How To Get Guys To Like You - 7 Tips...

By: Carlos Cavallo

If you're a woman, chances are you want to know how to get guys to like you. It's part of your "Love DNA"

When I started writing this article, I wasn't sure I wanted to talk about how to force another person to feel attraction to you. It felt a little manipulative...

But then I remembered my own values about this topic. I believe, deep down, that you can never make a person feel something they don't already have the potential to feel. It is very ethical to help a person get past their own "stuff" so that romance can happen.

And as a woman, you have all the requirements - as well as equipment - to get any man to like you. You just have to know how to use them.

So if you're holding back out of that fear that it won't be "destiny" calling the shots, you can stop worrying.

how guys like girls How To Get Guys To Like You   7 Tips...

You can never make anyone do anything they wouldn't do of their own free will.

You're only clearing the path to the heart connection that was meant to happen!

So let's jump right into the tips with -

Get Guys To Desire You - Tip 1: Open His Mouth...

The best thing you can do is to get a guy talking.

Period, hands down.

There are so many benefits to making him talk to you...

GETTING HIM TO TALK BENEFIT 1: He's going to trust you more...

Ironically, we become more invested in people the more we talk to them. We allow ourselves to reveal each other and be more vulnerable the more we sense a listening ear.

tips to get men to like you How To Get Guys To Like You   7 Tips...

GETTING HIM TO TALK BENEFIT 2: He's going to want to know more about you...

The more a person talks about themselves, the more they feel the pull for reciprocation. He's going to really want to know what you're all about.

It just takes patience to hold off on your own need for him to show how interested he is in you. If you can wait, you'll be paid back BIG TIME...

GETTING HIM TO TALK BENEFIT 3: He's going to get fired up and more emotional...

When you hit on his passions, hammer on that button! It's his hot button, and it will be the key to getting his emotions going. Every man loves to talk about his passion.

Plus you get the added benefit of seeing how passionate he will be about you...

Get Him To Like You - Tip 2: Touchy Touchy...

When it comes to getting a guy to really dig you, you have to leverage touch as your primary weapon.

Nothing makes a guy bond to you more as him knowing you're both physically connected. We feel that connection right down to our bones.

Keep in mind that men go through much of their lives without getting a lot of physical affection or touch.

It's not how men console each other, first of all. We do that with words. (You might notice your man doing this frequently.)

And men rarely get the kind of regular touch connection that women give each other regularly.

So when guys get touched affectionately, we respond. 

get guy to like you How To Get Guys To Like You   7 Tips...

The best thing you can do on the first date, as soon as you meet him on the date in fact, is to find any reason to put your hand on his hand, arm, or back.

  • You'll see his back straighten up...
  • You'll command his attention instantly...
  • You'll see his eyes light up...

His instinct will be to connect with you and give you his full attention.

Try it out and see...!

Get Guys To Pay Attention To You - Tip 3: Super Flirt!

Most guys don't notice when a girl is into them. Mostly because women are far too subtle in the way they flirt.

Growing up, women are afraid of appearing "too forward" or "slutty." So they water down their attention and interest. Which is the kiss of death if you're trying to let a guy know he's got the green light to move forward.

So you have to be willing to push the envelop here a bit. 

ways to get men to fall in love How To Get Guys To Like You   7 Tips...

Don't play it coy or cool. Go out there on a limb and make it clear.

You don't have to say "I like you, stupid!" - But you should make it very clear there's interest. At least to the point where he will ask a male or female friend of his if this is what he thinks it is.

But, after that point, it's all up to him!  Don't ask him out or do the work for him from there. You simply put a spark out there, and he has to turn it into fire.

Make Him Fall In "Like" With You - Tip 4: Super Compliments...

Another thing guys don't get a lot of is recognition and compliments.

When you appreciate a man, you complete him. So never waste an opportunity to recognize him for something.

The best kind of recognition is to point out some part of his character you admire.

Men respond so well to this, you'll think you just cast a spell on him to open his heart. (And if you think I'm over-stating this, you couldn't be more wrong. It's GOLD.)

