7 Man-Melting Phrases That Make A Man Fall For You

By: Carlos Cavallo

You want to know how to make a man fall for you?

There's a hidden key to getting a man to melt for you and fall for you, and it's a lot easier than you might imagine to get his attention.

words to melt mans heart 7 Man Melting Phrases That Make A Man Fall For You

The key to his heart...

The key is in the intention behind what you say to him.

Let me explain:

When you talk to a man, what is usually on your mind?

Of course, you want him to like you and feel attracted to you. You want to know that your feelings for each other are true and strong.

And of course, you want to know if this guy likes you as much as you like him.

BUT if you're only focused on getting him interested in you - and to appreciate YOU - you're going to miss out on the biggest opportunity of your life.

And that's the opportunity to APPRECIATE HIM! This is probably the single biggest mistake women make with men, but it's also the easiest to fix.

Mind you, I'm not talking about casual compliments on his looks or empty, obvious questions. Those don't really do much for guys other than artificially pump up his ego.

There's a saying in the business world that you want to "lead with the giving hand."

That simply means that if you want to turn a prospect into a customer (i.e., guy friend into a boyfriend or partner), you should think more about what you have to offer HIM before you try to GET something back from him.

Awaken his interest in you FIRST.

So, to help you with that, I'm going to share some man-melting phrases that will get him to fall in love with you...

Heart-Melting Phrase TIP 1: Appreciate His Hobbies And Interests...

how to make boyfriend fall in love 7 Man Melting Phrases That Make A Man Fall For You

Appreciate him for his accomplishments...

Every guy has something he does that he's secretly proud of, and yet almost no one knows about it.

  • He might be good at the violin...
  • ... or maybe he's a swing dancer, or he knows how to tie 57 different knots.
  • Maybe he's an Eagle Scout...
  • Or maybe he has the world's biggest collection of arrowheads...

Whatever it is - I guarantee you, your man has a skill - you just need to find it.

The key is that it can't be something everyone else already knows about. When someone hears a compliment about something all the time, they stop registering the compliments after a while.

But if you can find the thing he doesn't talk about or reveal to others, you'll be the one unique person who saw something in him that other women didn't...

And that's a huge part of creating romantic energy with him!

Sometimes that hidden thing is not just his accomplishment.

Look deeper, and appreciate him for the personality trait that got him there.

EXAMPLE: He might be the top sales person at his company. Most people would compliment the accomplishment without looking at what it took to get that - the persistence and drive.

If you mention to him how you admire that quality about him, you'll light him up with passionate desire.

"Sweetie, I'm proud of you - and not that surprised. I've always known you have that persistence and focus to get what you want..."

Instant melt right there...

Make A Guy Fall For You - TIP 2: Appreciate His Perception...

Every guy wants to believe in his ability to make good choices.

words that show your man appreciation 7 Man Melting Phrases That Make A Man Fall For You

Recognize his ability to lead.

When a guy makes a good choice, and it pays off in some way, he feels validated on just about every level of his being. This drive to be an effective leader is in every man's genetic blueprint.

So when you appreciate his choices - and by virtue of this, his perception - you validate him.

For example, one of the places men often want to get some credit is for their sense of style and appearance. So when you see that he's chosen some nice jeans, or a fashionable shirt, let him know about it.

This is the kind of compliment that a guy WANTS to own.

(And if you want more tips to win your boyfriends heart, make sure you get my free dating and relationship advice book - just use the form at the bottom of this article!)

Win A Man's Heart - TIP 3: Appreciate And Affirm His Ego...

Look, every man wants to think of himself as a "sexual tiger." A man wants to believe in his virility - every bit as much as you want to protect your fertility.

So one of the best things you can do is to give him a dose of affirmation.

how to show boyfirned appreciation 7 Man Melting Phrases That Make A Man Fall For You

Let him know that he satisfies you...

Whenever you have the chance, you want to BE (not just ACT) surprised about him when you two are intimate.

