The #1 Thing Angelina Didn't Know About Brad

The #1 Thing Angelina Didn’t Know About Brad

Look, before this whole Brangelina thing gets out of control – I have to tell you something about why they didn’t work out.

You wanted to know that, right? Why didn’t the Celebrity Couple of the Century (CCC) manage to stay together?

angelina jolie brad pitt divorce

Well, first off, let’s look at the situation:

– They made it 12 years. That’s more than most marriages these days seem to last, so that’s at least worth something. (No, I’m counting their whole relationship, not just marriage)

– They made it last 12 years IN HOLLYWOOD… that’s actually pretty amazing, all by itself.

– They did a lot of good things for other people and set a good example – their kids were a focus…

But then there’s all the not-so-good stuff.

– Brad Pitt’s unhappiness and possible affair

– Brad’s substance issues

– Angelina Jolie’s health issues

– Angelina neglecting Brad

– Their conflicting careers…

Look, I’m sure there’s a TON of blame to be found wherever you want to look.

And I’m not sure I buy into the “It’s Karma for how Angelina stole Brad from Jennifer Aniston!”

But what no one noticed was WHY this happened in the first place.

Whatever you think about Brad & Angelina – whichever side you’re on – you have to wonder…

What HAPPENED to them…?

relationship problems

It’s actually deceptively simple – IF you understand how men think, and how many women MISunderstand men.

Here, let me share 3 “shocking” facts with you about guys:

SHOCKING FACT 1: Men love that loving stare.

Angelina did this a lot with Brad. You ever notice how many pictures there are of her looking at him longingly?

She’s got that look of adoration in her eyes, and I think that was the best way to measure the health of their relationship over the years.

SHOCKING FACT 2: Men aren’t all the same.

Yeah, this one sounds like a “duh” – but you’d be surprised how many people will lump all guys together into one group.

Men think and act differently in a relationship based on how he connects with women.

His “style.”

I’ll explain more about that in a bit

And finally –

SHOCKING FACT 3: Men have a very deep-seated need to CONNECT with a woman.

Yes, most people find this one to be counter-intuitive – but it’s true. Men need a very special connection for him to open up and talk about his feelings with you.

what men want

If you don’t really connect with him, he will simply shut down and pull away.

So – why did they break up?

You see, in the end, Angelina realized that Brad didn’t have deep feelings for her.

The most important thing she needed to know about him was how to connect with him in a way that stirred his deepest love for her. Sure, she managed to get him hot and bothered and … kind of married.

But sources close to them revealed that Angelina was running the show, and didn’t really have the right connection with Brad.

And if you don’t have the right connection with your man, you’ll never know if he sees you as The One.

– Have you ever wondered if the man YOU want is the right guy for you?

– Are you tired of wasting time wondering whether or not he will finally commit to you?

– Do you worry that time is running out?

how to please your man

You might miss out on the right guy, while waiting for nothing

Or he could move on to someone else.

Or just lose interest in your relationship…

If you ever wondered if you can REALLY trust him –

OR if it will start out with the usual pattern of him being all excited and romantic – and eventually him growing cold, distant, and pulling away

The secret to winning him is to KNOW his what his Connection Style is.

I created a quick video presentation for you on this – and you can get it here…

The secret is this strange “love law” every man follows—but most women ignore.

Click HERE to learn what it is and how to use it to your advantage

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