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What Is A Twin Flame Love? - And Is He Yours?

By: Carlos Cavallo

You may have met a man and are wondering if he's your Twin Flame. Heck, you might be wondering What IS a Twin Flame Love? And do I have one?

The definition of a Twin Flame is:  Twin flames are two people who were split into different bodies but share the same soul.

Which... yeah, kinda means that you might even run into a twin flame that is the same sex as you. Which may or may not change the idea of romance with them.

Twin flames make "soul mates" look and feel kind of lame in comparison, since Twin Flames are like soul mates - with a TURBO charge...

signs he is the one soulmate twin flame What Is A Twin Flame Love?   And Is He Yours?

But keep in mind that there is a possibility that your Twin Flame is not a romantic love. They may just be a deep and significant relationship in your life that you are forever connected to.

Some examples of movies with Twin Flame love stories are:

  • Ghost
  • Titanic 
  • Romeo & Juliet 
  • The Fountain
  • City of Angels

In each of these movies, the love connection was fierce and driven by forces outside of the usual "romantic connection."

Often, these Twin Flame love stories have an element of tragedy in them. Sometimes it might even mean the death of one of them.

But the passionate connection of love between them creates a powerful story.

How You Feel When You're With Your Twin Flame Love...

When you're with your Twin Flame, you feel like you're "whole" again. A higher state that feels more true and grounded.

It's kind of like those necklaces you can buy that you break in two and give one half to the other person. When you're with your Twin Flame connection, it's like you've put those halves back together.

Do you believe in twin flames?

Let's dig into this a little more...

First of all, are there different kinds of connections we share? As it happens, yes. Here are a few of them:

  • Soulmates
  • Kindred spirit
  • Karmic Soulmate
  • Life Partner
  • Twin Flame

You can think of these terms as describing where you are on a scale of "meant to be together." On the far left, is "tragic romance," like Romeo and Juliet.

On the far right is "Twin Flame." These are the people that NEED to find each other to be complete. You might think of Jack Dawson and Rose from "Titanic."

24 What Is A Twin Flame Love?   And Is He Yours?

And somewhere in the middle are most average relationships that can experience a few years - or even a lifetime connection that grows.

Are Twin Flame Connections REAL?

We have to recognize that people want to believe in magical forms of love. I call this the "Destiny Desire" in us.

We want to believe in a person out there that we are destined to be with. Humans enter this world with a feeling of this huge higher spiritual being that we are connected to.

We feel our souls are connected to it, but we also know that there are others we could also be connected with.

And, honestly, we don't want to waste our time on people with whom we feel no connection.

In fact, you might even view the search for a Twin Flame love or connection as a bit of a curse. It can be much easier to just "settle" for a relationship with someone that you feel compatible and simply in love with. No hassle of finding that one-in-a-million person.

What Is A Twin Flame Love - Signs Of A Twin Flame Connection

Let's jump right in with:

Twin Flame - Sign 1: Synchronicity and Coincidence

Do you seem to encounter a certain person no matter where you go?

If it feels like this person is connected to you and that you share a kind of spiritual familiarity, this person could be a Twin Flame love.

signs you have twin flame connection What Is A Twin Flame Love?   And Is He Yours?

Synchronicity is a concept defined by the great psychologist Carl Jung. It means:

"the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection..."

If you find that you encounter small events that put you together with a person, maybe even overlapping your lives in strangely coincidental ways, this could be a sign of twin flame connection.

Some people believe there are no coincidences. If you notice two events that seem to overlap or coincide, it's an indication of intention from the universe.

Many people believe that if you're destined to be with someone, you'll know it...

Twin Flame - Sign 2: "Have we met before...?"

There are many people I encounter that I know I've met before - and I'm not talking about a past life - although it might have been another time.

There is a spiritual energy that we pick up on, whether we know it or not. The flames of our desire are fueled by this deeper connection.

If you've ever met someone that you felt a familiar connection to, you've probably experienced this. It may not mean that you're a twin flame with them, but it's a sign you should pay attention to.

They may feel like an old friend. Or they might feel like someone you knew in the past.

The key is to recognize this feeling of connection to them and explore it to see if there may be a twin flame relationship waiting to be discovered.

