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Secrets Of A Loving, Committed, & Unbreakable Relationship With The Man You Love

The Program: $39.97 Clickbank Product, 3 upsells in the funnel... You earn a glorious 75% on the program, as well as commission on the upsells.

The Connection Code - Secrets Of A Loving, Committed, & Unbreakable Relationship With The Man You Loveis a Unique, kickass program that women LOVE. Gives them the secrets of how to get a man not only passionately loving her, but obsessed with her... (VSL is located here: https://www.connectwithhim.com)

Pricing Info:
The course is $39.97. There are multiple upsells and downlsells in the funnel:$27, $47, $77, and $97.

There is also optional continuity with the offer at 37.00 per month, paying for 8 months maximum.

Tracking and Payments:
All tracking and payments for this offer are through Clickbank.com, so you can be 100% sure all sales you make will be credited properly, and that you will be paid on time.

We are paying out a generous 75% commission on the front end purchase, PLUS commision on any backend purchases after the sale too. There is a 50% commission on the upsells.

Just email me and I'll get you what you want!

Simply use our ready-made swipe - ready for you to spin - or completely rewrite your own. Send them to the VSL. No optins required. There are other options to send them to, such as a quick article lander, which is good to provide up front value through content.

We will capture bounces and abandons and follow up on them for you. YOU get the sales credit.

If you're fashioning your own swipes for this offer, here is the information you need to know about the offer:

USP and VSL hook:

- Most women have problems in relationships simply because they don't know these 5 simple Connection Styles™
- She's accidentally choosing the wrong men because she's looking at his personality instead of his RELATIONSHIP STYLE
- Personalities are different, but what she's missing is that Connection Styles are MORE important - and she probably never even knew that there are 5 different "Connection Styles"
- If you know these Connection Styles™, you'll avoid 99% of the heartaches and headaches in romance


- A man sees a woman as being a "cookie" (delicious, desirable, fun) or "broccoli" (maybe what he's supposed to want, but a little boring). If she can get him to see that she's the "cookie" - he'll grab her up and keep her.
- A man has 3 tests he's giving women (below his awareness) to see if she's a cookie or the broccoli. Most women fail these tests simply because she has no idea he's looking for the woman who matches his Connection Style.

Questions/Additional Information:
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me (Carlos) or Jenn T - my affiliate manager.

Contact Carlos:
Email: carlosxuma at gmail.com
Skype: carlosxuma

Contact Jenn:
Email: affiliates at carlosxuma.com

PS: REMEMBER - If you write your own swipe: My name for the women is: Carlos Cavallo. For the men it's Carlos Xuma.

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SUBJ: Her boyfriend wanted to start seeing other people...
SUBJ: She wondered if he was still in love with her...
SUBJ: One foot in and one foot out of their relationship

I have a heartbreaking - yet amazing - story
about my friend Kathy - and I think it's
something you can relate to.

Late last year, Kathy came over to my house
for lunch with me...

When she came in the door, I knew something
was up

Her face was red and puffy - you could see
she had been crying a lot, but I didn't say

The more we talked, the more closed off her
body language became, and the more she looked
down, avoiding my eyes

Her shoulders slumped...

Her arms crossed...

After just a couple minutes of small talk,
she blurted out: "Carlos, I think Jim is
seeing someone else. I think I'm losing him!"

Jim was her boyfriend, who she had been
dating for over 2 years now

She went on a trip to France with him where
she expected him to "pop the question" to her
in Paris...

But instead of a proposal, when they got back
home he became more and more distant from her

He talked less about his feelings for Kathy,
and he was running hot and cold with her

He had one foot in and one foot out of their

Kathy was starting to wonder if he still
loved her at all

Jim had just told her he wanted to "start
seeing other people."

Kathy felt isolated and lonely, and didn't
know who to turn to, or what to do to fix
their relationship

On top of it all, her father had been
diagnosed with cancer in the past year, and
Kathy's heart was heavy with sadness and

Now, Kathy said that she had started to worry
when it felt like the connection she and Jim
shared wasn't as strong anymore

I asked her if she meant his feelings for
her, and she said yes, that was part of it...

...but mostly it was the connection she had
felt between them

She even described it: "Our connection was
like this feeling that we've got this wire or
beam of light connecting us, between his
chest and mine...

"... and I can sense when it's dim and cold,
or if it's bright and alive. It's like a
love-line between us.

"When it's bright, I'm happy, and there's no
anxiety. No worries.

"When it's faint, I feel scared, anxious, and
restless. And I know I have to do something
to make sure we're okay."

When Kathy told me about what was happening
with her and Jim, I thought this could be the
perfect time to share some of the new
"tricks" I'd discovered about guys.

So I started explaining what Jim was
thinking, and why he was acting this way...

To discover the secret that saved Kathy's connection
to Jim - and her relationship - CLICK HERE


Yours In Perfect Passion,

- Carlos Cavallo

PS: I'm also going to explain something I
call the "Cookie Secret" to you - and this
cookie is the hidden method to get any
man to adore you...


SUBJ: Are you "boring Broccoli" to men...
SUBJ: Is he attracted to another woman?
SUBJ: Why he won't connect and commit to you

Why is it that the things we SHOULD want
never seem as good or as fun as what we
*really* want?

Why is it the same way in our relationships?

- Why do you seem to want the guys that
don't give you what you need...?

- Why does he want that OTHER woman
instead of you? Or that ex he can't seem to
get over...

- Why does he keep you at arm's length
instead of letting you in like he should?

And when it's 2:00 in the morning, and you
can't sleep, wondering why he isn't calling
you - or texting you back...

- Why he's pulling away and acting
disinterested in you...

- Why he won't open up and tell you he
loves you...

