7 Ways To Satisfy Your Man - Everywhere You Go!

By: Carlos Cavallo

Yeah, I'm no fool. I know you're here for that crazy trick to satisfy your man in bed - that trick that will make him think you're irreplaceable.

But don't click out on this article yet - I'm going to give you those tips, but not before I stress that the best way to satisfy him is BEFORE you get to the bedroom.

Everyone says that foreplay really starts the morning you wake up and know you want to get it on again that night. (Which is most days for guys.)

So keep in mind that it works both ways...

If you want him to really get him satisfied, so that he keeps coming back for more - and never wants to go elsewhere...

couple close 7 Ways To Satisfy Your Man   Everywhere You Go!

Start your satisfaction plan the second you wake up. And everywhere you go, you can make your relationship an erotic adventure.

Because the more you connect your sex life to your love life, the happier you BOTH will be.

Let's start with:

1) Satisfy him in the store

You know, you're out shopping, or he's out shopping. Could be at the grocery store, or the shoe store...


The first way you can satisfy him is to think about what draws his eye to you. Every woman has her "assets" - the go-to part of your anatomy that keeps him excited.

Maybe he's even fetishized it slightly... like your toes, or your cleavage, or your ... elbows.

woman elbow 7 Ways To Satisfy Your Man   Everywhere You Go!

Hey, I'm not judging.

So always keep an eye out for ways to work that part of you that keeps his eyes locked. It's going to add to the titillation and foreplay factor because all he can do is look and fantasize.

2) Satisfy him in the kitchen

Okay, ladies, let's not lose it here. I'm not saying you need to be relegated to kitchen duty day in and out.

(If you've been around me or my work for any amount of time, you'll know that I'm no misogynist - nor a feminist. I'm a "celebrate your gender" kind of guy.)

However, I will mention that if you are able to show a man that you CAN cook, and you can please his palate, he definitely remember that when it comes time to figure out how fun you two are together.

couple kitchen 7 Ways To Satisfy Your Man   Everywhere You Go!

So if you'd like to satisfy a man, you know that there's a shortcut to his heart - and that's through his tummy.

The best part about this one is that you don't HAVE to cook. You just have to know where to get the good food in your area, and either bring it home and serve it up - or get him there.

Either way, he's under the influence - and it will only make you yummier by association.

Find out his favorite flavors...

Is he a salt & savory man?

Sweet tooth guy?

Red meat dude?

Find what he's partial to and get that into his mouth.

And we haven't even started to talk about dessert...!

3) Satisfy him in the living room...

Look, if you're just unstoppably horny, you can take him by the hand straight from the front door to the sheets of your bed.


You'd be missing out on what I call the "waiting room of bliss."

Most of the sexual experience for men is in the "will she or won't she" factor. The not knowing if you're going to let us in for some horizontal bopping.

So when you get back to his place - or yours - make a stop off in the living room.

Listen to some music to set the mood. Light a few candles. Start with some smoochy.

set the mood 7 Ways To Satisfy Your Man   Everywhere You Go!

(Did he just say smoochy? Yeah, he did.)

It's this waypoint on the way to the bedroom that will serve as a nice zone of foreplay.

Remember my motto:

The wanting is always better than the having...

... but the wanting also makes the having better.

4) Satisfy him on the family holiday...

And NO - I'm not referring to sneaking off to his brother's old room for a quickie after the Thanksgiving feast.

Family get-togethers are yet another of those places where you might feel tempted to let yourself get frustrated.

I get it.

You have to deal with those relatives you sorta like, and the ones you really don't. Both in his family AND your own.

So why not make the most of this merry situation and turn it into something that lowers his stress?

The fact is that men only have so much nurturing ability to go around. It's limited. And while we can nurture, it's just not our strength.

drained 7 Ways To Satisfy Your Man   Everywhere You Go!

And if his family - or yours - is draining those batteries, guess who doesn't get taken care of?

Yeah, that's you.

So the more you can help him avoid the usual petty nonsense of family holidays, get-togethers, etc, the better.

One of the best ways you can do that is to keep your stuff out of his head. Yeah, I know, when mom starts criticizing or making her nasty little comments about your hair, your job, whatever - you just gotta let it go.

Because when you bring your stress over to him, he's going to feel SUPER pressured, and that kills the loving vibe.

Now I'm not saying that your needs can't get met, but that's a separate strategy for you and your man to work out when going to these family events. So the more drama free you can keep things, the better.

5) Satisfy him BEFORE he thinks about the bedroom...

This is where you can start to spark the sexy-time vibe right from the first moment of waking up.

Send him a sweet little "thinking of you" text early in the day to get him going. You'll have him thinking about you all day long.

The way to present this message is in a way that implies: "You don't need to reply to me, and I'm not seeking any kind of validation."

BECAUSE - many texts guys receive feel like they carry a hidden message in them. And we can sense it, and that's why most guys don't always respond back to them.

When we feel any kind of pressure, it becomes next to impossible for us to do the thing that's being asked of us.

It's like being told we have to do something, and that's what makes our inner rebel snap to attention.

So make it light and almost like a throw-away...

EXAMPLE: "Hey hot stuff... Don't think about me running my hands up and down your body... TTYL"

That TTYL, of course, stands for "talk to you later". Which is a cue to him that he can breathe a sigh of relief and not have to respond back.

