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Do you like making serious money with high-quality products and courses that resonate with your audience? Are you interested in empowering people's lives with awesome and helpful information?

Then I'm your man.

For those who don't know me yet, I've been creating top tier, high converting products for almost a decade and a half now.

As a dating and relationship coach, I've had plenty of time to continuously test and refine my programs to make sure they create a HUGE impact on my readers. I've gotten feedback from thousands of my people who've found their ideal partner and more importantly, created the life they want.

On this page, you'll find my full suite of women's products that feature generous commissions, convert like crazy and have shockingly low refund rates.

Those who know me can also back up my Sterling reputation in this market - over 18 years!

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Passion Phrases

Obsess His Mind, Capture His Heart

$37-48 Clickbank Product, 3 upsells and 2 downsells in the funnel... You earn a glorious 75% on the program, as well as 50% commission on the upsells and commission on the continuity...

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The Cupid Effect

Get Him Devoted, Enchanted, And Ready To Marry You...

With an EPC of about $1.40, this is THE program you'll want to mail out to your lists ASAP. This one has a 75% commission on the program and 50% commission for upsells...

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Get rid of the distance with texts!

Secret texts that stop him from leaving - and Respark his love for you. 75% commission on the front end purchase, 50% commission on upsells - PLUS commission on any back-end purchases after the sale.

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Connection Code

Secrets Of A Loving, Committed, & Unbreakable Relationship With The Man You Love

I offer a generous 75% commission on the front end purchase, PLUS commission on any backend purchases after the sale. AND there's a 50% commission on the upsells too!

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Forever Yours

The Secret Password To His Heart

How does a 75% commission on the program sound to you? How about commissions on the upsells and continuity as well? Can't go wrong this one, lemme tell ya...

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Irresistible Desire

The Secrets of Addictive Love & Complete Devotion

This one has a 75% commission, as well as 3 upsells to make you even more money down the line. Awesome conversion, huge response from customers too...

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The Soulmate Signal

How to find & win the man of your dreams...

It's a unique hook that pulls my readers in - and it will resonate with your own list! Give this one a go and enjoy a glorious 75% on the program, as well as 50% commission on the upsells...

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True Romance

How To Open His Heart & Enchant Him...

This starter offer has a 75% commission on the program, multiple upsells AND an optional continuity. There's plenty of sales to be made here...

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Read His Signals

Instantly Know What He Really Wants From You...

Want a starter program with a killer hook? This is what you're looking for. Like my other offers, it's got a compelling upsell funnel to make sure you earn like crazy...

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