Twin Flame - Sign 3: A Reflection of Self...

When it comes to meeting your twin flame and recognizing them, one special sign is that you will also feel like they are a reflection of you. Their interests and desires will mirror your own.

is he my twin flame love What Is A Twin Flame Love?   And Is He Yours?

You'll have:

  • Similar tastes...
  • Same style of clothes...
  • Similar background and upbringing...
  • Comparable taste in food...
  • Similar attitudes about life...

You'll find that they almost seem to gravitate to all the same things in life that you have, and you'll share a bond because of this.

Twin Flame - Sign 4: Grow, Spiritually and Personally...

One of the best parts of finding your twin flame love is that you both benefit from the growth of the union. The connection you share is a real meeting of your soul and theirs.

Growth from this is inevitable. 

You may find that they have the patience you lack, or you both are able to enable each other in ways you could not otherwise.

12 What Is A Twin Flame Love?   And Is He Yours?

Even if you do not share a True Love with each other, this feeling of connection is a powerful force between you. Being free of your worries about "will he love me" or "will he leave me?" you can now go back to yourself.

This means that your partner will support you in your desire to improve.

The only question is, will you have that desire after you start a relationship...?

I hope so!

Twin Flame - Sign 5: Well, It's Kinda Divine...

Yeah, there's a part of me that thinks all relationships have a certain amount of divine essence to them. If you're with someone that is spiritually connected to you, that's a taste of the divine.

twin flame signs he is the one What Is A Twin Flame Love?   And Is He Yours?

When we're with the "great spirit" of the universe, we feel whole. Complete.

And that feeling also mimics the sensation of being back where we originated from - back from the unity of where we started. When we were all one spirit. (Okay, I'll get off my new age soapbox now...)

Yes, this is probably something a bit too spiritual for some folks. But having a twin flame love means recognizing this divine feeling you have when you're with them.

At its core - the essence of love is rejoining your connection with the divine.

And it's how you know you're not only with your twin flame love, it's how you'll remember your essential spiritual self. You'll feel that this is the essence of your BEING.

If you get that feeling when you're with him, it could be a sign of that Twin Flame nature of your relationship.

Twin Flame - Sign 6: Like a ... Brother...?

Those people who have encountered or found their twin flame often describe their counterpart as feeling like they've rediscovered a part of themselves.

It can be kind of eerie, but there's a bit of a feeling that this person could ALMOST be a long lost relative - like a sister or brother that you never had.

Remember that the essence of this Twin Flame union is when you realize you have another part of you that is seeking to reconnect with the person that connects to you.

The other half of your "soul."

Twin Flame - Sign 7: With a 50 % Chance Of Thundershowers...

And - just like with a real brother, your relationship with a Twin Flame could be rather stormy and chaotic.

what is twin flame love What Is A Twin Flame Love?   And Is He Yours?

No love runs smoothly. If you heard otherwise, you got hoodwinked by the people that want to make love and relationships seem like a cake-walk.

Relationships are not where you get to duck,  hide, and escape from your spiritual essence - or the irritations of life. It's where you will face your own shortcomings and areas of weakness.

Very often, love is misrepresented as a way to escape these dark and dirty parts of ourselves. The truth is that we are uniquely positioned to face these parts of ourselves when we have a twin flame connection.

You're very likely to run into a lot of conflict and contention in a relationship with your twin flame.

If the idea of this frightens you, or makes you think, "That can't be right" - then you may not be ready for this kind of connection to your twin.

They are here to challenge you - and your ideas about yourself. They will push you towards the shadow side of yourself you may not have known was hiding.

Twin Flame - Sign 8: He Might Run...

Initially, you have to be aware that a Twin flame relationship may be too much for a man to handle. There's a lot of power and energy in this connection. If he senses the power of this, he may not be ready for it.

This kind of connection is often overwhelming to a guy. His emotions may flood and he may run from the relationship based on the intensity alone.

So you may have to be patient to ensure that you create this higher connection with him first.

relationship advice signs he is your twin flame What Is A Twin Flame Love?   And Is He Yours?

Don't assume that just because the relationship is "going fine" that he's just going to recognize that you're a twin flame and want to be a part of it. Most men don't seek out this kind of relationship until much later in life.

