25 Undeniable Signs He Likes You...

By: Carlos Cavallo

Things would be so much easier if the guy you want to date would just show you undeniable signs he likes you, too. Wouldn't it make this whole dating & relationships thing much easier?

sign men show when like or love you 25 Undeniable Signs He Likes You...

And the reality is that these indicators can also be signs he loves you if they're dialed up a bit more, too.

In all my years of coaching and work with people, the one thing I've noticed is that a woman wants to read a man's signs, but rarely wants to find out directly how he feels. And who would, right? We all want to risk as little as possible, because it would really suck to find out you read him wrong.

If there's a chance he likes you - you will want to find more evidence before you put your interest out there.

So instead of gambling, let's take a look at some of the signs that his feelings for you are more than just friends...

Let's start with:

Sign #1: Yummy Eye Contact

Yup, it's an all time favorite around here. Eye contact says he likes you like nothing else. It's the king of the nonverbal indications of desire.

BUT - there's something I'll bet you don't know about a guy's eye contact skills.

You see, men are also very shy when it comes to making strong eye contact these days. It comes from a little-known part of psychology, where many shy or "not so Alpha" guys are afraid of being seen.

And men don't make that kind of smoking-hot, Sean Connery, knee-buckling eye contact anymore.

They'd rather have women fall into their lives, but then they realize that this doesn't usually happen. Mostly because women prefer men to make the first move. (Don't tell me you'd like it the other way, because it's just not true.)

I'm not crazy about this trend in men of being so weak, but it's real anyways.

23 25 Undeniable Signs He Likes You...

So realize that if he isn't making super face-melting eye contact with you, it doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't like you. It just means he might be awkward and very self-conscious about his interest in you.

But otherwise, you'll probably notice him try to sneak glances at you when he thinks you won't notice. If you catch him doing this a lot, it's pretty obvious he likes you.

Sign #2: Attention! Attention!

There's one thing that always indicates which woman a man wants to make his girlfriend. It's been shown in scientific studies, and countless other experiments.

And the woman he desires is always the one he's giving his attention to more than the others.

Now, before you come to the wrong conclusion that this means you have to be beautiful to get his attention, let me clear that up.

Men are initially attracted to pretty women, but they pay attention to the women that engage him in the most connecting and heartfelt conversation.

I'm telling you now: It's nearly ALWAYS true.

I can't tell you how many times I would talk to an exceptionally beautiful woman and realize that she has been drawn into her own vanity and superficial beliefs about the world.

The reason I chose almost every single woman I dated was because she kept my interest through conversation and fun times. 

That's it! You don't even have to be witty or charming - just EASY to be around.

Sign #3: His Funny Factor Explodes...

A guy's sense of humor goes into overdrive the second he's around a woman he likes. He just stops thinking, and starts being a goofball to get you to laugh.

signs man you are dating really likes you 25 Undeniable Signs He Likes You...

Sense of humor? Check!

I think men understand on a gut level that if he can make you laugh enough, you'll probably start to like him. We understand that there is nothing more emotionally attractive than someone with a great sense of humor. (Even guys give a priority to funny women...)

So when you talk to a guy and his attempts to make you laugh start, you've got a fish on a hook.

Sign #4: Mr. Green Shows Up...

When that ol' green-eyed monster - JEALOUSY - shows itself, you know you've got a guy who is emotionally interested in you.

Remember that the nastiest of our emotions also speak to how much we're feeling about someone. Some of the most heinous crimes were committed for love - and jealousy. So they have a lot of power!

When a guy starts acting jealous about you doing something this weekend with some other guy, you'll know in a heartbeat that he finds himself attracted to you. It's one of the most foolproof signs of a man's desire.

Sign #5: Turn On The Sprinklers - Or Get A Towel...

I often talk about the guy I used to coach that would sweat profusely the second he got near an attractive woman. He would get sweaty palms, sweaty armpits, sweaty back - sweaty EVERYTHING!

Poor guy... he used to carry a sponge around with him in his front pocket, and he'd run off to the bathroom every 10 minutes to mop his hands, his face, his neck, etc. And it didn't matter if he met her on a dating app or at a singles event. His nerves got the better of him.

He eventually cured most of his nervousness.

And this kind of nonverbal sign is a dead giveaway that he's into you.

You might not mind that his perspiration starts up, but you can also consider it a sign of his nervous emotional state.

Sign #6: Hey - Is That A Knight...?

Most guys turn into a real gentleman the second a woman is around them. The reason for this is that guys understand on an instinctive level that women are something to prize and cherish.

signs men give when interested in dating women 25 Undeniable Signs He Likes You...

He's always around when you need help...

So he's going to want to show you how good of a man he can be.

Men also believe that women are on another plane as far as "goodness" goes. It's a mistaken notion that either men or women are more "good" than the other, but this was probably subconsciously programmed into him as a child.

So a guy will definitely put on his best behavior for you, and his most chivalrous. It's nice for you to experience, of course, but it's also something that comes up in his instinctive Hero behavior.

Sign #7: What's Thursday Like...?

