7 Romantic Good Morning Texts For Him

By: Carlos Cavallo

There's just something special about getting that first text in the morning that always makes you smile. It's like a little gift to send a romantic good morning texts for him. It costs you nothing, and it can really make him feel wanted and desired by you.

And hopefully return that favor to you!

So there you are, sipping your coffee before you jump in the shower...

You know he's getting up about the same time as you. You want to surprise him with a nice romantic text to keep him thinking about you all day long. When he's at work, or hanging out with his buddies, you want him thinking about you from sun-up to sun-down.

Or maybe he just spent the night and left already for work. Now's your chance to remind him about what he's got with you.

romantic texts to start a mans day 7 Romantic Good Morning Texts For Him

"Good morning, love..."

So what kind of good morning text should you send him?

That's the hardest part. Deciding what to send him that will set the mood and make him think about you is the trickiest aspect. You also don't want to goof and scare him off by texting him something that sounds weird.

First of all, keep in mind that a good morning text is important for several reasons:

  1. If you're the first person he hears from, that will set the tone for his day. It's also way more likely that you'll be all he can think about for the rest of the day. Especially if you two are supposed to be getting together later on...
  2. Big oaks grow from small acorns, as they say. The small romantic gestures are often the ones that have the biggest impact...
  3. There's almost no effort. A text takes you about 30 seconds to compose and send. It's quick & easy....
  4. It could make his day. Guys wake up to a head full of tasks and things to get done. Hearing from you is a huge inspiration to him...
best texts to send your man 7 Romantic Good Morning Texts For Him


It's also worth mentioning here a few rules for these texts:

  • Don't make them too sappy. Guys like heartfelt - not corny or sappy...
  • Don't always thrown in "Love You!" in there. 1) It makes it feel like you're seeking an "I Love You" return from him. 2) Spacing those out makes your sentiment more touching...
  • Don't overload them with emojis or punctuation. That feels too "high school" and will also come across as sappy...

So what is a good morning text for him that will resonate with him?

Let's start with:

GOOD MORNING TEXT #1: Light Dependency...

You know by now that being clingy & needy with a guy is a recipe for relationship disaster. Men do not like feeling like their freedom is being taken away.

However - he does want to know that there's an emotional connection with him that is unique and special.

One of the best ways to tell him this is using this good morning text:

"I just can't have a good day without saying good morning to my guy..."

He'll know that your day wouldn't be completely ruined if you couldn't say good morning, of course. But hearing that you're making him this much of a priority is a really big deal for him.

It will genuinely warm his heart.

GOOD MORNING TEXT FOR HIM #2: The Encourager...

Men are often very solitary. No great surprise there, right?

how to keep man thinking of you with texts 7 Romantic Good Morning Texts For Him

Growing old together...

So texting him something that will inspire him is always a great way to kick-start his day. It's also a good way to show support for him. Men want to know that the woman they love is on their team.

NOTE: Loyalty is a very important trait to a man.

So what do you text him in the morning to encourage him?

Try this on for size:

"Good Morning! Hope your day is amazing - and you're The Man!" or "Hope your day is amazing, like you..."


"Have a Great Morning! Kick some a$$!"


"Have a Great Morning! Go make the day!"

Any of those will stand out as motivating to him. And I'm sure you could come up with a billion more like that.

Remember that he's looking for a woman who wants to support him and nurture him. It's up to you to show him that woman.


If you're looking to get this guy good and hooked on you, the most important thing you can do is tease it out a bit more. Don't be so quick to make the big splash on your first text.

It's just like a good session of foreplay; it will only serve to get him more excited for later on.

texts that get your man to think of you 7 Romantic Good Morning Texts For Him

Start his morning with a fun, flirty text...

So what do you do?

You split your text up into PARTS.

For example: 

FIRST TEXT: "If only..."

And then a few seconds (or even minutes) later, send this:

SECOND TEXT: "...I could have woken up there this morning..."

You want to spark his imagination to start the fantasy as early as you can in the day. Bedroom fantasies are the best kind to get a man thinking about you.


