How To Kiss A Guy - Tips & Secrets No One Taught You!

By: Carlos Cavallo

For most women, the first time you kiss a guy is important, because it's the first intimate contact you have with him. Let's talk about how to kiss a guy - and how to make him crazy for you when you do!

dating tips for women secrets to kissing guy How To Kiss A Guy   Tips & Secrets No One Taught You!

Let's get real here - you're probably not a beginner. But you do want him to think you're a good kisser.

And kissing a guy isn't always intuitive. Especially when so many guys don't kiss well in the first place.

Ultimately, you can get him to fall in love with you simply by kissing a man the right way. You just need some basics to understand what a guy is thinking about you in that make-out session.

All women have questions about how to kiss a man the right way - or they want some kind of "rule book" for how to kiss a guy. You may have even wondered:

  • How do you kiss a guy for the first time?
  • What is the best type of kiss?
  • What should you NOT do when kissing him?
  • How to get a guy to kiss you?

Let's break this down and show you exactly how to kiss a guy.

Kiss Guys Secret #1: Make sure you use more than just your lips

The one thing a man wants to know is that his partner is really into the kiss. He doesn't want to feel like you're checking out for not really there.

question how to kiss first date How To Kiss A Guy   Tips & Secrets No One Taught You!

He's looking for sincerity.

One of the first techniques you can use is to use your mouth and lips to express a little passion. Sure, your lips are Making a connection with his, but you can also move your head and face a little.

As it happens, this is also a good tactic for when he's not good at kissing or is a bit awkward. You can guide him with your body language and how you move with him.

  • You can put your hands on the back of his neck
  • You can use your fingers on his ear or on his earlobes
  • Run your fingers through his hair
  • Tickle the nape of his neck
  • You can even put a hand on his collarbone. This is very erotic on one level, and allows you to push away from him when you're ready to end the kiss as well.

How To Kiss a Man Secret #2: Use your eyes

Opening your eyes while you're kissing and making a little eye contact is extremely sexy to guys. A guy wants to know that you're there with him. And you don't have someone else on your mind.

So occasionally opening your eyes and letting him catch you can really spice up your kissing techniques.

Occasionally scanning his face in between kisses is a great idea.

Kissing a Guy Secret #3: Use your tongue effectively

Perhaps one of the most important kissing tips I can give you is to really develop your French kiss ability. Very few people kiss like they're on a 1950s television show. We all get into it in our own way.

07 How To Kiss A Guy   Tips & Secrets No One Taught You!

Not everyone enjoys a French kiss. Some people are grossed out, and there are many reasons for taking your time with this kind of intimate contact.

But for most people, a passionate kiss is one that involves an exchange of contact between your mouths.

Your tongue is one of the more powerful erogenous zones. There are a ton of nerve endings in and around the mouth.

So you need to use your tongue effectively.

Simply knowing when to use the tip to tease him - or to surprise him with a lick of his lips - will make him hot with anticipation. Your tongues can create their own conversation between you.

It's an exchange of romantic energy. And the sensation will leave him weak in the knees if you do it correctly.

Think of it like a snake charm dance. You're creating romance and intimacy simply with a confident process of dancing with your mouths.

Kissing a Guy Secret #4: It's all about the pressure

Knowing how to calibrate the pressure and force that you use in your kisses is a skill that will separate you from the amateurs.

Don't press too hard with your lips. You don't want to crush his jaw or chin with aggressive "mashing."

And lips are fairly sensitive, so delicate pressure is best. If he's kissing too hard, it's probably because of his desire. Your reaction is simply to pull back a little and turn down the intensity.

A man's kiss is rarely soft. So it's up to you to keep the kissing as soft and light as you like them.

Kissing a Guy Secret #5: Be ready for the kiss

This may sound like an obvious tip, but you want to be soft and desirable for him to kiss. One of the best ways you can do this is to make sure you put on a good layer of lip balm discreetly by the end of the date.

dating relationship tips first date kiss How To Kiss A Guy   Tips & Secrets No One Taught You!

The more sparkly and supple your lips look, the better.

Try not to use a lipstick that is too vivid or looks to perfect. It sounds strange but he will be less likely to want to kiss you. He won't want to ruin how you look. And let's face it it can get a little messy.

Of course, you also want to make sure your breath is fresh.

Pop in a piece of gum or a breath mint, like an Altoid or similar. You can even park it in your mouth until the big moment happens.

Yeah, avoid onions and garlic if you want to be fresh to his nose.

And also make sure your teeth are as clean as they can be. I know a lot of women that carry a toothbrush with them all the time, just in case of a particularly messy meal. Don't forget to brush your tongue.

Which leads us to the next Tip -

Kissing a Guy Secret #6: Know how to use your teeth

Of course you don't want to bite his tongue, or leave any serious marks on him. But you should be aware that a little nibble on his earlobe, or even a tug is powerful.

02 How To Kiss A Guy   Tips & Secrets No One Taught You!

Some parts of a man's body are exceptional erotic zones. You can show affection, or really turn him on with your technique.

I even had a woman bite my cheek and put her teeth on my throat - gently of course. I would not recommend use that one right off the bat, but it shows that there's a place for everything. Especially if you want to master the art of kissing a guy.

Kissing a Guy Secret #7: Know the DON'Ts

of course with any method, you have to know some of the things you don't want to do at the same time. Sometimes the intensity of a make out session gets a little bit much and you can lose control.

1.Don't leave a hickey.

This probably goes without saying if you're over the age of 25, but I want to remind women to be careful about how much suction they use when kissing a man's skin. You don't want to leave any public marks that could be an embarrassment to him. Hickeys aren't cool after high school.