He may need time to mature before he's ready for it. And for you!

And, to be honest, you will need time to mature as well. You may not have the skills to make the practical part of a twin flame relationship work quite yet.

This is why all the relationships you have along the way - especially the ones that don't work out - are so important! Consider them the training for the Big Relationship when it comes along.

This might help you reframe your feelings towards those guys that don't work out, too. It's not all negative.

So take your time. If you sense that he may be more than just a soulmate, you have to be the one to shepherd the relationship forwards.

Twin Flame - Sign 9: You Can't Quit...

Ultimately, you're going to feel a certain level of gravitational and magnetic pull to your Twin Flame. You will find yourself wanting to be near them, waiting for the next time you can be close.

Once you meet your twin flame and start a relationship - or even before a relationship happens - you'll feel the ache of their absence much more strongly.

When you're apart, you'll find yourself focused on when you can be together again.

signs he is twin flame soulmate What Is A Twin Flame Love?   And Is He Yours?

This won't be at the level of the usual "infatuation," either. This feeling of being disconnected will occur even years or even decades into the relationship. There can be a sense of deep physical and emotional disconnection.

For example: He might be away on a business trip. You call him on Skype or Facetime, but it's still not quite the same.

(A video call with someone will give you about 70% of the feeling of being with that person. The last 30% is only available when you're together.)

Another thing that will happen is that you'll find yourself picking fights with him when he's away, if only to stir up some passion and feel that connection once more. He might even do this to feel the same connection to YOU.

You might even wonder why you're having such a strong emotional reaction, only to realize that your anxiety has jumped behind the wheel of your emotions.

But, inevitably, this aggravation only serves to stress your relationship.

What you'll discover though is that you find it very hard to quit this kind of a relationship. In fact, you may find that it's almost out of your control. The more you try to leave the relationship, the stronger it pulls you in.

And this is why you must have a good understanding of relationships to know if this is a kind of Twin Flame relationship, or possibly just an unhealthy one.

BONUS Twin Flames Sign: It's Intense...

The draw between two people that are sharing this kind of Twin flame connection is going to be very intense. In the same way that he may run from you because of this, you have to be prepared for the volatility and fiery passion of this kind of relationship.

A while ago, I vacationed in Rome and stayed in an apartment near the city center. I was taking a few minutes of downtime to read and relax.

As I sat on my bed, I heard a woman yelling - and for a moment I wasn't sure if she was being attacked. (I could understand a bit of Italian, but couldn't hear her words - they were too muffled.)

signs you have a twin flame connection What Is A Twin Flame Love?   And Is He Yours?

After a minute, I realized she was arguing with her boyfriend. I have to confess that I haven't heard anyone fighting like that since I was a kid. It was loud, emotional.

And then I heard a crash as she threw something into the wall!

They eventually quieted down. Hopefully they made up as passionately as they argued.

I imagine she had that kind of passionate relationship with him - perhaps even a Twin Flame of her own.

That intensity of the connection can sometimes create an unbridled thunderstorm of love and passion at times.

Does Everyone Have A Twin Flame?

You also need to be clear on the reality that you might not have a Twin Flame out there.

Don't be disappointed!

This simply means that you are essentially whole and complete already. Someone else might search their whole lives to get what you already have - a sense of being complete all by yourself.

So don't grieve that you haven't got this kind of relationship in store for you. It's only a small part of the population that does, and it's not always the kind of relationship you WANT, either.

While it may sound "romantic," Twin Flame relationships are not necessarily a kind of special privileged magical relationship. Sometimes a normal, sweet, bonding love with a guy is all you need.

And even more important is knowing how to connect with a guy - so that when the time comes, whether or not he's a Twin Flame connection, you'll be able to make the relationship work as best as you possibly can!

Most women don't have this skill. This is why so many relationships run into trouble.

Look - you can't rely on the man to have the relationship skills to make him fall for you on his own.

He needs your help! And your skills to connect...

Don't take a chance that you miss out with the man that you were meant to be with -

relationship advice connect emotionally with men What Is A Twin Flame Love?   And Is He Yours?

Go find out how to connect with any man here...


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