7 Ways To Seduce a Man With Touch

By: Carlos Cavallo

Look, back in college, it was sure easy to seduce a man with only touch, wasn't it?

Heck, it was drop-dead EASY to find a guy. They were everywhere!

  • - You turn around and there's one staring at your butt...
  • - He's sitting next to you in class...
  • - Daydreaming in the library...
  • - Playing catch shirtless in the courtyard...

College girls have all the options going on.

But there comes a time in your life when you want to meet guys and seduce them, and they're not as easy to find - or catch - anymore.catch a guy 7 Ways To Seduce a Man With Touch

I once ran a short seminar for a group of women in San Francisco on the subject of attracting the right man.

One of the ladies - who looked like she had worked up her bravery just to put her timid hand up in the air, asked me: "Carlos, how can I get a man interested in me?"

I said, "Well, it depends on how you -"

She interrupted - "I want to seduce him. Into bed. FAST."

The room burst into laughter, and so did she.

I'm pretty sure I turned a few shades of red on that one. But I did have a few things to tell her about how men get sexually attracted to a woman.

Most of the women in that audience, in fact, thought that the only way to seduce a guy was to touch him... well, you know... in THAT place.

The Package...

package 7 Ways To Seduce a Man With Touch

And while going straight to love zone #1 does work, it can very easily backfire on you. If it's done at the wrong time, and without the right amount of setup, a guy can freak out and back off. He needs a bit of - dare I say - foreplay.

So let me take a moment to explain how you DON'T want to seduce a guy, then we can dig into my 7 ways to seduce him with just touch.

DON'T Seduce Him Like This - #1: Don't spend ridiculous amounts of time on makeup and perfume and hair - and all of that...

Look, guys want you to look good, but not TOO good. Not so much that we think you really spent several hours on this look.

Mostly because we'll worry that if it took THAT much work, you won't be able to show your natural beauty to us.

DON'T Seduce Him Like This - #2: Don't play hard to get...

The key word there is PLAY. A lot of women play at it, and they come across as shamelessly manipulative.

Instead of playing at it, why not just be living your own beautifully busy life? BE busy and enjoying yourself, and fit a guy in where it makes sense.

Just don't structure your life to be wide open to meet men, then meet a few, then pretend you really don't have time to get together with him. We can smell the incongruity.

DON'T Seduce Him Like This - #3: Follow celebrity trends or emulate other "sex symbol" women...

Most of the media out there would have you dress like this woman or that movie star... and in the end it's all a big scam to get you to buy more stuff you don't need.

Instead, pick a look that works for YOU - and then WORK that look!

confident woman 7 Ways To Seduce a Man With Touch

When you create your own image that is true to you, he'll find you far more alluring than if you're busy trying to imitate the cover of another celebrity magazine.

Okay, so let's get down to it... here are my:

7 Ways to seduce a man - using only touch!

Instead of trying to work the "how you look" part, we're going to focus on the lethal strategies of how to touch a guy in a way that will electrify him, tantalize him, and make him fantasize about you until you see him again.

Seduction Touch Tactic 1: The forearm grab

Every guy responds to this one, trust me. It works on me like a champ.

What you do is reach over - at a high point in your conversation - and just lay your hand on his forearm. Do it for about 1 second.

Literally just a single click of the second hand...

It's more than enough to arouse his interest. And it's a very innocent and simple touch to get away with.

touch arm 7 Ways To Seduce a Man With Touch

The reason this works so well is that first off, that's a very sensitive patch of skin - the back of the forearm. There are some very sensitive nerve endings there that spark his ... interest.

And this also works because it's a great way to punctuate an emotional high point of the conversation. That contact YOU make with him is immediately memorable.

Seduction Touch Tactic 2: The back of his neck

Let me just say up front, if you get to use any of these places I mention - make it this one.

Just lay your palm on the back of his neck. (I'm assuming you're not having to reach under some hipster's floppy mop of hair...)

Touching his neck is best done when you are pulling him in close to tell him a "secret." Or just going for that good-night kiss at the end of the night.

The only place where this spot works any better is on a WOMAN'S neck - as you may or may not have found out for yourself.

Don't say I didn't warn you on this one.

