be patient and not bother him with calls, texts...

My results are great... He respects the fact that I'm not acting needy; he always calls when he gets home or to his hotel room; he's avoided being coerced to "go out partying" with the clients once the work is done... He's a true gentleman!"

- Gina R. - League City, Tx
"I was not sure it was worth the money, they are so many advertisement for different "how to" get your man and I am sure many are bogus. I saw the price of yours was reasonable so I decided to try it and there was no hidden agenda - What I paid for is what I got.

My results are positive, it all make sense ... it is nice to be reminded especially with the point of view of a man.

100%. there is so much good information... I am now understanding that my way of communicating is working against me instead of for me."

- JC - Ontario Canada
"My results are that I do have a better understanding of men, in general.

Specifically, I liked the highlighted material that you wanted us to write in our journal - or memorize (the idea I got from the exercise).

Three other benefits are they come in different formats for people who learn differently or use materials differently. 2. the examples questions are great - and I did do them as I read along. 3. that there were examples of the explanations...

I would recommend this program to another woman because it is insightful and helpful"

- DeAnna G - Simi Valley, CA
"Forever Yours helps me to calm down a little bit in relationship and understand my partner and myself better

I understand myself better, I understand man mindset better which I used to wonder why he behaved like this or that

I told my other girlfriends about this program and they want to join..."

- Thanh - Vietnam
"...some of the information helped me communicate better with them, they are more co-operative when I use the techniques in your book!!!

I had no idea how men think or process information this was all news to me, and interesting. I don't feel it is manipulation at all, just common sense but women, myself included, have a 'blind spot' when it come to how men relate ...

I'm now more informed on how to communicate successfully with men,

[This program is] full of information which helps women understand men's different communication styles, and not to assume like I did that they communicate like women. "

- Polly N. - Dublin, Ireland
"I love love your program - it's awesome and affordable I also like how you send daily emails with valuable info. I have tried other programs yours by far has been the best I like your humble attitude. I have unsubscribe from other programs.

Thank you so much!!!!"

- Marjan A - Rochester, NY
"I liked that it's sound advice from a guy and a guy who has done the research on what works and what doesn't... "

- Julie H. - Georgia, USA
"It is an excellent program....as a matter of fact all of your programs are, and I like the fact that they come from the male perspective.

Keep up your wonderful work!!!!!! "

- Robin S. - New Bern, NC
"My biggest obstacle was finding a product that I felt delved into things on a deeper level, with explanation, instead of just "don't be too easy", in a nebulous sense.
... I am very impressed with your program thus far.
Specifically, I liked the explanation of WHY men behave/think as they do.
Three other benefits are gaining self-respect; learning what my parents didn't teach me/possibly didn't know; avoiding making the same mistake over and over..."

- Melody K. - Edwardsvill, Il
"My results are like OMG... That explains SO much!
I would recommend this to every woman that I know. (and Have) "
"I only got to know about you now ... I just wish I received your email earlier ... would'nt have done so many mistakes with my ex.
...I feel in a better position now knowing what's on his mind and that there might be a chance..."

- Silvana A. - Malta
"I really think there is clear insight in the mind of men and it is very helpful as well as takes some of the stress out of dating.
I like the presentation and the breakdown of the information
The fact that you can listen and see the slides at the same time...."

- Faith W. - Tampa, FL
"I learned a lot about men, I understand them now. And it gives me hope...
Did you know that I watched your video for the 3 rd time already? And still I will watched again. My money is worth it.
I am empowered as a woman, I felt grateful I've found out your program
[Your program] gives them an advantage to other women. It empowers them, and its a win win situation between men and women in their relationship
I am amazed with your deep wisdom. "

- Cherry F. - Los Angeles
"I am really liking [Forever Yours] so far and would not hesitate to recommend..."

- Deb B - San Francisco, CA