5 Signs he likes you more than a friend

5 Signs he likes you more than a friend

When you’re attracted to a guy, it makes it very difficult to relax into being with him and just letting go of your wild emotional roller-coaster.

Most of the time, this is because you’re not quite sure if he’s into you or not. Which is why it’s so scary at the start of any romance.

And when you’re feeling so uncertain about things, it’s also easy to get caught up in whether or not to be vulnerable with him. After all, you don’t want to risk rejection if he’s not really into you.

So let your best Guru friend (uh, that’s me, Carlos) help you out…

Let’s take a look at the signals a guy gives off that tell you if he really likes you –

Here are 5 signals he likes you more than a friend:

He likes you more than a friend – Signal 1: He’s different around you…

One of the easiest signals to read is whether or not he seems to be treating you different than his other female friends.

Now, of course the best way to do this is to get around him and his female friends, which is pretty scary if you think about it. You’re putting yourself right in the thick of the Jealousy Monster’s lair.

But if you can keep your cool, it’s the fastest way to see if there’s something more about how he attends to you than the other women in his life.

signs more than friends 5 Signs he likes you more than a friend

Time to slay the ugly beast called Jealousy!

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Some of the ways a guy can be “different” are:

  • Makes you more of a priority…
  • Spends more time focused on you than others…
  • Speaks to you in a different tone/emotional state than others…

Ultimately, you have to trust your gut on this one. If your instincts are telling you something’s up, chances are they are.

Guys are terrible at hiding their interest.

So if you see the signs, you can take it as a signal that you want to give him a “come closer” vibe.

More than friends – Signal 2: His eyes give him away…

Guys are notoriously bad about eye control.

Yes, we tend to stare sometimes. Even to the point of being a bit creepy.

What is it with men, anyway?

Well, first off – guys are visual creatures. This is also probably not news to you.

Men have heightened visual focus because throughout the hundreds of thousands of years we’ve evolved, man’s greatest survival skill was seeing and recognizing threats with our eyes. If that slight movement in the underbrush might mean a poisonous snake or wild mountain lion, we had to see it ahead of time.

If we missed that signal – we were not going to get a chance to procreate and make babies with that same visual ability. It’s the evolutionary momentum in action…

This visual ability also shows up in our search for a mate. Men could tell everything they (initially) needed to know about a woman by taking her in visually.

5 signs man wants more than friends 5 Signs he likes you more than a friend

Hard to resist this cool, steely gaze.

Some of those visual mating cues are:

  • Luster and sheen of your hair
  • Whiteness and clarity of your eyes
  • Fullness of hips & breasts
  • Healthy complexion

These were fast signals to a man-brain that you were healthy to bear children.

(Yes, a man’s FIRST concern about a woman is if he can have healthy children with you. Not JUST the sex…)

So as early as we can, we’re going to look at you. Drink you in with our eyes…

Because if we’re attracted to you, we gotta know what we’re getting into before we start actively courting you.

And when a guy sees a woman that strikes his fancy, he’s going to find it damn irresistible to look at you over and over. Taking in all the detail of your face and body.

If you catch him stealing glances at you, there’s definitely some interest there.

He’ll also probably hold your gaze a little longer than you might find comfortable. It’s probably not the “creep” part of him – it’s the wow-struck part of him.

From Friends Into Lovers – Signal 3: Silver tongued devil…

Well, the fact is that most guys aren’t the most elegant (or subtle) about their words when they dig you. He’s probably going to give you some seriously obvious signals with his words. He’ll show you with the things he says that he’s digging you…

more than friends with man 5 Signs he likes you more than a friend

The wanted affections of a gentleman…

Some things a guy says when he likes you:

  • How much he likes how you look... Typically this is his way of saying he finds you physically desirable.
  • He says: “So maybe we could get together or something?” What he’s saying is that he wants to take you on a date, but doesn’t want to risk rejection. Guys are always indirect about asking you out because of the looming specter of rejection. So yeah, it’d be nice if he was direct – but don’t count on it. Just take what you can get for now.
  • He turns almost anything you say negatively about yourself into something positive… Again, you might miss this if you’re focused on that self-deprecating female thing. Keep an ear out for a guy who doesn’t agree with your modest description of yourself. He’s trying to make you feel his interest.

He’s going to try to compliment you many different ways, so you have to be alert. When he compliments you he is trying to communicate his interest. And he’s telling you that he thinks it’s a good match. He’s got the lovin’ if you got the interest.

Does He Like Me? – Signal 4: Protective & Jealous…

Guys have a streak of possessiveness in them, just like women. We want to keep our investment safe.

If a guy wants to invest his heart and time and energy into you, he wants to know that you don’t already have a boyfriend or you’re interested in another guy.

You’ll hear this in the questions he asks you…

“So, uh, what’s your boyfriend think about that?”

  • This is clearly his way of finding out if you’re in a relationship. Do him a favor and be clear with your answer, don’t dance with it. Let him know your status so he gets a clear “Move Forward!” message.

“So who’s that guy that called you?”

  • Yep, he’s really asking “Are you sleeping with him? Dating him? Do I have to worry about you picking him over me?” Just like when you ask him the same sort of question.
signs he wants more than friendship 5 Signs he likes you more than a friend

3rd degree interrogation? Maybe he likes you.

You get the point…

He’ll ask you questions that are trial balloons, hoping that you’ll clarify your interest in that “other guy.” And then maybe you will hint about your interest in HIM.

He might even seem to get a little cold or distant for no reason in these early interactions. He’s probably not rejecting you in those moments. He’s just trying to work out some confusing feelings of jealousy he might have.

So if you see a little green-eyed monster show up, that’s a big clue he likes you.

Does he really like me? – Signal 5: Closer… CLOSER…

Ultimately, he’s going to want to feel you as close to him as he can get you.

It will start out with occasional touches on the arm or back. He not only wants to satisfy his OVERPOWERING desire to sense you with his own skin, but he want s to establish some ‘ownership’ over you.

Look, I know how that sounds. You think it’s sexually objectifying, maybe… That’s fine. Because EVERYONE objectifies their love interest at the start. You’ll find yourself doing it, too.

I feel compelled to explain this to you, because there’s a lot of misinformation about what men are doing when they move in toward you physically.

Just let that be a part of your natural sexual attraction that comes up.

know when man wants more than friendship 5 Signs he likes you more than a friend

Feels good to be in his space.

He’s going to start getting closer to you with his entire body. Usually it starts with his occasional touch, then the rest of him wants in on the action.

He might brush up against you, or really insert himself into your personal space.  He will be looking for any opportunity to come in contact with you. 

And if a guy is doing this, it’s almost assured that he likes you. Just remember that – for a man – sexual desire IS liking you in those early stages. It’s part of his natural order.

And – look, there are many more signals than just these. I gave you 5 BIG ONES here, and I’ll be giving you more, so stay tuned to this blog…

But what do you do AFTER you’ve established his interest in you?

wants more than friends 5 Signs he likes you more than a friend

Turn him on!

What can you do to ensure that your romance and relationship has the best possible chance to blossom?

The best thing you can do is to cement yourself in place as his priority: Be His OBSESSION.

It’s easier than you think to trigger a man’s obsession switch…

And if you want to create a lasting connection & commitment with him – you MUST know how to flip his obsession switch.

I have a short presentation that explains how this switch works in a man’s mind – and how you can control how he feels about you, every step of the way…

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