24 Signs He's Secretly In Love With You

By: Carlos Cavallo

Wouldn't it be great if there were secret signals that a guy likes you? Are there signs he's secretly in love with you?

is he in love with me 24 Signs Hes Secretly In Love With You

Well, the answer to that question is yes. No secret there.

And I'm going to cover some of those secret signs here for you.

The guy you're curious about might be working with you, or you're friends, or even the barista at your favorite coffee shop.  Whatever the situation is, there are signs that guys give off that they are in love with you.  All you have to do is know what to look for.

And the truth of the matter is that it's always so easy for us to tell if someone we know is in love with a friend. But when it comes to us figuring out if someone loves us, it's always difficult. Or we just have our doubts...

One of the best ways to figure this out is of course body language signals. The reason that body language is so reliable is that it's how we express our emotions without even knowing it.

For example, do you know that you store your emotions in your body?

In the actual cells of your body?

Scientists have known this for many many years, and it's been proven by science. You may have even known someone with extreme emotional problems who was always suffering from some kind of disease or chronic ailment.

The reason that disease shows up like this is because of the emotional issues they're struggling with. This relationship between emotions and wellness is documented and proven by science.

So it only stands to reason that his interest in you will appear in his body language. We'll look at both the body signals he gives you that he's in love with you as well as the BEHAVIOR signals that he's falling in love.

Before You Go Looking For Signs He's In Love With You...

However, before you go looking for signs that he is in love with you, ask yourself this important question:

Why are you looking for signs from him?

The truth of the matter is that, YES - you should look for some signs of interest from him. And don't give up too much of your game early on by showing him how much YOU are into him.

01 24 Signs Hes Secretly In Love With You

But very often what I see out there is women who are really trying to avoid being vulnerable. The whole reason she's looking for signs is because she's deathly afraid of being rejected.

She wants to be absolutely sure before she shows any hint that she might like him. Which is really a self-protecting stance.

Most of us have been taught from an early age to play it safe. Maybe it was our parents, maybe it was our childhood, but somehow we let this idea fester in our brain that if we take a risk, we could "lose it all."

And that's one of the most dangerous lies we tell ourselves.

Now of course, the idea that we could lose it all is extreme. But that's how our mind and our anxieties ramp up the hidden meaning behind rejection. We blow it completely out of proportion.

Ask yourself:

  •  Are you afraid to start conversations?
  •  Are you afraid to reveal your true thoughts?
  •  Are you afraid people will reject you?
  •  Are you afraid you're not enough?

All of these are normal fears for most people. But they don't have to be there at all!

"No one can reject you without your permission..." - Carlos Cavallo

When you realize you cannot be truly "rejected" without your permission -  you will stop fearing this irrational outcome.

In fact, the fear of rejection actually traces its way back through evolutionary psychology. People feared rejection because it usually meant they were cast out of the tribe.

So just keep in mind that when you hold yourself back into a position of looking for signs and signals rather than acting, you are embracing your fearful state.

Be willing to step up and be vulnerable. You don't have to lose yourself or compromise yourself. But if you want to connect with a man in this day and age you're going to have to do better than women in the past.

Now let's take a look at Signs He's Secretly In Love With You:

SIGN #1: He's Johnny on the spot...

how to tell when man is falling in love 24 Signs Hes Secretly In Love With You

When a guy shows up when he says he will and where he says he will, there's a good chance he's really interested in you.

It all comes down to consideration and motivation.

You can read somebody's level of respect for you in how they treat you. It's not in their words, because anybody can say any words. (and most will...)

A man is motivated by a woman he desires - and has not yet acquired. I know that sounds like he wants you as his possession. But the truth is, you both want to possess each other when you're in love, don't you?

He will be considerate to you because he wants you. And of course, he should be considerate after you're together as well. That should be one of your checkboxes for a good relationship:  Mutual respect.

The motivation comes in when he is motivated to put on his best behavior to impress you. Guys do this when they are prompt -  showing up to meet you when he says he will.

SIGN #2: He's Knockin' At Midnight...

One of the most obvious ways he shows interest is when he texts you goodnight.

If you're wondering why he does this, it's pretty simple. He's thinking about you at night, in bed.

So when he sends you a text message wishing you a good night, or trying to start a conversation at night, that's giving away his desire.

SIGN #3: Locking Love Lamps...

