What Scarlett Johansson’s Epic Face Plant Can Teach You About Life

What Scarlett Johansson’s Epic Face Plant Can Teach You About Life

Even the most fabulous, high-profile celebrities are just like us. And by “like us”, I mean “eating the pavement like it was their job.”


Take Scarlett Johansson, for example. There she was, minding her own business when she took a wrong step and ended up in the un-sexiest pose of her career.

For awhile, there was some debate over whether she tripped on purpose (for a film she was working on), or if her tumble was the real thing.

Eventually, director Jonathan Glazer did confirm it was for his movie, Under the Skin.

In any case, someone was there to take a snapshot of the priceless moment. Even more predictably, people took to Photoshop and inserted poor ScarJo into every setting imaginable.

If you’ve ever dreamed of seeing her ride on the back of a Game of Thrones character or have walrus tusks growing out of her lovely mug, this is your lucky day.

But that’s fine by me – she’s still the same gorgeous Scarlett despite her sidewalk shenanigans. And for the most part, she doesn’t seem affected by the unwanted publicity at all.

Now THAT’S sexy.

Ladies, I know how hard it is to find that ideal balance where you’re empowered and assertive, while being delicate and feminine at the same time.

So when stuff like this happens, it can put a serious cramp in your style.

But hey, it’s nothing a classy lady like yourself can’t shake off, right?

You know what they say: “What doesn’t kill you…makes you want to shrivel up and die from embarrassment.”

Seriously though, being a sassy woman means gracefully recovering from cringe-worthy moments.

Speaking of which, when was the last time you found yourself in a PR fiasco of your own? More importantly, HOW did you handle it?

Maybe one of your heels got caught somewhere and broke off, making you lose your balance (and maybe a bit of your dignity).

Or it might have been a social flub, like drunk texting an ex or talking about someone who was in complete earshot of your snarky comments.

Here are a few face-saving options:

  • Act like it didn’t happen. The less attention you pay to it, the quicker you can live the moment down, even if your pride is still smarting.
  • Make apologies if needed and MOVE ON. If you sent a “reply all” email at work, issue your “press statement” and apologize for the trouble your little oversight caused. Time will help things blow over, so why dwell on it?
  • Ask yourself, “Is this going to last FOREVER?” Your little slip-up isn’t the crime against humanity that your brain is making it out to be. Besides, you’ve made mistakes before, so this isn’t your first rodeo. Ride it out until it runs out of steam.
  • Put a positive spin on it. If the little voice in your head is punishing you for not being flawless 100% of the time, you need to drown out that useless static. Silence your inner critic by turning it into a hilarious, one-of-a-kind “I lived to tell the tale” tidbit you can use to start a conversation.
  • Embrace the feeling. Welcome that nauseating, gut-wrenching sensation with open arms and think of it as an adrenaline rush. When you’re in the moment, don’t deny the physiological reaction your body is going through. The next time something embarrassing happens, you’ll know what’s coming and you won’t feel so fazed about it.

Remember, falling down and getting up (be it literally or figuratively) is something we’ve all had to do.

And it can be the best teacher if you allow yourself to learn from it.

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Yours, in Perfect Passion,

– Carlos Cavallo

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