Does My Guy Friend Like Me? 16 Signs To Look For

By: Carlos Cavallo

Sometimes your guy friends might make you scratch your head. They act a little bit flirty, or maybe hold eye contact a little too long, and you start to wonder “Does my guy friend like me?”

does my guy friend like me Does My Guy Friend Like Me? 16 Signs To Look For

The truth is, many men try this tactic for working (sometimes weaseling) their way into a woman's heart. For whatever reason he may not feel confident enough to approach you directly with his feelings. So he might try to be your friend first in an effort to woo you.

After all, if he were to listen to a lot of his female friends, he probably hear the same advice come out all the time:

  • “Look, I just want to be friends first...” - as she complains about the guy that "moved too fast."

Most guys don't know that friends first is actually a recipe for failure. Chances are, you know this as well.

Romance starts with a BANG - not a fizzle.

Most romantic relationships run into trouble if they don't start out romantic. They fizzled because they lack the necessary Sexual energy to lift off and Achieve orbit.

As a matter of fact, it's vitally important that you figure out if your guy friend likes you as quickly as possible. So that you can avoid any confusion and losing the spark a passion from the romance that could happen.

When you're really close to a guy, it can be very difficult to tell if he's just being friendly or if he's showing real interest in dating you. How do you know if he loves you or if he's just being a sweet friend?

You don't want to ask him directly and risk a really awkward conversation that loses a friend.

So what do you do?

Well that's what we're going to talk about…

Why does a guy suddenly want to date you when he's always been your friend?

There's a lot of reasons for this.

First one is of course simple chemistry. Sometimes a guy spends time without a girlfriend and realizes he really wants one. If there's a woman that's already in this life that he's comfortable with, it's only natural that he's going to think about escalating that to a relationship.

It's a perfect case of familiarity breeding desire.

10 Does My Guy Friend Like Me? 16 Signs To Look For

Second, it could be his own desert island problems. You could say that his desperation drove him to wanting you as well. Sometimes a guy just realizes he needs a bed buddy and he starts to think, why not?

Hang on and I'm going to explain how you know if your guy friend likes you.

SIGN #1: You’ve met his family

Yes, it's one of those things that you normally look for in a romantic relationship. But if he has brought you to anything with his family -  especially alone -  you can be pretty sure he knows his family will think you're his girlfriend. And maybe he's trying to get you to think that too.

It's a little devious, but it's coming from a good heart.

He may also want to show you that his family is cool and fun to be around. Maybe hoping that you will feel at home and entertain the idea of dating him.

The more you already feel like you're in his family, the easier it is for you to see yourself in a relationship with him.

SIGN #2: One-on-one Hangouts

A really huge sign of his interest in dating you is when he arranges it so that you and him do things together. Alone.

If a guy is only interested in you as a friend, he won't let this sort of thing happen. He doesn't want you to get the wrong idea, so he won't do things with you without other friends.

You might go out every once in a while alone, but if it happens consecutively or frequently, you can bet your calendar that your guy friend really likes you.

SIGN #3: Physical affection is increasing

One of the sure signs of a man's interest is the amount of touching he does. Guys love to touch women that they're attracted to. In fact, we have a hard time resisting this behavior.

signs my male friend likes me Does My Guy Friend Like Me? 16 Signs To Look For

You probably experience this with guys you're not interested in who just won't take a hint. When a guy gets gropey it can get pretty tiresome.

So when a guy starts touching you a lot more, there's a good chance he's feeling more interested in a relationship with you.

He might:

  • Touch your arm more
  • Let his touch linger a bit more
  • Hold you in a hug for longer

SIGN #4: The eyes have it…

In the same way that you noticed him touching you more, you may also notice him looking at you more. This is because he's probably seeing you in a different light.

And, just like touching, he can't help but look at you. Men have an uncontrollable desire to look at women they desire themselves. It's one of the easiest ways to tell if he is trying to go from friends to a relationship.

You'll probably catch him looking at you out of the corner of your eye, and he will look away quickly when you look back at him. Classic infatuation behavior!