He can wallow in the fantasy you just set him up with. With no pressure.

Another way to satisfy him by driving up the tension is to playfully touch him in passing. If he's sitting in his chair reading, you come over and nibble on his ear once before telling him, "Hey, just going out for a bit."

Guess what he'll be thinking about until you get back?

6) Satisfy him ON THE WAY to the bedroom...

Who says you have to make a mad dash to the bedroom?

Stop in the hallway, tug down his Levis, and prime the pump a bit. So to speak.

Or maybe you wait just outside the door, and tell him how to prepare for your entrance.

prepare 7 Ways To Satisfy Your Man   Everywhere You Go!

Or just go sit in the chair in the corner and be a little dominant with him. Tell him where to go and what to do for you.

There are no rules other than the ones we make up in our head to avoid embarrassment and possible rejection.

And if you have a good connection with your man, you should have established a safe zone around you that keeps you both feeling comfortable.

And if you're ever in doubt, you should have an open conversation outside the bedroom, or just after you're done. When the afterglow can facilitate some openness between you.

7) Satisfy him IN the bedroom...

Yeah, c'mon, I know you were hoping for the insider tips that will make him just fall over and die for you. That ONE special sexy tip that will lock him in and completely win him over.

Truth is, if you think a single sexual trick, flip, move - whatever - is going to earn a man's loyalty, you're probably going after the "Easy Win." The "easy win" is a magic pill that requires no work.

magic pill 7 Ways To Satisfy Your Man   Everywhere You Go!

"Here, just eat this pill and everything will happen - magically!"

Those are what I call superficial 'La La' solutions. As in, "La La! I can't hear what reality is saying! I'm too busy pretending the I don't have to do anything!"

Don't fall into that trap. Every healthy person realizes that you can get the easy win only when you put in a bit of effort.

So that being said - here's a couple things you can do that will get the motor running:

- Find out what already turns him on...

Guys have a pretty established template of sexual turn-ons, and all you need to do is tap into it.

Find out what his fantasies are, his kinks.

fantasy 7 Ways To Satisfy Your Man   Everywhere You Go!

Tell him some of yours first, in a non-threatening way. (Always phrase them in terms of what you want to do WITH HIM. NOT what you've done with other guys.)

By leveraging this template, it takes almost zero effort on your part, and you're practically guaranteed to get the result you want.

Just strike up the conversation in text with him sometime, or on the phone where the risk is lowered.

- Start without him...

Maybe he's lying in bed, watching something on Netflix. Why not get a little busy under the covers while you wait.

Guys love it when women self-pleasure. It's a validation that you do - in fact - like sex. (Guys have a weird perception of women's interest in sex, so it helps to re-establish your sexual energy and needs.)

get busy 7 Ways To Satisfy Your Man   Everywhere You Go!

You can also sneak your hand under there and provide some "distraction" for his viewing.

Trust me when I tell you that men enjoy the initiative taken from YOUR side.

If you're worried about being shut down, then you might want to consider communicating that you're excited to be vulnerable with him, but you also have these sensitive areas.

Funny enough, talking can sometimes be one of the best aphrodisiacs.

- Talk a little dirty with him

I know that it's not the most intuitive thing to discuss - which is why I included a special bonus on dirty talk in my Irresistible Desire add-on program: Fast Track To Destiny.

You don't have to get raunchy or vulgar... ever. You only need to be sincere with your emotions when you say it.

If you sound shaky or weird about it, that's what kills the vibe.

Just try to get the TONE right. That's one thing that the porn stars do that works for almost any girl.

attitude 7 Ways To Satisfy Your Man   Everywhere You Go!

You don't need the words, just the ATTITUDE.

Here's what he's looking for in your Attitude:

- Desire - you really do want HIM and this sexual intimacy

- Sincerity - you're into it - it's not just an act

- Comfort - you're not going to freak out or go into a mad fit of crying. (You're not, right? Just checking...)

- Acceptance - of his desires, his needs - of HIM.

- Pleasure - he's giving you pleasure and enjoyment

Dirty talk isn't so difficult that you can't start by doing a little bit the next time you get together. Even if it's just a few "Yeah, just like that"s - it's all he needs.

Go ahead, get a little carried away. That's also a part of what gets him excited.

He wants to believe on some level that you are driven completely WILD by his crazy masculinity. We're just looking to be THE MAN, after all.

When you apply these tips in your daily life, it creates the right atmosphere in your relationship. And when that happens, you'll find that he'll naturally be drawn to you more frequently than before.

Sometimes, things get a little stale and that's perfectly normal. So, if you can shake things up a bit every now and then, it gives him that sense of novelty and wonder that he craves.

novelty 7 Ways To Satisfy Your Man   Everywhere You Go!

But what if he's put up some emotional barriers over time and you can't seem to get through to him on THAT level?

Most guys put these up over the course of a relationship - or sometimes even right at the beginning.

And it keeps him from being that utterly devoted partner you're looking for. This is what makes a guy suddenly go cold, withdrawn or unsure about being with you.

I've got a free presentation that goes into detail about these "Love Barriers"...and how to EASILY overcome them.

I know how it is with some guys and their tendency to NOT want to "talk about it". But there is a way to quickly get around this and unlock his heart. If you want to know more about getting your guy to open himself up to you completely without fear or reservation, check this out now.


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