Seducing Him With Touch 3: Oh, yeah... his ears.

They're not just for licking and biting, either. A man's ear is one of the most easily aroused parts of his anatomy.

I had a girlfriend that would occasionally reach up and run her fingers along my neck as she reached for my earlobe. She would then just run her index finger underneath my earlobe.

And then down the line of my chin.

(I'm getting a shiver just writing this)

That was a double whammy that made my knees buckle.

whsiper 7 Ways To Seduce a Man With Touch


To her credit, she never asked me for a huge favor right at that moment. I don't know that I would have been able to refuse...

Seduction Touch Tip 4: His hip - just over the side of his butt.

Yeah, gotta confess this one is a knee-buckler for guys, too.

What you do is, when you're standing next to him, you put your palm on the side of his hip. You can run your hand down on his leg, or just pat once and pull away.

man hip 7 Ways To Seduce a Man With Touch

If you want to double down on this move, simply squeeze ever so gently once.

Just a quick tip about HOW to touch a guy: Most women assume that touching and keeping your hand on any given location is good enough, but it's often TOO much.

Just touch him and either pull away, or move your hand somewhere else.

But play it coy - less is always more.

Seducing Touch Tactic 5: Those little piggies...

Yeah, if you know your man doesn't have a set of nasty hooves under those thick socks of his, you would do well to catch him right after a shower and give him a nice slow foot massage.

Our feet have a staggering array of pressure points, and you can really work some magic by giving him a little rubbing. Use a little mineral oil to help you out and he'll be begging for mercy in minutes.
massage 7 Ways To Seduce a Man With Touch

Yes, it can also turn him on, so go easy on the touch. As Marcellus said in "Pulp Fiction," you gotta get that pressure right so you don't tickle too much.

Seudce Him Touch Tactic 6: Tongue play...

I have to admit that I have always been shocked at how few women know how to really kiss a man to get him entranced.

I can probably count on one hand the number of ladies who could kiss well at all, much less know what we guys like in a woman's kiss.

First off, you gotta use your tongue more. It's usually an all-in or all-out affair, and that's not doing you any justice.

Use your tongue as if it were a coy little girl all on its own. Don't always let him "catch you."

Draw him into you, and then close it off for a while. Give him only lips for a bit.

Play hard-to-get with your lip-lock for some variation.

couple kissing 7 Ways To Seduce a Man With Touch

It's the change in the pattern that the guy will notice. Keep him guessing what to do next.

Yeah, there are some guys that are oblivious to how to kiss as well, but chances are your technique will not go unnoticed if you take on the challenge.

Touch Tactic 7: Thighs and legs.

When you're ready to turn up the heat a little, you'll want to explore the world of his inner thighs.

Explore the territory around the package to drive up the anticipation and desire for more. Inner thighs are very sensitive on a guy, probably as much as on women.

And here's a small bonus for you: Tactic 7B - the bellybutton region.

Specifically, just run your finger down his "trail of gold" as my ex used to call that fine line of hair that runs down to his main event. It's an extraordinarily sensitive region that will tease him into full on zipper-bursting happiness.

golden trail 7 Ways To Seduce a Man With Touch

The key to all these tactics is to hint at the eventual "main event" without jumping right in. It should be a consistent and deliberate game of tease, then move forward a little bit.

You can be coy, but don't yank the rug out from under him.

When it comes to the long game of seduction though, touch is one part of the picture. Don't get me wrong, it's essential to know which touch zones turn on a guy, but there's MORE to it than that.

Aside from the realm of the physical, you also need to know the TRUTH about what he's feeling and thinking.

A lot of women overlook this part of the relationship, and it gets in the way of creating a SOLID connection with their guy. Part of keeping him for good is getting him to reveal his INNERMOST thoughts, fears and desires.

And if you're not doing this, it could also mean that he'll never be able to give what YOU need.

Fortunately, I've got a free video that will make this part a whole lot EASIER for you to sort out.

In this special presentation, you'll learn how to crack your guy's sometimes cryptic behavior and finally figure out what's going on in his heart and mind.

This is the key to becoming "The One" in his eyes - click here to get started TODAY.


doesheloveyou sml 7 Ways To Seduce a Man With Touch

UPDATED 10/6/2021


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