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What men want

True Romance Podcast 9: Revive Your Relationship

In this episode, I’ll reveal the truth about how to get your man connected to you again – as well as the questions you need to answer (and ask) to win back that lovin’...

What Men Want

Is Honesty Really the Best Policy With Men?

Fact: not all women are “girly” or overly feminine. And that’s perfectly fine with me. In fact, I’ve dated more than a few head-strong ladies myself and enjoyed every minute of it. But then,...

What Men Want

True Romance Podcast 8: Icky Dating Mistakes

In this episode, I’ll reveal some of the ickiest dating mistakes – and how to avoid them! Tune in as I also reveal the truth about the Myth of Male Intimidation… My FREE Podcast...


3 Steps To Keep Him From Taking You For Granted

“Why do the people that we chase run away from us?” “Why can’t we have what we want the most?” Those two questions define dating for a LOT of women. And it’s a frustrating...


Are You Empowered? Read This Before Dating Another Guy

Personally, I’ve always been into women with a strong, independent streak to them. That probably explains why I’ve dated ladies who have a clear idea of what they want to achieve in their careers...

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