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I’m Black and Blue From Thinking About This White and Gold Dress

Normally, I don’t get bent out of shape over women’s fashion. After all, it isn’t exactly a topic that I’m deeply passionate about. And I never imagined I’d get locked into a heated debate...


Why You Should Move On If He’s NOT Single

So you met this incredibly smart, charming and sexy guy. And all signs point to the possibility that he has the hots for you too. Now your mind is racing and your heart’s pounding....


Why men settle down with one woman & not another

He said he’s not ready for a committed relationship, much less get married. You go your separate ways, only to find out he’s engaged to a woman he barely knew just months later. That...

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True Romance Podcast 5: Online Dating Secrets

In this episode, I’ll show you how to STOP hating online dating – and start feeling awesome! Tune in as I reveal the hidden secret about online dating from a MAN’S perspective… My FREE...

Young happy couple having romantic date at restaurant

The Truth About Men – And What To Do About It

For the most part, guys are going to sleep with a girl they’re attracted to regardless of what’s going through their mind. He’s probably not going to have some internal monologue like, “Hmm, should...

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