For example - you might say something like:

"Have you gotten bigger?"

Now, of course he wants to believe he's miraculously "grown" down there - even if it's really unlikely. And guys do vary in size on occasion, so it's not like you'll be lying. (Although this is one fib he wants to believe!)

It's one of the reasons saying: "You feel so big..." is a great thing to say to him in the throes of passion. You're just telling him he FEELS big... not that he actually IS big.

Let him know he's satisfying you, and you will both win in the end.

Conversation Advice TIP 4: Tell Him About The Attraction YOU Feel...

One of the best phrases is to simply tell a man you you love him. Guys love to hear that from their girl.

And just hearing what you're feeling when you're feeling it is huge for a guy, as long as it's not something you're looking to him to fix.

Sometimes a guy just wants to hear how good he makes you feel.

Couples Strategy TIP 5: Make Him A Masculine Man...

Every man wants to feel like he's a MANLY man...

NO MAN ever wants to feel like a wimp.

words that make him feel masculine 7 Man Melting Phrases That Make A Man Fall For You

Let him be the man he is meant to be...

Think about it... What is the worst insult you can hit a man with?

  • "Wimp!"
  • "P*ssy!"
  • "Don't be such a GIRL!"

It's not that being a woman - in and of itself - is bad. Calling a guy a "girl" is insulting to him because women are allowed to be the way men are NOT allowed to be.

A man is expected to be strong. And if he's branded as weak, he's doomed.

So a guy wants to hear that he's a strong source of manliness in your life.

Some of the ways you can say that:

  • "I feel so safe when I'm around you..."
  • "I feel taken care of when I'm near you..."
  • "You make me feel invincible when I'm around you..."

You want to trigger his primal instincts of being the warrior man who knows he can protect his woman. Even if you don't NEED this from him, he needs to believe he can provide it in your relationship!

Another way to melt him is to tell him you flat out WANT him... BAD!

Every man wants the boost to his ego - knowing that he makes a woman so overcome with desire that she would drag him into bed. (The same way a woman wants to know that she can make a man feel the same way about her!)

Fun Idea - TIP 6: Relationship Conversation Questions...

Ask anyone about communication with men and they'll tell you that it can be extremely difficult work to make a connection.

One of the most important thing you can do is to know what questions you should ask a guy.

make him fall in love using words appreciation 7 Man Melting Phrases That Make A Man Fall For You

Ask the right questions...

For example, here are some questions you should not ask:

  • "What's your sign?" - This might be a little disappointing, but zodiac signs are not interesting to most men. Save this for when you do his reading later on...
  • "What kind of girls are you interested in?" - This question comes across as being a bit insecure. Always assume that you guys are right for each other. When it comes to questions about feelings, assume that he is interested in you. Never bring in a mythical other woman.
  • "Do you have a good sense of humor?" - Seriously, which guy would say no. It's up to you to notice if he does.
  • Any questions about the differences you observe between you and him. You can ask subtle questions, but don't point out your differences until you see if they really matter.

On the other hand, here are some questions you should ask:

  • Questions about his hobbies and interests (as I mentioned earlier)
  • Fun or humorous questions about anything - each other, your own observations of relationships and dating, etc.
  • Any topics that show you have a variety of interests of your own. Remember, he doesn't want to get bored of you.
  • Any questions about problems in your life that he can contribute an idea or advice to help you. Remember - guys need to know that he can matter to you - and make a difference. Women that try to impress men with too much independence usually sabotage their chances
  • Jokes or fun stories - riddles that he's not expecting are the best.
  • "What's your opinion on ________" - Fill in the blank with any topic you really don't care much about one way or the other. You want him to know you value his opinion on topics you talk about.
  • Question or comments on movies from your age group that you both relate to. The more you create the feeling of connection with each other, the better.

Step Towards Boyfriend - TIP 7: Show Him Your Romance Qualities...

