The 7 Attitudes Men Love About Women - Do YOU Have Them?

By: Carlos Cavallo
article what men love about women The 7 Attitudes Men Love About Women   Do YOU Have Them?

Simply irresistible.

Let's talk about the attitudes men love about women. A lot of people get this wrong, so it's really important for you to get it right.

If you do, he'll find you irresistible.

If you don't, you'll struggle.

Let's look into the most irresistible attitudes for women - the ones men can't resist.

And probably the best thing about your attitude is that it's something you can completely control. (Unlike your appearance and other qualities which you were born with.)

So this means you can do something about this and almost instantly make yourself irresistible to men.

The more you can bring these qualities out in yourself, the more you're going to stand apart from the pack. The women that men can't stop chasing? They all have these attitudes.

IRRESISTIBLE ATTITUDE #1: You make him feel needed and desired

Funny how this one works, because it's one of the most important attitudes a woman wants in a man, too.

A man needs to feel like you need him in your life. He has to feel like he has a role and a place for you.

  • This can be as simple as you inviting him to help fix something
  • Or painting some part of your house
  • Or even driving you home from your doctors appointment

As long as you don't make these requests too frequently so as to seem high maintenance, he will gladly help you out. It's part of his natural program for relationships.

And if you don't make him useful, he'll become depressed, lazy, and start to look elsewhere for happiness.

Another part of this attitude is wanting to make him happy.

07 The 7 Attitudes Men Love About Women   Do YOU Have Them?

Men spend a lot of time and energy trying to make a woman in their life happy. And of course it makes sense that he might want a little of that back too.

When a man detects that it's important to you to make him happy, he understands that you have a good heart. And he knows that you will pass that on to your children. Even if you two don't actually have children together.

AND this will make him feel like you're both equal partners with an equal investment in the relationship.

  • Maybe send him a text during the day with nothing more than a happy thought.
  • Or even give him a massage to help him get to sleep.
  • Or make him one of his favorite desserts

Little things like this are important to a guy.

IRRESISTIBLE ATTITUDE #2: Be light-hearted and fun!

Playful is the key word here.

The key is to be able to joke and not take everything so seriously. I'm sure you've met people that were light-hearted. They aren't hard to be around.

attitudes men love in women The 7 Attitudes Men Love About Women   Do YOU Have Them?

Fun and easy going...

On the other hand, when you're with somebody that take things too seriously you feel burdened by being with them.


Something happens when a woman gets into a dating and relationship situation. she seems to lose a lot of her sense of humor.

  • She becomes harder to talk to.
  • She becomes harder to please.
  • She becomes more prickly and easier to anger.

Positivity is important, too.

A positive personality is a guy magnet. Guys love a woman is not looking on the negative side of things.

Positive personality is a signal to him. This signal tells him that he will not be criticized or evaluated too harshly.

It's also a signal that he won't be nagged for the rest of his life.

And let's be honest - positivity is almost ALWAYS appealing to people.


There's an old joke about someone who says: "I've got just about everything down in dating right now. The last thing is being authentic. As soon as I can fake that, I'm unstoppable!"

Of course the joke lies in that you can't fake authenticity. It's absolutely impossible. Kind of like "dry rain."

healthy attitudes women have men want The 7 Attitudes Men Love About Women   Do YOU Have Them?

Be genuine and sincere.

Men desperately want a woman that is realAuthentic.

A lot of men see how women interact with each other and feel that it's very fake. Insincere.

(Most women also feel that their interactions with other women lack depth and a feeling of being genuine.)

And a man's greatest fear is that he will start dating you and never know the real you.

The secret to breaking through to his heart is to simply be vulnerable.

Being vulnerable just means that you show what you're feeling without letting those feelings run your life. Showing him the real you.

Showing him what your real opinions are, even if he might not agree with them. ( If you imagine this situation right now, I think you'll notice that you become anxious at the thought of it.)

Think of all those movies out there, the romantic comedies. There are usually two types of plots:

  1. The man who is a womanizer who the woman tames and conquers (gets him to commit)
  2. The woman who is controlling and kind of bitchy. Eventually, she drops the act, becomes vulnerable to him, and he wins her heart.

No one feels connection to someone who is closed off and fake.

On the other hand, we feel a raw connection and intimacy with someone who shows us their flaws and weaknesses.

I'm not saying that you should broadcast all your flaws to him, or show him your neediness and open up a bag of crazy on him.

But you should be willing to show him the real parts of you from time to time even if they are occasionally a little needy or a wee bit crazy.

You have to trust that he can figure out for himself if he can handle it or not. And eventually, if he's in a relationship with you, he'll figure them out on his own.

So why not take charge of the way he sees them?

IRRESISTIBLE ATTITUDE #4: Your life is a priority!

how to be the woman men want The 7 Attitudes Men Love About Women   Do YOU Have Them?

Get a life.

Oh, I'm sure you've heard this advice at least a million times right?

  • "Make your life come first!"
  • "Pursue your own passions!"
  • "Be excited about your life"

You will probably hear this one bit of advice more than any other.

But it's still true.

The reason the "love your life" advice is not very popular is because no one ever tells you how to DO it.