If a guy is interested in you, he's going to start planning into the future with you. It's a way to put out a trial balloon and see how you'll respond to the thought of doing something with him again, and it can be a very low-risk method of figuring out if you like him back.

Yes, asking you to hang out could also be a gesture of friendship. But most guys don't actively seek friendships from women they don't already know. He only stays friends with the women who wouldn't either sleep with him or become his girlfriend.

There's nothing you need to read into his behavior. Instead, just recognize that he will start trying to get on your calendar the second he becomes interested in you.

Sign #8: Is This A Confession...?

Another dangerous thing guys do is that - if they like you - they will often admit to things with you that they wouldn't normally talk about to their friends.

I call this his "confession mode." It happens when a guy starts finding you attractive, then he realizes he doesn't want to miss out on a chance with you.

05 25 Undeniable Signs He Likes You...

Now, it might not make sense to admit something potentially embarrassing to someone to get them to like you, but it is a natural vulnerability strategy. In other words, just like a dog rolling over to show its belly as an act of submission, a guy will do the same thing by telling you something potentially embarrassing.

He'll dislike talking too much about emotions, sure. But only early on...

If you find that he's starting to share sensitive details about his life, he's probably trying to work his way into your heart.

Sign #9: Gimme Some Hug...

A guy that likes you or finds you desirable is also going to find a way to touch you. The easiest way is to get a hug from you when you're about to leave, or the gathering you're both at comes to an end.

signs he wants to be more than friends 25 Undeniable Signs He Likes You...

It's a common enough sign of friendship and warmth here in the United States. So he's going to want to hijack a hug as a way to get some physical contact with you.

Remember that guys don't get a lot of physical affection anywhere else than their moms, or their girlfriends. We are rarely physically affectionate with other men (beyond a friendship hug, which is WAY different than a love-hug.)

So very often, a man's only affectionate physical contact comes rarely - if ever at all!

So by the time he's able to touch a woman he's interested in, yeah it can have a bit of a creepy edge attached to it. Don't be fooled! He's just storing up all this attraction for you, and needs to express it physically.

Sign #10: He Pulls Up The U-Haul...

Well, he doesn't exactly want to move in yet... but what he will do is to impress you with his desire to go the long haul with you. Most men want to marry and have a family, and when he's found the right woman, he will just make that long term relationship commitment.

Guys automatically commit to a woman that knows how to connect with him on a deep level.

Unfortunately, most women don't have this information, which is why I reveal the secrets of men's hearts and attraction here in my articles, podcasts, and videos...

Sign #11: Let Your Tummy Have Its Say...

You might get tired of hearing this, but it's really important that you trust your gut when it comes to figuring out if a guy really likes you or not.

What I've discovered over years of coaching, being a therapist/counselor, and helping people in general is that we often overlook the truth that's in our own front yard. If you sense that a guy is interested in you and likes you, stop second guessing it.

I'll be blunt here - Women often like to overthink things when it comes to romance and relationships.

I know, this probably isn't big news to you.

There are a few reasons why I think women overthink this stuff:

  1. It's fun to talk about, so why not talk about it?
  2. You want to be REALLY sure that he likes you before you do anything...
  3. It's easier to be "confused" about a guy than it is to act on a strong assumption...

12 25 Undeniable Signs He Likes You...

And it can be difficult to trust a vague feeling, but you have to look closer to avoid the wrong relationship. So don't jump to conclusions - but also don't discount your gut feelings about a guy.

Sign #12: Tease To Please...

It's no secret that ever since we were kids on a playground with each other, we guys love to tease girls. (And vice-versa!)

It was how we showed our interest - in a really strangely confusing way - in someone we liked. It got us interacting with them, even if it was a smoke screen over our vulnerability.

When a guy is teasing you, there's a good chance he's got a soft spot in his heart for you. We simply don't waste the energy on a woman we're not attracted to.

Sign #13: He Will Match Your Pose...

Plain and simple, a guy will mirror your body position if he's in a conversation with someone that he's trying to get to like him. It's another nonverbal behavior that you can bank on.

So if you're sitting with your legs propped up, he might sit near you and eventually put his legs up to mirror you.

how men show you that they like love you 25 Undeniable Signs He Likes You...

If you're standing with your arms crossed, he'll do the same.

If you connect the dots here, you'll know that he's subconsciously trying to make you feel comfortable with him. You get the idea...

Sign #14: Playful Poking...

Guys like to reach out and touch women - and we find any opportunity we can. It's kind of like petting a cat - who could resist?

So one of the things a guy will do is to poke, pinch, and pick at you as another form of teasing. It might even turn to tickling. Or even a slight pulling of your hair.

Again, it's a way to get you to respond physically to him and rile you up.

Childish? Yes.

But it can also be surprisingly effective!

Sign #15: Suddenly Social...

Guys will often become much more interested in your social media conversations and comments.

Out of nowhere, he's commenting or liking your Facebook status, or retweeting the tweets you have sent. You'll notice him reaching out a lot more online.

If he's starting to appear more and more in your online social life, it's probably not an accident. He's trying to find a way into your world...