SIGN #5: The charge is growing

You will definitely notice a change in the amount of sexual tension between you. Where are you might not have considered it before, you will now notice that most of your interactions seem to have an unspoken element of “Sexy” in them.

how to be more than friends realtionship advice Does My Guy Friend Like Me? 16 Signs To Look For

There's even a good chance that you are helping to create this static crackle of love.

SIGN #6:  Strange nervousness shows up

Yet again, one of the obvious signs of a man being interested in you is his level of nervousness. Guys typically get very awkward around women they like. No different than when a woman does the same thing.

  • You may start to see him become tongue-tied frequently
  • He may lose his train of thought more often
  • You might hear him saying “never mind” a lot more often as he struggles to find a way to communicate in his nervousness
  • He may fidget more
  • He may break eye contact unexpectedly as he becomes self-conscious

SIGN #7: Your future is growing before your eyes

One of the first things that happens in a relationship that you're excited about and want to build with you want a future with that person.

signs my friend is falling in love with me Does My Guy Friend Like Me? 16 Signs To Look For

You will probably notice how your guy friend is now more interested in planning future events with you. He wants to see you in his future.

He will probably want to plan trips or future events that you two can share. And there's a good chance he will do this more and more, making it unmistakably that he wants a relationship.

SIGN #8: You notice you're talking more about your friendship

The first thing that he will want to pry into is the nature of your existing friendship. Especially if he wants to see if you're interested in more with him.

Just like somebody kicking the tires on a new car, he's going to kick the tires on your relationship to see if you're ready to go the Long Haul.

  • He'll ask you questions about how close you feel to him...
  • He may bring up a lot of examples from the past of when you two were "better" than just friends...
  • Or he'll just bring up a lot of past experiences, trying to emphasize your history together...

He's going to do his best to paint a picture of a relationship that could be much more than friendship. He's going to test the waters and see if you're interested in more.

He's going to test because he doesn't want to risk losing your friendship either.

SIGN #9: He's starting to write your biography

You'll probably notice him asking you a lot more questions about you. He's going to start taking a more serious interest in who you are as a person, your history, your family, and so forth.

21 Does My Guy Friend Like Me? 16 Signs To Look For

He'll also want to find out more about what you like and dislike. In fact, he may start to go over ground you know you've already covered. This is because the first time he wasn't quite paying attention. Now that he's got romantic interest, he's really interested.

SIGN #10: Your phone is a-buzz

He's probably going to start texting you a lot more, too. You'll notice a definite upsurge in his messaging you and checking in with you. He might comment a lot more on Facebook.

He'll also probably email and phone call you a lot more.

He'll reach out to you and be contacting you quite a bit more frequently.

SIGN #11: It's a super awkward to talk about any other Romance

One sign you'll notice yourself is if you feel like talking about a guy that you're interested in that is not him, you're going to feel awkward. You'll feel like you might even be doing something wrong.

does he like me more than friends Does My Guy Friend Like Me? 16 Signs To Look For

You may even feel weird talking about other friend's love lives with him.

This is obviously a sign that you're noticing the change in direction your friendship has taken with him. It's no longer about just being friends, it's about not making the other person jealous.

This is especially important if you know you don't want a relationship with your guy friend. Because you'll probably notice this particular change first. And it will signal you to do something if you're not interested in him for a relationship.

SIGN #12: He hates every single guy you date

Come on! This is probably the most obvious sign in the book, and I guarantee you if he's interested in you your friend is showing it.

He's going to hate every single guy you show interest in. Because none of them are him.

He will be critical of them, and none of them will be good enough for you. In fact, he will probably point out faults that you hadn't spotted. Maybe even things that aren't really faults, too.

If you sense that he is overly critical of every single man in your life, it's all because of jealousy.

Also, don't be surprised if he really acts weird when you sleep over at a guy's house.

SIGN #13: He’s a whole lot more concerned about your well-being...

signs youve found mr right Does My Guy Friend Like Me? 16 Signs To Look For

The truth is that he will be asking you a lot more about how you're doing. He'll check in and want to know your condition and emotional state.

