"Is He Thinking About Me?" - The Signs That Say YES!

By: Carlos Cavallo

It's kind of a cliché, but one of the questions every woman wants to ask is "Is he thinking about me?" And sometimes "What is he THINKING?"

Because if you can just get this guy to think good stuff about you, you know you've got him good and HOOKED on you!

You know YOU are thinking about him, but that's the part that's got you obsessing, right? You want to flip the tables and make him as obsessed about you as you are with him.

- You might be interested in him, thinking about him - and wondering if he's interested in you...

- You might be dating him and wondering if he's feeling and thinking the same thing you are...

- You might have broken up and now you want your ex back...

Whatever the situation, it's important to know where his head's at and what he's thinking when you're dating!

But how do you know if he's thinking about you?

Is it true?

Or was there something that made him stop thinking about you...

Let's jump into the report and talk about the signs that say YES - he is thinking about you...!

how do i know if boyfriend thinks about me Is He Thinking About Me?   The Signs That Say YES!

"Is He Thinking About Me?" - Sign #1: He's A Social Media Stud...

If this guy is thinking about you, he's going to find reasons to contact you and find out what's going on with you. Which means he's probably going to stalk you a little bit on social media.

And it doesn't matter if you're 21 or 101 years old - everyone's online these days.

Even if he's not on Pinterest or Snapchat (or whatever comes next) - you can bet he'll be out there making contact on at least Facebook. (One of my distant aunts is 80-something and she's crazy-posting all the time on Facebook.)

Dating tips: You're going to see this guy being much more visible. It will start out with friend and connection requests.

how do I know if he is thinking about me Is He Thinking About Me?   The Signs That Say YES!

It might even start out innocently enough through some kind of professional connection, where he makes it a point to connect with you on Linked In about 2 minutes after you meet. (HINT: If he connects with you from his phone while you are together, that's a HUGE sign!)

But you'll see him make a big deal out of (sorta) cyber-stalking you on social media. This is part of his thinking about you and turning it into curiosity that makes him stay in contact. And even if he's your recent ex, you will still see him keeping up on you this way.

Sign #2: Likes Likes Everywhere...

You're also going to notice the activity on social networks start to pick up once you connect with him. He's going to be tagging, liking, and commenting quite a bit on posts and stuff related to you while he thinks about you.

When you wonder 'is he thinking about me,' one side is him wanting you to notice him. Another part will be him wanting to "stake a claim" with you as early as possible. Yeah, guys start getting territorial and possessive the second there's any interest on his part. He won't want to risk losing you the more thinks about you.

Sign #3: He's Foaming at the FOMO...

You might have heard of the term "FOMO." It's an acronym for:

Fear Of Missing Out

It was coined to describe how people behave these days with their smart phones. Now that we are all so darn connected online, we live in this weird state of being afraid of missing out on what's going on with other people.

does he think about me how do I know Is He Thinking About Me?   The Signs That Say YES!

I used to feel this way back in my 30s, when I got my first cell phone with chat and voice mail. I was always checking to see if I was missing out on messages about going out and hanging with my friends. I'd think "Oh no, I better not miss anything..."

This was especially true when dating.

Guys get this way when it comes to a woman they're interested in dating. In the beginning, you'll see him viewing, checking things, and even being REALLY responsive on texts that you send.

Which, unfortunately, sets you up for a false expectation later that he'll keep this texting frequency up. (He won't, sorry to tell you.) But enjoy it while it lasts!

Sign #4: He Thinks In The Deep End...

One of the signs that a guy is only into you for the sex is that he's never really interested in learning more about you. He just stays superficial.

08 Is He Thinking About Me?   The Signs That Say YES!

Conversely, if he asks you a lot of deep and thought-provoking questions, you can pretty much guess that he's thinking about you a lot.

Guys ask more questions of women that they're interested in. He wants to get to know you and understand you.

And you should really think about this next dating tip -

Sign #5: What Makes You Smile...?

A guy is really into you and thinking about you a lot when he asks you a lot of questions about what makes you HAPPY. A man's priority in life is to make the woman that he's with happy, and he'll do whatever he can to achieve that goal. That's all he will think about when dating.

signs man is thinking about you Is He Thinking About Me?   The Signs That Say YES!

And he might also give you advice to help get you out of a "stuck" place in your life.

(If your man doesn't seem to care about whether you're happy or not, there's a chance he's already checked out. Men who feel they CAN'T make you happy will eventually just check out of the relationship completely. It's a no-win situation, after all.)

