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Passion Phrases -
Obsess His Mind & Capture His Heart

The Program: $48 Clickbank Product, 3 upsells and 2 downsells in the funnel... You earn a glorious 75% on the program, as well as 50% commission on the upsells.

Passion Phrases - Obsess His Mind & Capture His Heart is a unique, kickass program that women ADORE - based on the theme of "Passion Phrases." These phrases are a simple way for women to use language to influence a man's desire for her.  This program shows her how to drop innocent phrases into conversation to get a man to feel obsessed with her...

(VSL is located here: /obsession )

Pricing Info:

The course is $48. There are multiple bumps, upsells, and downsells in the funnel ranging from $17 to $97.

There is also optional continuity with the offer. (If you would rather not offer continuity and increase your average EPC, we can provide you with a link.)

"With the circle of high converting offers going dry promoting Passion Phrases was like a breath of fresh air. It did a solid $1.50 EPC for me even after multiple mailings and if you want to see big numbers within your clickbank account, then you absolutely need to promote this ASAP."

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"Carlos's offers are always a solid bet, but [this last one] was a monster for us. I got a higher EPC than I've seen in a long time even during the testing phases. I highly recommend this one…"

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Tracking and Payments:
All tracking and payments for this offer are through Clickbank.com, so you can be 100% sure all sales you make will be credited properly, and that you will be paid on time.

We are paying out a generous 75% commission on the front end purchase, PLUS commision on any backend purchases after the sale too. There is a 50% commission on the upsells.

Just email us and we'll get you what you need to promote!

Simply use our ready-made swipe - ready for you to spin - (SEE BELOW). Or completely rewrite your own. Send them to the VSL for maximum conversions.

DISCLOSURE: No optins required. I respect your list and lead/customer acquisition. (I do hotlist anyone that goes to the checkout page so that I can follow up and earn you more back-end commissions.)

We have a free chapter offer that you are welcome to mail to as well. We will be adding more options as well, such as a quick article lander, which is good to provide up-front value through content.

We will capture bounces and abandons and follow up on them for you. YOU get the sales credit.

If you're fashioning your own swipes for this offer, here is the information you need to know about the offer:

VSL Hook & Big Idea:

- In order to keep a man's interest, you must get him fascinated and fantasizing about you - otherwise, he will simply disappear

- When you flip the Obsession Switch in his head, he's yours.

- You flip the Obsession Switch using innocent Passion Phrases from this program.

(Note: This VSL, script, hook and idea is © 2017 Morpheus Productions, LLC along with the contents of this program.)

Questions/Additional Information:
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me (Carlos) - my affiliate manager.

Contact Carlos directly:
Email: c (at) superiorlifedesign.com
Skype: carlosxuma

Contact affiliate manager:
Email: affiliates at carlosxuma.com

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FREE CONTENT: Free Chapter - Relationship Rescue - Stop Him From Pulling Away

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* Even though I'm providing email swipe for you to use, please consider these ideas to riff on for your own emails. Email services are starting to filter email broadcasts coming from multiple channels that look too much alike. So you want to tailor your emails to include your own wording to "sell the click."

So I'm recommending you do not copy these exactly as you see them. Instead make changes to both the subject and body to "spin" it a bit. This will not only get you more clicks and sales, but protect your sending reputation.

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