He’ll also be more concerned if you’re having troubles or challenges, and - yes - he will still offer solutions to you.

SIGN #14: Flirting is getting kind of hot…

He's going to start pushing the envelope as far as flirting goes. If he was careful before when you were just friends, now he's going to start risking a little bit more.

It will probably start out as physical, like the aforementioned touching. It will then progress into more and more testing to see if you are interested in getting intimate.

He might ask you questions that are leading or more sexual.


YOU: “I was just getting ready for bed, sorry I missed your call.”

HIM: “Sounds pretty hot. I hope I didn't interrupt anything too important.”

Yeah, most guys who have not made their move will probably use awkward innuendoes like this. Forgive him quick

06 Does My Guy Friend Like Me? 16 Signs To Look For

If you get frustrated with his comments, by the way, it’s a good sign that A) you’re not that into him, and B) you should plan to tell him you don’t want a relationship. Before it gets any weirder.

I’ll come back to that in a second.

And finally -

SIGN #15: He will drop anything & everything to help you out or do you a favor…

  • Need a ride somewhere? He’ll do it. No problem...
  • Need him to pick something up for you? He’ll be at the store as soon as he can put a shirt on and find his car keys...

When a guy friend of yours is falling for you, he’ll instantly become the husband you didn’t know you needed.

SIGN #16: There are big changes in how he treats you overall…

This is kind of a “catch all.” When you're noticing that there's a change in the way he's treating you from the way you used to be, that's a huge sign that your guy friend likes you and is falling for you.

The change is usually unmistakable and fairly obvious. It will start out as small signs like the ones I talked about, and probably build up steam and momentum.

signs body language shows man loves you Does My Guy Friend Like Me? 16 Signs To Look For

And yes eventually he will probably confess his feelings to you directly. Especially if he isn't feeling there's reciprocation.

But - What do you do if you're NOT interested in him?

First of all, make absolutely sure you know he's interested in you for a romantic relationship. This isn't hard to do. Simply notice the signals I shared here. Then you need to confirm it by talking to a friend of his.

Trust me on this: They will know.

Most guys will have at one point or another consulted with their friends to see if this is something he wants to pursue.

In fact, one of the things I didn't mention as a sign that your friend likes you is that he will probably have talked to either your friends or his friends about this possibility.

AND - What do you do if you ARE interested in him?

This is exactly what many women are hoping for, but they don't know how to get things moving.

The first thing you have to do is to start to return the interest. Most guys will take the hint and make their move.

MOST Important: Make sure you understand and know how you feel about him FIRST.

Sometimes, in our hurry to play with the delight of a romance that MIGHT be, we get caught up in wishful thinking. And sometimes the relationship wouldn’t be a good idea.

  • Maybe you're not really attracted to him
  • Maybe he's just rebounding.
  • Maybe you're just not really compatible in any good way

This is why you have to know how you feel about him and having a relationship with your friend first. Otherwise you might get pulled into a romantic relationship that just doesn't work out. And might even leave you without your friendship.

signs man into you Does My Guy Friend Like Me? 16 Signs To Look For

Take a few minutes while you have the opportunity and freedom to really look at this with a critical mind. Not with an infatuated mind.

Make a list of all the reasons you would make a good couple…

... and then make a list of all the reasons that it wouldn't be a good idea.

A little exercise like this can save you a lot of heartache and pain later on.

But even after hearing about all these signs that your guy friend likes you and is falling for you, you might still be confused. Uncertain.

In order to figure out whether he is sincere and really desires you or if he's just being nicer than usual, you have to know how to read a man's signals.

Guys give off very clear indications of how they feel about you.

It comes out in his:

  •  body language
  •  Words
  •  Actions
  •  and so much more

But if you don't know how to spot these signals - and how to read them - you could wind up very confused.

You might even learn too late about his feelings and he will move on, thinking that you just weren't interested in him.

If you'd like to discover how to read men and know what they're thinking (without him telling you) - go take a look at this special report...

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