Partners, Video Games, And Chrissy Teigan's Stretch Marks... Whaaaa?

Partners, Video Games, And Chrissy Teigan’s Stretch Marks… Whaaaa?

So in an effort to reach out beyond my limited focus of usual topics, I decided to go scoping the Internet for all things interesting…

The first thing I come across is a hodgepodge of “news” (?) related to just about everything related to women.

One of the stories was related to sexual partners for each gender…

For years, it’s been assumed that men have more sexual partners than women do.¬†After all “everybody knows” that men are dogs when it comes to sleeping around.

Well, that last sentence was mostly snarky sarcasm…

But I have to ask you – if men have more sex partners than women –


Answer: Women.

So women are having JUST AS MUCH SEX as men, ladies. Let’s get rid of this ridiculous notion that men are the only ones out there whooping it up and bumping uglies.

Researchers analyzed the responses of men and women from a British sex habits survey. The results found that men reported an average of 14 partners while women reported 7.


The essence of this is the fact that MEN over-report their “number.” They want to seem virile and manly, right?

And WOMEN under report theirs. They want to seem “prim and proper.” Not “slutty.”

Most women tend to disqualify certain encounters as “not counting” where guys tend to fancy themselves more of a stud than they actually are.

(Note that I have to put many words in quotes now so that I won’t be endlessly persecuted out of my free speech.)

Anyway, clearly there is a middle ground here where we have to remember that if we’re sleeping with each other, one person bumps the other person’s “number” up by one – on both sides!

So it’s more likely that men AND women are coming together around the “10 partners” mark.

What do you think? Are men more the “sleep around” type?

Do women “exaggerate down” the number?

Which brings me to the next bit – Video games…

Apparently women are the unsung crowd of video game consumers. Who knew?

The reality is that women tend toward what they call “Trivial” gaming – or “micro” gaming. Which is to say the kind of game you would play on a phone or tablet. These games tend to only demand a short bit of time from you. More of the “Candy Crush” variety.

Whereas guys tend toward the more involved console gaming on Playstation or X-box.

That’s not to say there aren’t women on those systems, but it’s not likely at a certain age bracket.

What do you think? Are you a gamer? COMMENT BELOW

And finally in other news, Chrissy Teigen shared a picture of her stretch marks for all to see…

Wanna see them?

Yeah, I’m not sure how I feel about having to see her body imperfections…

And yeah, I’m sure you’re thinking that – for a guy – Chrissy’s boobs are worth mentioning. But no, I’m not going to mention that. I’m just going to let it go unnoticed…

Hey, I guess it’s great that someone is celebrating the normality of this sort of thing. When you have kids, your body changes. You can’t airbrush your way out of everything.

And it does a lot to shake up the weird body image stuff that women have to deal with all the time.

To that end, I say “go for it!”

But the rest of me just isn’t all that excited to check out people’s normality. But then again, I’ve never had body image issues, nor have I had stretch marks.

So I guess I’m saying, I don’t know what to say about it. Nor can I give you an opinion that’s worth your time.

But hey, that’s just life.

What do you think? Should we celebrate more body imperfections as a way to get over our vanity…?

Comment below… seriously. I want to hear from you…

I’ll be back soon with more craziness from dating, relationships, and modern romantic life…

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