When a guy makes really strong eye contact with you, you can be sure there's some desire and love there.

  • Men love with their eyes.
  • We caress everything that is beautiful with our eyes.

20 24 Signs Hes Secretly In Love With You

In fact it's almost compulsive and irresistible to us!  Men adore women with their eyes.

And yes, this is also why guys find it very difficult to not look at beautiful women - even when they are with you.

SIGN #4: Spell It With Me - RESPECT...

When it comes right down to it, his level of respect for you is one of the most powerful indicators of his love for you.

Which is why you can judge almost any marriage by the level of respect between him and her.

If he's showing you a huge amount of respect up front, it's very likely he is in love with you.

SIGN #5: He's Down With The Family...

A guy who really loves you and cares about you will do as much as he can to get along with your family.  He'll put in the effort, and he will show up.

Yes, even if he doesn't really like them all that much.

SIGN #6:  Watch for the questions...

One of the most simple indicators of a man's interest in you is how much he asks questions about you.

Put very simply, if he's not asking you questions, he's not interested.

You may want to argue about this and bring up a bunch of evidence to the contrary, but you would mistaken.

CARLOS' LAW: If a man loves you and is interested in you, he will ask questions about you and want to know everything about you.

SIGN #7:  You're the tops of the charts...

Very simply put, a man prioritizes that which is important to him. You do the same thing in your life.

So if you are his number one, he loves you.  It doesn't get any simpler than this.

And if he doesn't make you his number one priority, he doesn't love you as much as you think he does.

I gotta be clear here: You absolutely need to be one of his top priorities or he isn't as "in love" with you as he might say.

SIGN #8: Help is on the way...

does he love me how do I know 24 Signs Hes Secretly In Love With You

Guys express their love through action. If a guy offers his help to you, there's a good chance he's trying to show his love for you.

If he:

  •  helps you with the car
  •  helps you fix something in the house
  •  helps you move
  •  helps you with a problem

He's showing you the truest indication of his desire for you.

Men show their true feelings in how much they do for you.

SIGN #9: You're not his project...

It's often said that women try to change their men when they get into a relationship with them. And this can happen.

Of course guys do this in relationships, too. They may start complaining about some aspect of you they'd like you to change, like your hair or your weight.

But if you're in a relationship with a man who really loves you, he won't change you. He won't want to.

He will love you just the way you are.

SIGN #10: He's grateful...

Some people say that true happiness is simply wanting what you already have..

When a man is in love, he's also grateful for what he has.

Gratitude is thankfulness. Simple happiness for what IS.

When he is grateful for you and what you do for him, he loves you in some small measure. It's very difficult for a man to express gratitude. So if he does, he's definitely falling for you.

SIGN #11:  You're partners in choice...

When a guy loves you he wants to include you. He'll include you on important choices and decisions.

Even if he doesn't take your advice, he will seek out your point of view at the very least. Hearing what you think will be important to him.

SIGN #12:  He will Arnold you...

Back in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movies with the Terminator in them,  he was famous for saying: "I'll be back..."

signs a man is secretly in love with you scaled e1595890045466 24 Signs Hes Secretly In Love With You

And you knew he would be.

In the same way, your man may have arguments with you, he may disagree with you, and you will fight from time to time. But you do know deep in your heart he will be back, no matter what.

SIGN #13: When he's in love with you, he gives as good as he gets...

While you shouldn't expect your relationship to be transactional, you would like to think that both of you will give what it takes to make it work.

And if a man is really in love with you, he will definitely put in the work to make it work.

In fact, this may be one of the most important signs you've found "The One."  When he is meeting you halfway, that means you've got something special with him.

SIGN #14: You're Better WITH Him...

The fact of the matter is, we know when we're in a bad romance when we see how bad of a person we turn into when we're with that person.

If you find yourself being more disagreeable, more anxious, more unsettled, more of everything you don't want to be -  that's a good indication you're definitely with the wrong person.

And on the contrary, when you feel like you are a better person with him, that's the best indication you're with the right man. And if he's bringing out the best in you, there's a good chance he's bringing it out because he's in love with you.

SIGN #15: The Future Belongs To Both Of You...

This is one of the simplest signs, but it's one of the most reliable.

dating advice is he in love with me scaled 24 Signs Hes Secretly In Love With You

If a guy is in love with you, he wants to know that he has a future with you. And you'll hear him throwing out ideas for things for both of you to do in the near future. The more he does this, the more in love with you he's likely to be.