- Why he won't connect and commit to

When you're sitting in the kitchen, wide
awake at 2:00 AM, worried about losing him...

I'll bet you don't go to the fridge and get
the broccoli out to eat, do you?

If you're like most people, you go for the

It's okay to want the cookie! It's how you're

You can't help it.

The truth is that guys (almost) ALWAYS go for
the "cookie" when they're looking for The One
- a long-term relationship

And most women don't realize that this
"cookie programming" affects men MUCH MORE
than women!

If he's running hot and cold with you, unsure
and always changing his mind about the two of

Keeping you at arm's length when you have so
much to offer him...

If he seemingly wants everything else - but
he hesitates when it comes to your

You might have accidentally shown him a
little too much "Broccoli" When what he
really wants is the "cookie."

If you don't know what this "Cookie Secret" is,
then you need to discover RIGHT NOW how
to save yourself the heartbreak of another
relationship with a man who won't commit to you.

I made this special video to help you avoid
this mistake - and unlock the secret of a
man's "Connection Style" for you:

This offer won't last long - so please don't
email me if you missed out and it's gone...


Talk to you soon,


PS: A lot of women don't realize that being
"compatible" with him ISN'T ENOUGH.

You need to match his "Connection Style"
to really connect with him.

This short video presentation will show you
how this works:

SUBJ: Here's a free chapter from the program...
SUBJ: Download your video presentation...
SUBJ: TIME SENSITIVE: Here's your link...

Hey, it's me - and I've got something VERY
cool for you...

It's the first chapter of Carlos' new
program - The Connection Code:

Secrets Of A Loving, Committed, &
Unbreakable Relationship With The Man You Love


I know you'll get a lot out of this free
video presentation - and it's taken straight from
the program.

In this video, he'll show you:

- The 7 Fatal Connection Mistakes Women Make
That Send Men Running Into Another Woman's Arms

- Why letting him see your "commitment mania"
is the one thing that will push him away

- The BIG mistake women make when they talk
to a man, and how this "trains" him to hide
his real feelings and keep you at a distance

- And much MUCH more...

No shenanigans... this video presentation is
100% valuable content.

Carlos is giving it to you for free so you can see
just how powerful the complete Connection Code
system will be for you when you have it...

You can get your free chapter video here:

Make sure you take notes during the presentation
as well...

I'll check in with you in a day or so to see
how you're doing...

Talk soon,

- Your Name

PS: Carlos is only offering this free chapter for a
limited time - during his "release party" celebration
- so I'd take advantage of him right now... ;)


SUBJ: This chocolate chip cookie is YOU
SUBJ: YOU are a chocoloate chip cookie to him
SUBJ: Are you the "cookie" he wants?

Have you ever wondered why some women
manage to keep their men loyal, attentive,
connected and just plain crazy in love . . .?

While so many other women just can't
keep him close - or keep that special connection?

Well, this chocolate chip cookie:
(image of cookie)

holds the secret to creating a connection
with a man that is so loving, so romantic,
and so vibrant with passion and desire...

That he will never want to leave your

This video explains "The Cookie Secret":


WARNING - this isn't kid stuff for little
girls - it's what the women who really GET
men use to create unbreakable connection
and desire...

SUBJ: "Hey, baby - what's your sign?"
SUBJ: 1970s pickup line <-- you loved it
SUBJ: Do you want to know your future?

You ever have a guy use that cheezy 70s pickup
line on you?

"Hey, baby... what's your sign?"

It brings images of hairy guys wearing gold
chains and dancing to Saturday Night Fever,
doesn't it?

You know why guys used that tired line on

Because it actually used to work!

Think about it - I'll bet you know what
sign of the zodiac you were born under,
don't you?

And I'll bet you've read your horoscope at
some point, haven't you?

Every guy knew that about women, and
that was his "hook" to pick up on you.

You want to know your destiny and your
future - who doesn't?

Unfortunately, your zodiac sign isn't
very reliable for choosing a man...

BUT I'll bet you didn't know that there
is something that CAN make almost
ANY man compatible with YOU...!

If you know how to use this method
to connect with a man, he will be virtually
defenseless to you...

It's very real, and it's probably the biggest
discovery of this decade

Watch this video that explains the
"Cookie Secret" - and how to make any
man fantasize about you endlessly...


Talk to you soon,


PS: I'm a (Zodiac sign) - in case you
were wondering...

But this "Cookie Secret" is 2000%
more reliable to get the man of your


SUBJ: This 7-Word Question Opens His Heart - Do You Know What It Is?
SUBJ: Why He Hides His True Feelings From You...
SUBJ: Use this simple "Magic Question" to open his heart to you

He's Hiding Something From You -
Here's How You Find Out What It Is...

First - Would you like to have a truth serum?

You know, that drug that forces someone to
tell the truth - the whole truth...

And nothing but the truth?

I know a lot of people who would do or pay
ANYTHING to get it.

I'll bet you'd like to have it to find out
what's going on in his head, right?

Men hide their intentions from women all the time...

Well, I've got some bad news...

And GOOD news.

The bad news first:

There is no such thing as a "truth" drug.

The human mind has so many defenses that
there's no chemical that can make a person tell the truth.


The good news is there is something that's almost
as good...


A simple 7 word question you can ask a man

A question that will get him to tell you what
you want to know.

I call it The MAGIC QUESTION...

And when you ask it,

  • He has no choice but to tell you exactly why
    he's holding his feelings back...

  • WHY he's resisting you...

  • He will reveal the hidden worries and hesitations
    he has about your relationship...

  • He will bare his soul to you

I'm going to show you that 7-word question here

No shenanigans. You will learn the EXACT seven
words of this question...

This video will reveal what you want to know...

(And he won't even know why he told you!)

Go find out here...


With love -

- Carlos

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