So when he's focused on your happiness, he's thinking about you and him in a relationship.

Sign #6: Touchy Feely...

One of the biggest signs of a guy being interested in you and thinking about you is what he does when you greet him in person.

If he goes for a hug or peck on the cheek, you can be pretty sure this guy is physically attracted to you and likes you. Men are very "touchy feely" with women, since we don't have the same amount of physical contact with others that most women do.

And one of the signs of a man's desire is how much he wants to touch the things he finds beautiful. Guys just can't resist it.

Sign #7: Tiny Surprises...

A guy who is thinking about you will be doing a lot of things with you in mind in your absence.

11 Is He Thinking About Me?   The Signs That Say YES!

For example, if he takes a business trip:

  • He's going to come back with small gifts for you...
  • He will tell you that it "reminded him of you."
  • Or if he knows you collect a type of cute toy, he might pick you up one from a store locally.

These small surprises are aimed directly at making you happy - and so he can see the expression of joy on your face.

Sign #8: Mr. Helpy...

I mentioned that one of the ways a guy shows you he's into you is that he will want to help you in your life. This is one that you have to be careful about, because you might feel like he's doing that "guy thing" again by trying to "fix you." And you might even be tempted to be offended at his gesture.

This would be a BIG mistake in dating.

DATING TIPS: One of the ways men demonstrate love & affection is by trying to help you move forward with your goals. It's one of his natural "love languages."

signs men give when interested in dating women Is He Thinking About Me?   The Signs That Say YES!

He will probably volunteer his help for something that you may casually mention to him in passing. Like maybe your car isn't running well.

There are a lot of women who view this essentially masculine behavior as offensive and intrusive. Don't be fooled into thinking this is some kind of arrogant, "fix her" behavior. When a man is thinking about a woman, it helps him to put that nervous energy of desire to work. And he'll naturally want to help you out...

SECRET DATING TIP: You want to really get him good and hooked on you? Don't turn him down when he offers to help! You'll be tempted to as you think you'll be inconveniencing him.

  • She thinks: "Oh, that's okay, I got it..."
  • "Don't worry about it, I've got a friend who's a mechanic..."

And turns him down.


But he NEEDS to invest himself in you, or you'll never get him to think about you.

And when he thinks about you all day long, he will fall in love with you!

Sign #8: Mr. Research...

Another way he wants to help you is by looking stuff up on the Internet that he thinks might help you with a problem.

For example, if you mentioned that you're thinking of looking for a new job - and maybe you're in the health care field - you might find him sending you a few links to job listings. Or maybe an article or report on interviewing tips and tricks.

16 Is He Thinking About Me?   The Signs That Say YES!

OR - you may have talked about a group or a singer that you really like. He's probably going to go home and look them up. Don't be surprised if he is suddenly an expert on them the next time you get in contact. He's going to be out there hunting down true information that gets him closer to dating YOU.

Sign #9: He's Pinging...

The term "ping" came from the days when Radar and Sonar were how we could detect enemy airplanes and submarines. You knew something was there because a radar station or a submarine would send out a PING and would wait to see if it reflected back. If it did, there was something out there to keep an eye on.

Men ping women just like this.

When a guy pings you, he'll send you a text out of nowhere.

relationship advice texts that get mans attention Is He Thinking About Me?   The Signs That Say YES!

Or he might send you an email, or even call you.

But what he's really doing - no matter what he says - is trying to remind you of him, because HE is thinking about YOU.

That's right! If he seems to be trying to get you to think about him, he's definitely thinking about you as well.

Sign #10: Not So Silent...

Sometimes you might have just gotten out of a relationship with a guy, and you're wondering if he's still thinking about you and the relationship. You might even want to get back together with him.

If you're in the early stages of a breakup (especially one that he initiated), and you find that he's reaching out to you to connect or ask questions, he's probably not over you yet. And he's probably wondering what's going on with you.

Guys won't ever just come out and say what they're really thinking (just like women!), so you have to be able to read between the lines to know what's true.

Sign #11: Guys Night...

One of the biggest signals that a guy is thinking about you is when he's out with his friends, and he still makes time to text you when you're dating.

And it's an even bigger signal when you know that he's out where he COULD be meeting other women - if he wanted to. You can be pretty sure that if he texted you while he was out with his buddies, he probably told them about you, too - which is another true sign.

Sign #12: They Already Know...

If you ever go out on a date and meet him for dinner or drinks with his friends, pay attention to how well they seem to know who you are. They may even know some details about you. (Don't let it weird you out...)

does my boyfriend husband think about me Is He Thinking About Me?   The Signs That Say YES!

