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The Soulmate Signal -
How to win the man of your dreams...

The Program: $47 Clickbank Product, 3 upsells in the funnel... You earn a glorious 75% on the program, as well as 50% commission on the upsells.

The Soulmate Signal- How to find & win the man of your dreams is a Unique, kickass program that women ADORE - based solely on the theme of soulmates. Gives them the secrets of how to get find and win her soulmate, it gives her the inside secrets to a man's motivations for committed love... (VSL is located here: /soulmates

Pricing Info:
The course is $47. There are multiple upsells and downlsells in the funnel:$77, $37, $67..

There is also optional continuity with the offer at $47.00 per month, paying for 8 months maximum.

Tracking and Payments:
All tracking and payments for this offer are through Clickbank.com, so you can be 100% sure all sales you make will be credited properly, and that you will be paid on time.

We are paying out a generous 75% commission on the front end purchase, PLUS commision on any backend purchases after the sale too. There is a 50% commission on the upsells.

Just email me and I'll get you what you want!

Simply use our ready-made swipe - ready for you to spin - or completely rewrite your own. Send them to the VSL. No optins required. There are other options to send them to, such as a quick article lander, which is good to provide up front value through content.

We will capture bounces and abandons and follow up on them for you. YOU get the sales credit.

If you're fashioning your own swipes for this offer, here is the information you need to know about the offer:

VSL hook:

- Women are making a big mistake by chasing HIM instead of the other way around...

- If she knows how to reverse the chase, he'll stop pulling away and fall in love all over again...

- Any woman turn her relationship around completely by using the Enchantment Effect...

Questions/Additional Information:
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me (Carlos) or Jenn T - my affiliate manager.

Contact Carlos:
Email: carlosxuma at gmail.com
Skype: carlosxuma

Contact Jen:
Email: affiliates at carlosxuma.com

PS: REMEMBER - If you write your own swipe: My name for the women is: Carlos Cavallo. For the men it's Carlos Xuma.

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* Even though I'm providing email swipe for you to use, please consider these ideas to riff on for your own emails. Email services are starting to filter email broadcasts coming from multiple channels that look too much alike. So you want to tailor your emails to include your own approach and method to "sell the click."

So YES - I'm recommending you do not copy these exactly, but instead make changes to both the subject and body. This will not only get you more clicks, but not get your emails blocked.

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