After all, we want to know we have this future with a person we love. And we want to know that we can look forward to spending time together.

SIGN #16: He's Paying Attention...

There's a really good book called don't sweat the small stuff. It's one of the books I recommend to a lot of my clients.  The tagline of the book is: "… and it's all small stuff."

Which is also very true...!

When it comes right down to it, a guy will pay attention to all of your small stuff when he's in love with you. That's because all the details that make up you are fascinating and lovable to him.

So if he keeps track of most of the little things, there's a really good chance that his love is behind it all.

SIGN #17: He uses the "S" word...

When a guy uses the S word on you, you know that you've got someone who cares for you.

16 24 Signs Hes Secretly In Love With You

What is the S word?


When he can apologize to you - say: "I'm sorry" - for something he said or did, that shows you his ego won't stop him from loving you. Or from making your relationship grow.

SIGN #18: He will back you up...

If there's one thing you need in a loving relationship, you gotta have an ally.  You gotta have a guy who'll not only love you but fight for you.

So if he wants the best for you and sticks up for you, he's probably in love with you and wants to protect you.

This is what they really mean when they say you have to start out as best friends. You need him as your ALLY first.

SIGN #19: He's willing to open up...

Guys are not typically as emotionally expressive as women are. And just because he's less emotionally expressive, this doesn't mean he's emotionally shut down.

So when you find a guy who's willing to open up to you, and open his heart, that kind of vulnerability means love.

It's especially rare these days to find a guy who can open up to you and be vulnerable and still be masculine where it counts. If you find this combination, love him until the day you die.

SIGN #20: He hasn't gone rogue...

When a man works with you as part of a team, he's giving you his heart.

So when he's not acting independent outside of your relationship and seeks your support, and comes to you for important decisions, he is showing you a strong sign he's in love.

SIGN #21: You are mutual fans...

signs he is hiding his love for you scaled 24 Signs Hes Secretly In Love With You

If you and him are together most of the time, and he wants to be with you almost all the time, that's a good sign you are suited for each other. That's the fertile ground of love.

When you're able to be around each other most of the time and it's comfortable, that shows a synchronicity between you. This kind of natural "togetherness" is especially important to create a Love of a Lifetime.

SIGN #22: AND you are apart...

And just as you spend a lot of time together, you have to be able to be okay with being apart.

If you're able to do your own thing without either of you becoming insecure or needy, that's one of the best signs of true love there is.

Together when separate. Separate when together...

The ability to hold these two opposites in you and your relationship is a super strong sign of love.

SIGN #23:  You Get A Look Inside The Chest...

Learning about his history and his background and the things that shaped his life is an important part of your intimacy. It's going to tell you what you need to know about whether he's in love with you or not.

If he shares his background and all the dirty little secrets that come with it, he's demonstrating a powerful signal of love.

SIGN #24: Your Gut Says "Yeah Baby..."

Eventually, you have to check in with your gut. Your instincts will tell you if he is or isn't in love with you.

Ultimately, you'll just feel it deep down in your bones ... or you won't. It won't be a mystery, and it won't be difficult to notice.

tips advice ways men show love for you 24 Signs Hes Secretly In Love With You

Just like a Geiger counter clicking as it senses radiation, your inner love detector will clearly tell you he's in love with you.

But Watch Out! These days many women don't trust their instincts like they used to.

Feminine intuition used to be an accepted fact. Now it's just an old wives tale.

Get back in touch with your gut. Learn how to read the emotions that your body can sense!

One of the most important parts of developing this feminine intuition is being able to read a man's signals. When you can see what he's thinking in his body, you will know how he feels about you.

Developing this one critical skill will make your love relationship a thousand times stronger.

  • Do you know how to tell when he's lying?
  • Do you know if he's thinking about someone else?
  • Do you know if he's starting to doubt the relationship?
  • How would you know if he's starting to drift away or lose interest?

The key is to know how to read a man's signals. It comes out in his speech, his body language, his expressions, and especially in his behavior.

If you can't read his signals, you will be blindsided by things that you could have caught and fixed.

Don't wait until it's too late!

Discover how to read his signals here...

PRODUCT Read His Signals 24 Signs Hes Secretly In Love With You

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