2. Know how to pull back before it gets too hot.

Again you might get into it and not realize that your kissing partner is now wanting a little bit more. Even a slight grinding of the hips could make him ready for sex. Know what your limit is before you have to kill the mood - and the fun you're having.

dating tips advice how to kiss a guy How To Kiss A Guy   Tips & Secrets No One Taught You!

If there's one thing that will ruin your chances for a relationship it's misleading him or teasing him and then having to assert your boundaries back in again.

3. Don't use too much saliva

I can imagine this might already seem a bit gross, but one of the basics is to make sure you don't get too sloppy with your kissing. It's a classic teenager mistake that will make it look like you have no real kissing experience.

4. Do your best to warm up and not feel cold to the touch.

What I mean here is to warm up your hands and even your lips before you go for the kiss. The colder you feel, the more it will steal energy from your kiss.

5. Don't peck him on the cheek.

If you have any romantic interest in him, avoid giving him a peck on the cheek. Even if you do feel attraction for him, he will interpret this as you brushing him off.

A man needs lots of strong signals from you to believe there's a chance at becoming a couple. A quick kiss on the cheek sends the "just friends" message.

6. Don't kiss like you're one of THOSE high school girls.

And what I'm talking about here are one of those girls who uses kissing as a means to an end. There were always the girls in my high school who were clever and manipulative - even with their kisses.

tips for first date kiss success How To Kiss A Guy   Tips & Secrets No One Taught You!

A guy wants to feel that you're genuinely there and into the kiss, or he will not come back for more. Make the kiss feel as heartfelt as you can.

7. Don't wear too much makeup

This is similar to the advice about lipstick. You don't want a guy to feel like he's "ruining" something by kissing you.

Go light on the makeup if you want him to feel comfortable moving in for the kiss. And you also don't want to leave makeup on his clothes in the process.

Kissing a Guy Secret #8: Manage the height difference

If you're dating a tall guy and there's a large height difference, try and help set him up to make the kiss work. Standing up on the step, and even tilting your head position, will give him the sense that his kiss is welcome.

how to kiss dating advice tips for women How To Kiss A Guy   Tips & Secrets No One Taught You!

You can even go up on your toes to make it easier.

However, if he's shorter than you, well... that's another topic entirely. Chances are, you're not interested or excited by a guy who can't match your height.

Kissing a Guy Secret #9: Know the other kisses

Don't forget that there are many ways to lead up to the kiss as well. Rubbing your nose with his - sometimes called an Eskimo kiss - is a fun way to lead up to the real kiss.

If you want to start his heart pounding, one of your best options is to ask him if he knows what butterfly kisses are. Most guys don't, and this is a great opportunity for you.

A butterfly kiss is when you flutter your eyelashes against his. Or even against his cheek. The sensation is subtle, but extremely effective. (And pretty arousing, I have to admit.)

You can send him an air kiss across the table to send a signal that you're ready for the real thing after dessert.

Kissing a Guy Secret #10: Use hesitation

Effectively used, pausing before you make contact - and knowing when to break contact - is an important part of good kissing.

Of course, this should start with a very slow beginning. The slower the start of the kiss goes, the better the rest tends to go. Don't rush in to make the kiss.

A slow build is extremely effective. And it's one of the best bits of advice I can give you. Pause every so often to build up the passion again.

After the kiss has started, it's nice for a guy to have the woman pull back and maintain this pace. It keeps the kiss from turning into foreplay, and gives each person a chance for enjoyment.

Kissing a Guy Secret #11: Hands! Hands!

Knowing what to do with your hands during your kiss is also an important part of the action. Depending on the direction you want to go, it's important to know where to use your hands. There is a whole layer of communication going on based simply on where you put your hands.

Slipping your hands off the back of his shirt sends a completely different message than keeping your hands on his waist.

Kissing a Guy Secret #12: Relax - and do it...

For a man to feel like this is comfortable and welcome, nothing says this more than low or no tension in your body. If you're feeling any anxiety or too much nervousness, make sure you find a way to relax during the kiss.

If you're in doubt whether or not you're attracted to him, it's better to delay the kiss then take the feelings with each other.

Kissing a Guy Secret #13: What if he's a shy guy...?

Some women find that the guy she's dating is on the shy side. And then she wonders if she should kiss him first.

article dos donts of a first kiss How To Kiss A Guy   Tips & Secrets No One Taught You!

Here's another thought on this: If you initiated the first kiss, how would you ever know he desired you? That he really wanted a relationship with you?

The answer is: you wouldn't. Which is why you can give him all the opportunity in the world, but you should not be the one making the first kiss happen.

If a man doesn't have enough confidence to kiss you on his own, he would not give you a happy sex life. Or make you feel safe and protected.

It might seem charming at first, but it would grow old really quick.

Kissing a Guy Secret #14: Drop the rules

Ultimately when you're going for the kiss, you can let instincts take over. It's only when you're feeling really nervous that you have to think about rules and tricks like this.

article first kiss dos donts How To Kiss A Guy   Tips & Secrets No One Taught You!

Kissing comes naturally for most people. More than likely, you've already created your own kissing style. And there's no perfect way to kiss.

Anyone can find a way to kiss that communicates their emotions. The further you get into a relationship situation, the less you need to worry about your kissing skills, after all.

"Kissing is simply another form of connection. It's a physical connection."

And there are many ways to create a connection with a man. Kissing is the easiest; knowing how to connect with him is probably the hardest.

If you'd like to learn more about connecting with men, you should know how men connect with women.

If you don't understand how men connect, it's like having the wrong charger cord for your phone. You'll never create a lasting connection that way.

Go take a look at this article on how to connect with men...

Discover The Secrets Of A Loving, Committed, & Unbreakable Relationship With The Man You Love.

get man attention time How To Kiss A Guy   Tips & Secrets No One Taught You!

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