But then again, no one should have to.

You can figure out for yourself how to make yourself a priority. You just decide it and DO IT.

The easy way of putting yourself first is simply to NOT make dating and a relationship your be-all and end-all focus.

Check inside your feelings right now. Close your eyes and ask yourself:

Do I want a relationship to make me happy? Or am I already happy?

You'll know if this is how you feel right now.

And if you feel that a relationship is going to give you peace, that you must have a relationship or you are failing somehow -

If you feel that way, it's time for you to deal with it. Stop brushing those insecure feelings under the rug and hoping that it goes away.

Look deep inside yourself and see what it is you're trying to avoid by putting a relationship first before you.

SECRET: Typically, we become focused on relationships for happiness when you have an unresolved relationship with one (or both) of your parents.

In fact, it almost always is because of this. It's time to deal with it and be done with it.

09 The 7 Attitudes Men Love About Women   Do YOU Have Them?

Whether that's getting into therapy or counseling, get it taken care of right now. Because even if you manage to get the relationship you want, the problem will still come up again and again and again until you do deal with it.

You'll see the patterns in your arguments and relationship challenges.

It's kind of like driving on a flat tire. It might take a little time to change the tire, but if you don't you'll destroy the rim. And then you'll destroy the rest of the car.

Enough said?


It's a basic relationship skill: You must be willing to compromise in your relationship.

It's very easy to get into a stock pattern of thinking that you're right all the time.

  • That HE is the problem.
  • That men are this or that.
  • And you have to fix it every time.

"Here I go again!" she says to herself. "Another one of THESE guys."

But, in fact she's ignoring the fact that SHE is choosing him. And these men are actually choosing HER as well.

As the saying goes, give-and-take makes things go smoothly.

And don't forget: Choose your battles wisely!

If you're constantly at war, the battle fatigue will eventually kill your spirit.


As a woman desires a man that is masculine, a man desires a woman who lets herself be a woman.

Let yourself be feminine.

There is a lot of misunderstanding about what it means to be feminine. Being feminine does not mean weak or submissive.

question what men want in girlfriend The 7 Attitudes Men Love About Women   Do YOU Have Them?

Stay true to your self...

Femininity is a woman's confidence. It's her willingness to be herself as much as she can.

There have also been a lot of distortions about what it means to be a feminine woman. That being "girly" is somehow undesirable.

Never before in our history have we needed more femininity in our everyday life and our society. The things that make a woman a woman are essential to balancing out the masculine in our world.

If we don't find a way to stop approaching our problems from a masculine perspective, we could very well go extinct.

What is "Feminine"?

Just a few of the most important feminine qualities:

  • Thoughtfulness - being thoughtful about other people's needs
  • Beauty - not just physical beauty but inner beauty
  • Empathy - feel your feelings and others
  • Vulnerability - showing your weaknesses as well as strengths
  • Intuition - trusting your inner guidance
  • Patience - waiting it out
  • Radiance and sexuality - that glowing quality of femininity that warms all men

IRRESISTIBLE ATTITUDE 7: Understanding men!

Of course, the most important attitude a woman can have is that she GETS him. You cannot underestimate this attitude or how important it is.

You see, it used to be that women were taught about men by their mothers, or their girlfriends who "got" men. They were taught how to really understand (and get along with) men.

irrestible attitudes men want in women The 7 Attitudes Men Love About Women   Do YOU Have Them?


But times have changed. We no longer live in extended families where this wisdom lives with us. And you may not have had a mother who is home enough to guide you in your femininity.

You may have even had a mom who just didn't understand it herself.

The bottom line is you may not have gotten the guidance you needed.

But there is a solution to this. Stick with me here...

When you understand men, you also understand the nature of your relationship with him.

  • You're less likely to make mistakes.
  • You'll know what he's thinking without him telling you
  • You'll know what to say and when to say it
  • You'll know how to recover from mistakes
  • You'll know how to avoid arguments when possible - and you know how to bounce back from them
  • You'll know how to predict his responses and avoid problems
  • You'll know how to keep a man close to you, and how to get him back when he pulls away

The simple fact is if you don't understand men, it's very unlikely you will find out by accident.

However, you will discover many problems along the way. Making it hard to keep a relationship running smoothly for very long.

I don't like to paint a dire picture, but it is a fact that if you don't understand men you will have a tough time making a relationship work.

This is why I decided to show women what men think and why we do what we do. I want to help you fix this once and for all.

If you're finally ready to stop making the same mistakes and get the man you love to commit to you once and for all, there something simple things you can learn to get started on the right path.

The first step in getting a man to hear you and feel for you is showing him you understand him.

This is as simple as reading his signals.

A man gives off signals, not words. You may have experienced this in your relationship. Men very rarely come to you with a verbal explanation for how they're feeling or what they need.

If you don't read the signals he's sending you, you could make a serious mistake.

The solution is simple: Learn how to read his signals.

I have something that can help you with this right now - something you can download in just a few minutes and get started right away.

Go find out how to read his signals...

PRODUCT Read His Signals The 7 Attitudes Men Love About Women   Do YOU Have Them?

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