Look, guys fall for women that match him in the following personality traits and qualities:

  • Sense of humor
  • Sense of FUN
  • The same level of patience - (or better)
  • Sharing values
  • Respect for him and his opinion
  • Similar interests and pasttimes
  • Same ideas about how you'd raise a family
  • Willing to put effort and attention into each other (but not TOO much!)
  • A deep friendship connection
  • Respecting the difference between you as natural and not meaning "the end of the world"

The strategy that turns a friendship into a relationship - and your partner into a boyfriend and husband - is one that most women never think about. They never consider the "long game" of making a man fall in love, and her short term strategy almost always loses.

Why? Because too many women think that men want what the media shows women to be - promiscuous and overtly sexual.

24 7 Man Melting Phrases That Make A Man Fall For You

Men are more romantic than women, by nature.

This shocks many women, but you probably even realize that it's true.

Men tend to go for the romance blindly - falling in love much sooner than a pragmatic woman will.

Show him YOUR romance qualities so that he makes the decision to pursue YOU.

The strategy for making a relationship with a man is the same no matter what age you or he is! If you think that just because you're 74 (and a lot of women are reading read my articles every day) ...

If you think just because you're "not a kid" anymore that the strategy for creating attraction changes, you're mistaken.

The problem most women have is that they are focused on body language, hair, and clothes - when they SHOULD be creating a fun energy and connection that makes a guy fall for her.

Step Into His Heart - TIP 8: Raw Appreciation...

One of the best things you can do to get a commitment from a man is to get him experiencing the emotions (and brain chemicals) that come from the feeling of strong attachment to you.

how to show men appreciation with words 7 Man Melting Phrases That Make A Man Fall For You

Make him feel safe to love...

These hormones have the same kind of addictive quality to them that drugs like opium and heroin have on the nervous system. Of course you don't want him to be a junky, but a LOVE junky is a different story entirely.

One of the ways you can do this is to simply express raw appreciation and gratitude to him.

It's also one of the simplest love phrases you can use...

Try this one:

"I LOVE it when you..."

Every guy wants to know what he's doing to make you happy. It's a primary drive for men, and we NEVER get tired of hearing about it. (Mostly because it's so RARE to actually hear about it.)

When a guy doesn't get enough appreciation from his woman, his eye starts to wander.

Conversely - appreciation is one of the most potent sources of love a man can experience from you. It will bond him to you like nothing else.

TIP 9: Accept The Reality...

One of the hardest things for a woman to accept is that a man will sometimes NOT feel that your relationship is a priority.

In fact, you might have felt a gut-punch of truth right there.

dos donts how to make him fall in love 7 Man Melting Phrases That Make A Man Fall For You

Have realistic expectations.

It's real, though. And if you're really being honest with yourself, you'll admit that he's not always your priority.

Here's a killer man-melting phrase that will knock him on his butt:

"Look, I know that sometimes your sports, your friends, or even an occasional video game or two will be more important than us for a bit, and I'm okay with that..."


I can tell you from experience that guys NEVER EVER hear a woman say this kind of thing. And yet, it's probably the most amazing thing a woman could say to us next to: "I just bought you a Ferrari."

But the best part is that you don't even have to mean it.

No, I'm not saying you have to lie. Absolutely not...

The fact is that if you say this to him, he'll immediately want to know how to win you over again.

He just has to understand that you are comfortable enough in yourself (meaning: you're not insecure) that you can give him this space. That's all he needs to hear to feel safe enough to pull you close to him once again.

No pressure or forcing a connection.

But there's another way to get him to really open up to you, and it's something I've just scratched the surface of here...

If you know what words trigger a man to attraction, desiIf you'rre, and obsession, you can open his heart and swim in his love...

The secret is knowing how to trigger his compulsive desire for you -

And all you have to do is flip his Obsession Switch...

Learn how to do it here: What Is His Obsession Switch? FREE PRESENTATION...

passionate couple 7 Man Melting Phrases That Make A Man Fall For You

UPDATED 7/2021

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