Dreams are a great way to get yourself on his mind. They work well for a bunch of reasons:

  1. You don't really have to have the dream. No one's going to do a "dream audit" and make sure you really did dream what you said you did...
  2. You can have them anytime...
  3. They can do or be anything. You could be a princess and he's a knight. Or you're a rock star and he's your groupie...
  4. You can get way naughtier than in real life. Which is a good practice space for dirty texts you send him later...

So tap into the wild world of dreams whenever you can.

Here's a good example Dream Text for him in the morning:

Text 1: "I had a wild dream about you last night!"

And we'll use the same technique as #3 - we'll split it up. You need to wait until he texts you back with "Oh? What was it?"

You can draw out the tension with "Tell you later" or you can send:

Text 2: "I was tied to my bed and you had your way with me..."

Again, he's going to press for details, but the best thing you can do is to hold back on them.

Or at least make him beg...

GOOD MORNING TEXT FOR HIM #5: Out Of The Ordinary...

One thing you don't want to do is send boring, throwaway texts to your man. If it took no thought, you should never send it.

If you send him: "Have a Great day!" or "Good Morning, sweety!"

That kind of feels bland and not very engaging.

mistakes women make when texting men 7 Romantic Good Morning Texts For Him

"Good Morning" wake-up text...

If you're going to have an impact, he can't feel that it's something you're going to do every day, or that it wasn't a bit more of a "rare event" for him.

More examples you should rewrite:

  • Good morning, handsome!
  • I love you!
  • Hey, babe. Thinking about you...
  • I wish I was in your arms right now...
  • Have a great day!

To be perfectly honest - Those suck.

If the text doesn't SOUND special to him, he won't FEEL special.

And yes, that's super important to him.

So try using something along the lines of:

"I woke up on the wrong side of the bed... it was the empty space where YOU were supposed to be...!"

See the difference a little creativity and thought make? That's a good morning text that will touch his heart.

Oh, one more caution: Don't text him any random poems or quotes unless they're really smart. He won't be in the same frame of mind you were in when you read that quote. So you have to allow for the fact that anyone else's words might totally miss where his thinking is at that moment.


This one is so super simple that anyone can use it and it will work great. It's like leaving him a small gift to find later in the day.

texts men cant resist 7 Romantic Good Morning Texts For Him

He'll go back to those texts again and again...

Text him this:

"I woke up with you on my mind..."

This one might seem like it breaks the rule of #5, but it doesn't.

Its simplicity carries a little bit of teasing, and it doesn't gush. It doesn't sound like false sentiment.

That's really important to a guy, too. When he hears every woman out there using hyperbole statements that are too much, he doesn't trust what you're saying.


"My jaw just hit the ground!!! That's so INCREDIBLE! I'm BLOWN AWAY....!"

You get the point, right? This is why I tell women to cut way back on the exclamation points. Be a little UNDER-stated.

And definitely leave out the "LOLs" and other things that you see too much in your friends texts. You don't want to appear "ordinary" or "basic" to him.

GOOD MORNING TEXT FOR HIM #7: The Specifier...

One of the most important things you can do for a man is let him know how he stands out from other men. In the same way that you want to feel special and unique from other women, he wants to feel the same way to you.

texts that get mens attention 7 Romantic Good Morning Texts For Him

A compliment goes a LONG way...

The best way to do this is to compliment him in some small way. But you have to compliment the unexpected thing, and you should be specific. Guys are very used to hearing women make generic compliments that sound like cheap flattery.

How can you do this?


"I was thinking, I really love the way you ______________"

"You know, ___________ is one of the best things about you..."

Any one of those will get you on his favorites list the second he sees the good morning text with that.

You want to fill-in-the-blanks with a quality or trait about him that you genuinely admire or like. And you want to be specific about what it is.

For example, if you really like his intelligence, pick out something in there besides him just being "smart." Such as his problem-solving ability, or how quick he is to figure out the theme of a complicated movie.

You can get bonus points if you relate it to a quality that a man would be happy to provide to you.

You might not think this is "romantic," but it's even better than romance to a guy when you can see and appreciate something about him. Especially if it's a quality he isn't even aware he possesses.

When you send him a Good morning text message, you want to make sure it will land with him in a way that makes him fall for you even more.

The key is knowing what to say to him - the phrases that will flip his obsession switch.

If you'd like to learn more about the Passion Phrases that men cannot resist, go watch this short presentation now...

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