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The Program: Irresistible Desire - $37.97 Clickbank Product, 3 upsells in the funnel... You earn a glorious 75% on the program, as well as commission on the upsells.

Irresistible Desire - The Secrets of Addictive Unconditional Love And Complete Devotion is a Unique, kickass program that women LOVE. Gives them the secrets of how to get a man not only passionately loving her, but obsessed with her... (VSL is located here: /irresistible)

Pricing Info:
The course is $37.97. There are 3 upsells in the funnel: $47, $67, and $97.

There is also optional continuity with the offer at 37.97 per month, paying for 8 months maximum.

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SUBJ: This is like CHEATING
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Having a man close to you is a wonderful feeling...

- The warmth of his embrace
- The smell of his skin
- The safety and comfort when you're near him

And one of the most frustrating things a woman can
feel is the suspicion that you might have accidentally
pushed him away...

That you may have even scared a good man off.

Well, the truth is that the reason he doesn't
want you or desire you is simply because you never
made him feel like you "GET" him.

*** You Gotta Show Him You GET him! ***

Most women think it's enough to make herself look
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That if she makes herself LOOK good enough, he'll
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But this is backwards. And it feels *desperate* to men.

What he REALLY needs to feel is that you
UNDERSTAND him as a man!

And you'd be VERY surprised how easy it is
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think you don't get him AT ALL!

A lot of women pretend to understand a man
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But it backfires on them when they don't do
it the right way...

Like when she pretends to be interested in his
hobbies or sports or television shows, but it's
just her faking "good behavior"

And then an alarm goes off in his head when
he figures it out (and he DOES) - and then
slams the door to his love on you.

You have to show him that you not only
understand MEN - but the unique things
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We men know when a woman "GETS" us
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SUBJ: Why are you still single?
SUBJ: Why are you still alone?
SUBJ: Why can't you keep a man?

"Why are you still single?"
"Why are you still alone?"
"Why can't you keep a man?"

Ever heard someone say that to a woman?

Maybe someone has even said it to you...

Do you ever wake up doubting your own ability
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Do you ever feel like a man's mind is a
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Even if you feel like things are completely hopeless
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SUBJ: The #1 Mistake Women Make
SUBJ: How she scared him away...
SUBJ: OMG - read this

I just got off the phone with Rebecca - a coaching client
and now a close friend.

After 3 years of separation, she's back with
her husband. They're actually falling back
in love, and talking about a new baby...

Now, if you had seen Rebecca and her man
3 months ago at the mall, where they had
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You would NEVER have thought this
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But Rebecca pulled it off... I gotta hand it to her.

You see, what she discovered was the
ONE thing that men desire most of all from

And if you think it's that three letter word
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Not that at all.

In fact, that's one of the big mistakes right there.

The worst part is that women assume
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I'll give you a little hint about what he needs -


Men THRIVE on appreciation.


Because it's one of the signals that tells him
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It's the ONE way he knows he's making you
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It's also one of the reasons he falls in love
in the first place. But, inevitably, the appreciation
starts to wane...

And the distance creeps in.

He seems distant...

Hard to reach...

OR - if you're just going out on a first date with
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SUBJ: Should you dump him?
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SUBJ: How to handle COMPETITION for your man
SUBJ: #1 Thing You should do if his eye is wandering
SUBJ: Is there another woman...?

Today's I've got a VERY important
article for you.

It's how to handle the ultimate threat to your


My good friend Carlos is stepping in today with
his advice on this topic - and it's going to
SHOCK you...

Read on...


I've been listening to Irresistable Desire.
To be honest, it's got to be the best advice
product on relationships I've come across.
Thank you.

I have a really odd situation at work.
There's a woman at work who it seems like
makes a lot of the men fall in love with her
(Cleopatra like).

She's not super pretty, she's older and
frumpy, but she understands men and shows her
vulnerability to them. I feel she's weak but
I guess she knows how to let them be a

So she doesn't have to do the work or have
the education and they all do it for her and
give her the promotion. Now she's going after
the man I've been seeing and I see him
falling for her. I know she's a black widow
type....and It kills me.

What can I do? Anything? Other than get a new
job and dump the guy. ugh.

- Maryann



Well, Maryann, you discovered that most
frustrating of obstacles to women...

That obstacle is the woman who has tapped
into the "Hunter Instinct" that I reveal
in this new video presentation:

First of all, yeah, there is something you
can do...

But before we even go there - here's what you
must NOT do:

Absolutely, positively, do NOT fall into the
trap of viewing HER as the enemy.

One of the biggest traps of romance is to
get sucked up into the belief that your
problem with a man is because of "competition."

(Men make this mistake, too. In fact, I used to.)

This is the easiest way to "victim" yourself
out of the man you want... by believing that
YOUR lack of success is because of someone else's

(Re-read that - it's actually a BIG insight...)

The simple fact is that to not stop and learn
why she's got his interest and you don't
is the most HUMUNGOUS mistake that you can

You said it's "killing you..."

Well, inevitably, angry emotions about that
"bee-otch" make you easy prey for her.
She doesn't succeed because of HER - she
succeeds because of YOU!

Because the way to out-fox the fox is simply
to *wait for her to make a mistake!*


Because they *always* do.

And it's the ACE card that very few women can
use because their impatience almost always
get the better of them. They feel like the
opportunity is slipping away, even when it's not.

This "Black Widow" as you call her, is something
I refer to more affectionately as a "Natural."

Meaning that she "naturally" understands some
of the secret tricks I show you in the
Irresistible Desire program.

The problem is that she doesn't know exactly
what it is she's doing that's working, so
that makes her easy to outsmart.

But where she usually fails is when someone
who KNOWS how to unlock his desire can watch
and wait for the right opportunity.

The best chess players know how to do this
very same technique.

For now, just let her know you're in the game
and you're not intimidated. This will usually
make her want to rush it a little. I guarantee
you she's used to getting an emotional response
from her 'competition' - and when you don't
give her it, she'll be shaken up.

And that's where she will make the mistakes that
YOU already know about.

All you have to do is focus on the 4 things
I told you to use to make him feel like
THE MAN. (Don't worry about making him feel
important as much as the other three.)

And be sure to review the first and last video in
"The Woman He Wants" section of the program
where I talk more about the signals he's looking

The beauty of waiting is that it puts you
in the driver's seat. You don't have to work
very hard, and you'll be in the power position
when she slips up.

Don't mistake this for being passive and
disappearing from his life - far from it!

You just use the "passive" techniques I show
you in the program, and you'll DESTROY her
hold on him.

Again, most women will jump in and start
to try-hard on him, and wind up scaring him

Follow the strategy I give you in my program, and you can lean
back and relax as she pushes him BACK
into your arms!

If you're reading this right now and you'd
like to know my complete blueprint for opening
a man's heart and soul to you, then you need
to see this video:

Where I reveal the Secret Signal that he is
looking for - the one that opens a man's heart and
creates feverish and inescapable feelings of desire
for you....

Yours In Perfect Passion...

- Carlos Cavallo


Thanks, Carlos!

Most women think that if they just show a man
that they love him, his heart will melt and he will
let her in.

If you want to know why this almost always
backfires and scares men off - you need to see
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