Sign #16: Suddenly Textual...

Just like the previous sign, you might find that he's not only appearing more in your social media conversations, he's also texting you more often. (You might even wonder, "When did I give him my number?")

When a guy is actively texting you, that's a sure fire sign that he's interested. As most women have noticed, his texting you tends to slow down quite a bit after you have started seeing each other, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Sign #17: Put Her In ... The Comforting Chair...!

Men also like to comfort women that they like. He wants to reassure and steady you.

Whether that's complimenting you when you're down, or just being a calming, steady presence you can rely on - a man will be there to soothe you when you're feeling troubled or down.

03 25 Undeniable Signs He Likes You...

Sign #18: Fully Engaged, Captain...

Guys will be much more attentive and interested in conversation with you when they're still trying to claim your interest.

This is one of the reasons you can't let him know how much you like him too soon. If he thinks he's got you before he really does, he'll drop the chase.

And for him to really create that magical bond with you requires that you keep him wanting to know more...

Don't give him any excuses if he's not totally engaged in chasing you, like "he's lost his trust" or "he just needs time to heal from the last girlfriend."

When he sees you and desires you, he will chase you!

Sign #19: Sacrifice for Love...

We all make sacrifices in our relationships - if only small ones. But when a man starts having deep feelings for you, he will make even bigger sacrifices to prove his love and loyalty.

how to tell when man is falling in love 25 Undeniable Signs He Likes You...

He might give up a Thursday night card game with his buddies to stay home with you.

Or he might decide not to do the fishing trip this year so you two can have that vacation to Italy you wanted. He's ready to make sacrifices to make you both happy.

Sign #20: Open His Wish Folder...

When a guy likes you and is falling in love, he will also start to open up and share his hopes and dreams with you. Men typically keep their deepest hopes a secret, so that no one can talk them down or dash them. (His greatest fear is that he will not achieve his goals and aspirations - and that he'll be a failure for you.)

So when a guy wants you to hear his ideas, wishes, and dreams - pay attention! This is a powerful sign of his interest for you.

Sign #21: You're In The Circle...

One of the key love signs that he's starting to fall for you is when he starts including you with the stuff he does with his friends.

You may have had boyfriends in the past that didn't really pull you into their social circle. Or you felt oddly ignored when he gets around his friends.

07 25 Undeniable Signs He Likes You...

A man that brings you into his circle of friends is trying to include you in one of the most valued areas of his life. It may take time for him to get used to having you - his romantic interest - there with his buddies, but he'll eventually get into the groove.

Sign #22: Even FURTHER...

One of the things men do exceptionally well in relationships is WORK. If a guy likes you and thinks you're worth it, he's going to work hard for you.

He'll go the extra mile. He'll push to give you all the things you want or need - now and in the future. Sometimes at the expense of his own well-being. You may notice that he won't say NO, which has led many a man down the wrong path with the wrong woman.

You must be the one to act in HIS better interests if he starts to go too far, if only to keep him from getting stuck in a bad place.

Sign #23: He's A Nice Mirror...

If you've ever had one of those down days because you looked in the mirror and didn't see anything you like, or you were down on yourself, a guy who likes you will work hard to cheerlead you back into your happy place.

Whether that's telling her that she's still sexy and hot - and she knows she's 5 pounds on the wrong side of her weight - he'll do what he can to lift her up and take her higher.

No man enjoys seeing an unhappy woman. We'll jump in to help change that as quickly as possible.

Sign #24: From Brag To Shag...

Let's face it - a guy that likes you wants you to see him as your hero. Your knight in shining armor.

He's going to try to impress you as much as possible. When a guy really likes you, he's going to talk a lot - and he's mostly going to talk about himself.

A lot of women mistake this for bragging and a big ego.

It's neither.

It's him trying to impress you - plain and simple!

Sign #25: He SEES You...

It's always nice when someone notices something good about you that you thought was hidden or impossible to see.

When a man sees these things in you, it's a beautiful connection between you. It shows he's able to see you for who you are - AND the best parts of you.

how to tell boyfriend is falling in love 25 Undeniable Signs He Likes You...

He sees the REAL you...

One of the strongest signs he likes you is when he notices things about you that are personal and subtle.

  • Maybe you change your shade of lipstick...
  • Maybe you just got a new pair of shoes...
  • Maybe you decided to tint your hair a bit...
  • Maybe you lost a couple pounds...

He's able to see these things and make you feel SEEN. Which feels great when you know he likes you for what he notices most...

But I've got an important question for you:

Once he likes you, do you know how to make sure he KEEPS liking you? And KEEPS falling for you?

Do you know enough about how men work so that you don't mess it up with him?

If you don't know EXACTLY what to do next with the guy that likes you, there's a very big chance he will lose interest. Women make very consistent mistakes with guys that can be easily fixed...

IF you know what to do!

If you want him to fall for you, you need to know what his Connection Code is...

It's the only surefire way to make him yours.


how to build intimacy emotional connection 25 Undeniable Signs He Likes You...








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