For example, let's say he mentions helping his mother with some task. It could be as simple as getting rid of some of her old furniture.

Ask yourself, how would you find a way to compliment him about that?

advice on getting men to like you How To Get Guys To Like You   7 Tips...

If you said, "Wow, that's sweet of you, helping your mom" - you'd be missing a huge opportunity here. That's an OK way to call it out, but you could do so much better.

Like this:

"WOW - That's really sweet of you... you must have a lot of caring to help her. You strike me as a person who wouldn't let someone down if they were in need...

Now, whether or not that's true has yet to be proven, but you score major points for giving him the benefit of the doubt. And now he has a positive quality to live up to for you.

I call this a "supercompliment" and it's one of the most lethal love tactics you can use on a guy.

Make Him Like You Back - Tip 5: Dyn-O-MITE!

There was an old 70s show called "Good Times" that featured Jimmie Walker. His catch phrase for the show was to say "Dyn-O-MITE!" every time he saw something that lit him up. It was on t-shirts everywhere back in the day...

You want to look and be DYN-O-MITE!  for him.

advice how men fall in love with women How To Get Guys To Like You   7 Tips...

Pay attention to your appearance. Go the extra mile on your makeup and wardrobe, without looking too try-hard, of course.

The visual aspect of attraction is important to men at first. It tells him a lot about your attitude and attention to your presentation.

I've seen women on dates that looked like they rolled out of bed and just put something casual on. Let's get back to the days when we all worked to look good on dates.

You want him thinking DYN-O-MITE! when he sees you...

Look your best, and don't be afraid to let him know that you did it for him. He'll be flattered AND impressed...

Get Guys To Desire You - Tip 6: Strategic Retreat...


Sometimes the best thing you can do to get him wanting you is to take away his "drug fix."

Remember: There's no harm in reminding a guy of all the great stuff he gets by being with you!

I call this the "loyalty/rewards program." Hey, prestigious car companies do this, like BMW. Are YOU any less valuable?

Every so often you need to do your own thing. Maybe take a weekend to yourself. ALL the women I've considered "high value women" in my life did this, and I respected and valued them MORE.


easy ways to get men to fall in love How To Get Guys To Like You   7 Tips...

Another thing you should watch out for is this:

Don't commit to a guy that hasn't already asked YOU for a commitment...

This is HUGE, and it's a big mistake women make with men. They open their hearts to a man, and they go way overboard on their own level of commitment to him.

When a guy sees this, his inner voice tells him: "Dude, you don't have to work so hard. She'll do it all." And then he stops putting any romantic effort into your relationship. He considers you a "done-deal."

Remember that your first and only job as the woman in a new relationship is to be cherished and valued as The Prize. If it's the other way around, it's nearly impossible to get him to turn that around into respect for you later on.

Get Guys To Desire You - Tip 7: Don't Try To Be Confident...

Let's face it - most every article out there tells you to just "be confident!" for him.

Funny enough, this is the same advice that all the articles for men give.

Be confident... 

Yeah, okay, so HOW the heck do you actually do that???

That's why I'm saying right up front, don't TRY to put on any kind of appearances with him like this. You can't TRY to appear confident to someone. The second you do, you look the complete opposite.

Instead, express yourself from the things in your life that you feel excited about.

Let's say you're really jazzed up about a new exercise class you've been going to...

Use that class as a topic of conversation with him. Your energy and enthusiasm will come out when you talk about it. He'll feel your vibrance and confidence based on your energy.

getting guys to like you quickly How To Get Guys To Like You   7 Tips...

Confidence is as much an expression as it is anything. It's not something you really POSSESS... it's something you express with your actions.

This might be why so many people fail to appear "confident." They're trying to find and hold on to a feeling that is best shown through your words.

Confidence is Irresistible.

You probably know this - or at least have heard it more times than you can count.

And if you want to BE irresistible to men, you have to know how this secret power works...

I can show you the secrets of Irresistible Desire.

Go watch this short presentation right now...



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