If they seem to know more about you than you know about them, you can bet he's been talking you up to them. And that means he's got you on his mind.

On the other hand, if they seem surprised to find out about you, he might just be a secretive guy. Don't take it personally or as a true negative sign, necessarily.

Sign #13: He Juggles...

Men are usually very keen to keep to their schedule. It gives us a feeling of solidarity and consistency if we can keep a routine that works.

23 Is He Thinking About Me?   The Signs That Say YES!

So when a guy makes room for you in his calendar, or even better - he juggles a few appointments around to fit you into his schedule, you can be pretty sure you're in his thoughts. He's inconveniencing his schedule to make room for you.

Sign #14: He Changes His Status...

This one is relevant to Facebook as well as any online dating sites you two might be on together. If you notice that he's changed his status to report something harder to interpret (especially after meeting you or being in contact with you recently), he's probably thinking of you.

He's sending a true signal out to the world that he's got feelings for someone - probably YOU. No easier way to do that than to report his status and see who asks him about it.

Sign #15: He Actually Tells You...

I know, this one is crazy, but it happens all the time in dating. If a guy has had you on his mind, he's going to let it slip that he's thinking about you. Guys don't have the same filters that most women do when it comes to disclosing certain feelings. In fact, this is one of the ways a guy WILL communicate his feelings - by telling you his thoughts.

signs boyfriend husband is thinking about you Is He Thinking About Me?   The Signs That Say YES!

He might do this on purpose to see what your reaction is. He's just testing the dating waters to see if you react positively to it or not.

And this is because he'd rather see a negative reaction (if there is one) right now, so that he could avoid any rejection later on when he has to get more assertive and possibly ask you out.

If I'm Thinking About Him, Does That Mean He's Thinking About ME?

It's a common question, and there is no definite way to know. After all, you WANT him to be thinking about you when you feel attracted to him. It's only natural to hope that he's feeling the same way and you two are sharing some kind of spiritual romantic space together.

Some spiritual beliefs say that if you're thinking about him that you're actually broadcasting energy on a cosmic frequency - and that he can pick up on this.

The only thing you can be sure of is that if you are interested in him, that must mean there's a possibility for you both to start dating. We rarely feel attraction for people we don't have some chemistry with - or some possibility of connecting with!

So - WHAT Is He Thinking Of Me?

After you find out that this guy has you on his mind, the next question to answer is, what is he thinking about you? And you don't need a tarot card reading to tell you!

A guy is usually thinking positive things about a woman that he's interested in.

The first thing that comes to his mind is your face - your eyes and smile...

relationship advice how do I know when he thinks of me Is He Thinking About Me?   The Signs That Say YES!

Men tend to focus their daydreams on the visible parts of you that give them the most joy to replay in their mind. This is usually your face and your expression of happiness.

Your eyes are usually a key focal point for our attention, so we'll remember that clearly.

This is one reason you want to have your makeup and hair done well for those first few dates you see him. (And especially if you're trying to get back together with your ex.)

The next thing to come to mind will be your overall appearance...

We men tend to remember you in terms of the abstract. So he will recall your overall appearance.

Things like:

  • What you were wearing when we saw you...
  • What we noticed about your body (boobs, butt, legs, arms, neck, etc.)
  • How you moved (walk, talk, express with your hands)
  • The sound of your voice...

And finally, we will remember how we felt around you...

Men place a lot of importance on the "vibe" we got when we were near you.

Things like:

  • Were you upbeat and positive?
  • Were you calm, or excited?
  • Were you warm and accepting, or cold and critical?
  • Were you curious - asking questions? Or were you stuck talking about your own life and problems?

20 Is He Thinking About Me?   The Signs That Say YES!

Most men don't tell women that all this complicated processing is going on inside because we're usually only partially aware of it ourselves. And ultimately, the most important thing is that you don't get so caught up in watching passively on the sidelines for signals and signs of his interest. Be ACTIVE in dating.

One of the most important discoveries about the women who really manage to be themselves AND get the relationship they want is that they don't sit around waiting on any man.

The women who consistently get the men - and the relationships - that every woman desires are willing to UNDERSTAND why men do what they do. And why they choose the women they do!

If you'd like to discover the secret ways that men think about women, relationships, and love - you owe it to yourself to find out how to read his signals...

You'll understand what men are trying to tell you that you've probably been misunderstanding - or missing out on completely.

Go take a look HERE... 

how to grab his attention Is He Thinking About Me?   The Signs That Say YES!


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